T-Girl Dolls Controlled by Fetish Liza Review

MP4 Scene Trailer

“T-Girl Dolls Controlled by Fetish Liza – A Sex Doll Transformation Fantasy” on SashaDeSade.xxx has a world class Domme guest and one of the UK’s most desirable tgirl submissives – Fetish Liza, the hostess of DirtyTransDolls.com and Natalie Goth TV. It’s so sexy yet so hard to watch foreplay with CBT (cock and ball) devices with no release, but thankfully I’m not the one wearing one. Sasha has drawn up such a sexy description of this release, there’s no need for me to add many words: Two newly-trained TS Sexdolls are delivered to dominatrix Fetish Liza. The sexdolls used to be manly men, but have been feminized, trained and implanted with an experimental chip so that they can be controlled by a remote control. The dolls’ new owner, Fetish Liza, wastes no time testing the full range of their humiliating functions. She has them dance sluttily together, sniff each other’s assholes, and lick each other’s chastity cages before bringing out a dildo mouth gag for them to share. TS Doll Natalie wears the dildo gag with one end strapped down her throat and the other sticking out for TS Doll Sasha to suck and deep throat. After working up some slobber on the cock gag, Fetish Liza orders Natalie to penetrate Sasha’s fuckhole, and Natalie works the cock in and out of Sasha while slamming her gagged face into the TS slut’s ass. After making Natalie and Sasha fuck in several degrading positions, the batteries in her remote control die, and it looks like Natalie’s cock gag and face will stay in Sasha’s ass for longer than planned… 😉

DirtyTransDolls: Double Sissy Strap-on Fuck

DirtyTransDolls.com presents a masterpiece scenario of sissification with Double Sissy Strapon Fuck Part One and Two. The official synopsis reads, “Two sissy sluts, eager and ready to impress Princess Aurora and myself. These TV Girls are going to suck our strap-on dicks like pros whilst we watch and encourage them. Natalie and Kari sure look pretty in their girly outfits, they look even better with their mouths full. Once we have our cocks fluffed, the sissies can bend over, open their legs and feel us penetrating them, fucking them…with our sexy strap-on dicks. They can even look each other in the eyes, like the slutty sisters they are and get pounded over and over again.” Kari Koxx, the brunette with blonde highlights and the totally blonde Natalie Goth TV are very enticing to watch, simulating giving head. So I’m getting turned on thinking about what it would be like to have them sucking my she-cock. But my fantasy life really goes into high gear the moment Princess Aurora and Fetish Lisa bare the sub’s bottoms as they face each other on the bed. Their cute, upturned butts are prepped with latex gloved hands before they’re penetrated with dildos. I can’t imagine the torture of being stimulated like this while in chastity! But quite a lot of butt fucking goes on in the first part of this two partner. The doggy style double pounding continues when Part Two begins. But the position changes to missionary. They’re fucked again doggy style, but from different camera angles. All four gorgeous rear ends are showcased from the midway point to the end of this highly erotic DirtyTransDolls.com production!

DirtyTransDolls: TransDoll Cockbox Shoejob

Description: Princess Nikki loves playing with feminized dolls and she is keeping Natalie’s clitty fixed in her cockbox. Teasing it with her high heels and getting it harder and oozing pre-cum. But the doll needs to be a good slut and wait for Nikki’s cum countdown! It will be very hard not to cum prematurely as Nikki is an expert at giving sexy shoejobs! The killer part about this 7:08 min DirtyTransDolls.com update is that it’s just Part 1. It leaves me hanging for a sissy cum shot, but this is just the perfect way for a website to treat submissives. Make them horny and leave them waiting for sexual satisfaction. It always works for me! It’s kind of funny to see Natalie Goth TV’s big dick described as a clitty, but I love the humiliation of it all. The hung, masked transvestite is bound on the floor on her back with her swollen cock protruding from a hole in the table. Beautiful Princess Nikki wears a matching bra and panty set with tall platform heels as she towers above her sex slave. Natalie’s imprisoned erection is in clear view as the Domme makes her sub lick and suck her sexy shoes. Princess Nikki’s high arched feet are bare within her platforms and perfectly pedicured red. Natalie’s uncut hardon is literally throbbing through the hole in the table. Being forced to suck each talon-like heel must remind Natalie of sucking cock. I can’t help but notice beads of pre-cum forming on the table. More drops of sex cream pour from the sissy’s big sex organ when the Princess begins with the real torture. She crushes her sissy’s erection with her high-heeled feet! But she’s charitable enough to masturbate her too. If she makes Natalie cum in the next update, I’ll be there on DirtyTransDolls.com to see that creamy white sissy jizz spurting!

