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I’ve been a huge fan of the official TS Domino Presley website since 2011 and I’ve never seen a more talented or more gorgeous performer in the adult industry since then. Lately, Domino has been even more prolific than ever with her Chaturbate webcam performances. In one of my most recent favorites of her shows, she was already in mid-performance when I logged into Currently a blonde, she was completely nude and lying spread eagle with a full frontal view of her magnificent form. I couldn’t help notice she had an sex toy placed in a strategic area that enhanced her arousal. The sight when Domino turned around to simulate being railed was almost devastating. I also noticed that Domino had reached #1 in viewers and that didn’t surprise me at all. Domino also twerked on her bed in profile, but I think she might believe that her best asset is her perfectly rounded butt. In spite of her full breasts, she made her posterior the center of attention until she sat back to stroke her cock to erection. I don’t think I need to tell you what happened shortly after. Since she’s one of the most downloaded trans stars in the last decade with her incredible website and other major studio performances. She’s been performing like it’s going out of style lately, so catch her when you can on Chaturbate.

Domino Presley All Alone


I’m pretty sure that “Bubble Bath Time” in March of 2011 the first set I saw on the official TS Domino Presley website. She was protesting the Westborough Baptist Church back in 2010, speaking at her High School and she won me over with her activism. Upon seeing more of her, I realized I’d never seen a girl prettier than Domino on the Net before. That still holds true today. In “All Alone” she poses in a black bra, panties and booties. The panty comes off first and Domino wastes no time playing with herself and greeting us in at least three different languages. This new video runs over 10 minutes and it’s simply one-on-one with Domino on a luxurious sofa. I can assure you that everything you want to see happens, happens by the time it’s over and she says, “Bye” in English.

Domino Presley

6th Annual Tranny Awards Photos Courtesy of

6th Annual Tranny Awards Photos Courtesy of

The 2012 false rumor about Domino Presley having undergone SRS and her high style at the 6th Annual Tranny Awards made me reflect on the tricky term “transition”. When does it really begin? Does it ever really end? 

What really makes a standout site to me, aside from the incredible solo and hardcore content, is Domino’s early stages as Jazmin Aviance Turner to the present. Domino’s website is a fantastic before and after compilation and she just keeps getting better and better.