From Martin to Martina by J.S. Morbius


I’m so proud of my friend J.S. Morbius after reading his erotic novella, “From Martin to Martina” on Amazon! Character development must be employed in erotic fiction just as it is in any other literary form. J.S. has nailed it. The story begins with Martin’s appreciation for women’s lingerie. What starts out as a fetish evolves into a actual encounter that makes him question his identity. He’s in a steady relationship with a cisgender female and his secret could drive them apart if she ever finds out about it. The suspense of his girlfriend Sally discovering his fantasies and activities is gripping and the entire story is a major turn on. For more information about J.S. Morbius, visit his UK Blogspot website, The Crypt of Morbius. I highly recommend that you read From Martin to Martina on Amazon.