DirtyTransDolls: Spreading TV Jessica’s Tight Ass

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Gagged and Locked Transdoll” is the 10 minute and 15 second DirtyTransDolls.com scene with Fetish Liz and Jessica Dee released earlier this year. Natalie Goth TV co-starred in the video observing her Mistress training Jessica in latex, tall pumps, cuffs and a ball gag. Liza reveals that Jessica’s cock is restrained in a cock and balls device with a small lock holding it captive. She makes her tremble by rubbing her long-nailed fingers all around her horny package without releasing it. Liza finally lowers Jessica’s panties and we get to see what’s been hidden beneath them. Her cock head shows through the clear plastic and her full balls are jutting out from the device. Gagged Jessica whimpers from the torment of getting a handjob, yet not quite being jerked off. She’s left wit ha pre-cum oozing cock and restrained in absolute orgasm denial. “Spreading TV Jessica’s Tight Ass” is the kinkier, more torrid follow-up scene to “Gagged and Locked Transdoll” and of course I like this one even better! “one lucky girl is going to get fucked!” Fetish Liza announces while approaching Jessica with a huge strap on dildo. Jessica obediently responds to her Mistress, then follows orders to stand up and present the ass that’s going to get fucked today. The tight latex pants Jessica wears accentuates her lovely bottom and Liza has Jessica unzip them at the back. Soon, Jessica’s pale butt cheeks are quite visible and her balls eventually come into view as well. Once again her cock is restrained in chastity. Fetish Liza, looking beautiful in red latex and black high heel sandals lubes up her dildo, treating it like it’s a real cock, and she positions herself behind Jessica. Deep multiple finger banging first prepares the gorgeous, submissive transvestite for her dildo fucking. 10 minutes and 31 seconds is the run time for this irresistible hardcore update on DirtyTransDolls.com! This lovely submissive had not lost her virginity yet at the time of my Interview with Jessica Dee.

DirtyTransDolls: Sissy Cum Sisters Part 1

MP4 Scene Trailer

Fetish Liza: “How Cute! Sissies Natalie and Kari present themselves in their frilly frocks and chastity devices still in place. Good girls! Now we can remove them and have a look at those swollen clittties! Oh my! They are quite hard, aren’t they? Now for the surprise…Princess Aurora and I are going to watch how these sissy slut wank and suck each other off…we love watching some bi slut action.” The number one rule for a Dominatrix is not to fear scorn for exploiting sissies. The number one rule for a sissies is to just listen to your Domme and do what she says. Everyone plays out their roles magnificently in this DirtyTransDolls.com update starring the Dominatrix behind FetishLiza.com and her wickedly stunning friend Princess Aurora. Both sissies have their cocks locked in chastity, but Natalie Goth is about to have her device removed by her submissive sister. Kari ends up exposing Natalie’s huge uncut cock and there are literally streams of pre-cum pouring from the hooded head. Kari expertly uses her firm grip to stroke her sister’s erection and she rolls a condom down the shaft before sucking the big sissy dick. Whether you’re a sissy or not, you might find yourself cumming without having to see the second installment yet.

Dirty Trans Dolls




I’m always raving about videos, photo sets and websites that I love and if I don’t absolutely love content, I simply don’t mention it. I never want to hurt a producer or model’s feelings, we all need to make a living and I’m not here to waste your valuable time. But there are some websites that really hit close to home for me and Dirty Trans Dolls is one of them. That’s because it’s one of the closest that represents my fetish and BDSM lifestyle. I found out about this site after becoming a fan of the Fetish Liza website. She’s one of the most amazing Dommes I’ve ever seen in action. I’m a kinky bitch and sometimes I need something really different just to get turned on. When I see what the talented Mistresses are doing to their devoted subs on Dirty Trans Dolls, I’m saying that’s what I need to be doing… Tonight! As a pans trans who is attracted to men, cis females, part time girls and other trans women, this site is a sexual smorgasbord to feast on. My favorite kinky personal pastimes are represented here and I’ve seen some activities that I’ve recently added to my bucket list. There are all inclusive threesomes with cis females, trans women and TV’s, torrid solo scenes and hot men, too! Everything I want to see is here and I never know what’s coming next. There’s also Chateau-Cuir, Glove Mansion, and Dirty Dommes – Fetish Liza’s personal 100% Femdom clips collection. These beautiful Femdoms will feed your fantasies of dominating and/or being dominated in various sexual ways with useful representations of how to to fulfill those dreams.