Jenna Gargles Cums By The Pool Review: Grooby Girls

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Grooby Girls Description: The amazing starlet Jenna Gargles returns this Saturday to end this week with a splash! In another smoking hot scene produced by Buddy Wood, Jenna wants to show you how horny she is! Her tiny bikini just can’t hide her hard-on! Watch her as she pulls out her cock and stroke it for you until she cums! Jenna is stunning!

Jenna Gargles poses with her cock sticking out of her bikini!

Biography by Buddy Wood: Jenna Gargles is a transsexual teen dream! Sweet and tasty and filled with cream. She’s a real cutie with an insatiable sexual appetite who will do very well in this industry. Perky little booty and a big cock that she loves to have played with. Very fun girl! I think we’ll be seeing much more of Miss Gargles.

Jenna Gargles wants a doggy style fuck!

Caramel’s Review: I don’t remember how Buddy met Jenna, but I’ve enjoyed witnessing her stardom increase from Chaturbate live cam broadcaster to major studio star with her debuts on, to Femout.XXX (reviewed here) wand now on This is her third performance here and it’s absolutely incredible! I haven’t even made it through the full video and I’m about to tell you why.

Jenna Gargles stands naken with her stiff cock pointing up to the sky!

This update begins with Jenna strutting outside by the pool in a bikini and pumps with her exposed cock swinging before her. It’s raging hard already and arcing upward. This vision gets my own she-cock granite stiff in record time.

Jenna Gargles strokes her big stiff cock!

She addresses you, her pool mate, as Daddy. That doesn’t put me off because I somehow realize this production isn’t especially for me. It literally makes no difference because when she talks about craving being fucked, I know I could stand in for any male.

Jenna Gargles shows a close-up og her big cock before it shoots its cum!

Her huge cock is the focus of most of this Grooby Girls 14:12 minute HD video and 112 hi-res image photo set. Or rather the sometimes two-fisted stroking of it. My problem was trying to hold back my orgasm shortly after the sequence when Jenna is in the pool wading in a glazed donut water balloon. Moment’s late, she’s standing by the pool completely naked. About 8:30 minutes into the scene, she’s filmed standing naked with her incredible ass facing the camera. I lost it right then and there. I was so busy concentrating on producing my own cum shot, I didn’t get to see Jenna’s! Well, I’m glad that we can fully download pics and videos. I’ll finally get t see that cum shot of hers perhaps next time!

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GroobyGirls Review: Kallie Koxxx Gets Wet!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Following a four years long hiatus, sexy Kallie Koxxx made an amazing return two weeks ago! We were excited to have this hottie back with us again! Today, she is back for more and she is ready for some kinky fun! Watch her getting naughty in the bathroom and fucking her tight ass with a dildo!

Bio: Kallie Koxxx is a great southern girl that has an awesome personality and loves music, dancing and enjoying life. She was a little nervous being in front of the camera initially, but her overriding desire to please shows through. Kallie loves having sex and isn’t too picky as to whether it’s with a guy or girl so long as everyone has been pleasured in the end. Kallie Koxxx is one to keep an eye on as she comes into her own. Producer Remy shot Kaille’s debut in October 2014 and encore shoot in December and I remember those sets well. This gorgeous model has changed a lot over the last few years, but she’s still as fine as frog’s hair.

Before I jump into my description and review of “Kallie Gets Wet!”, let me briefly let you know about her comeback set, ” Kallie Koxxx Returns!” from the end of January. She re-introduces herself at the age of 29 in the Omar Wax opening interview. Kaille has now been transitioning for six years and she looks amazing. She then gives her social media contact information for members only like us. Then she blows us a kiss for the sexy sequence to begin rolling.

Kallie is a reclinig vision in red lingerie and nylons getting hornier by the minute. Then she sits up and gazes at you seductively as she removes her brassiere. Some of us will notice the contrast between her boobs from just starting out to today’s fullness. Leg admirers and foot fetishist will remember her gorgeous stems and sexy peds and fans new and old will adore the close-ups featuring her pretty face and eyes.

What gets my she-cock fully engorged is Kallie stripping to her garter and beyond. I can’t help but think about what she’s like with my erection in her mouth as she sucks on a black vibrator. She rubs the buzzing toy across her nipples and then down to her cock and balls. Then she lubes up and fucks her tight ass with it!

Her new encore presentation “Kallie Koxxx Gets Wet!” also shot by Mr. Wax is totally different. The new one is a black fishnet lingerie one piece in bathroom bondage. The wet sex pot is wearing a ball gag and has her wrists tied to a wall fixture.

This sort of thing drives a Domme like me absolutely crazy! Our sexy slave gets loose and then decides it’s time for a bath in the old-fashioned tub beside her. She has a vibrator to fuck herself with and a suction schlong to suck on! Kallie strips to full nudity which is an exquisite sight in itself. It’s time for you to catch up with foxy Kaillie on!

GroobyGirls Review: Lily Star Strokes Her Cock

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Following her graduation scene, sexy newcomer Lily Star returns this Saturday to give you some more! Without a doubt, Lily is one of the hottest Femout.XXX graduates and she loves showing off her hot body, long legs and her perfect booty! In another scene shot by Buddy Wood, Lily strips, poses and strokes her cock for your eyes only.

Review: I took a horny trip down memory lane to this hot new Grooby Girls model’s Femout debut. This was a pre-cum laden Buddy Wood backyard production that led to a more revealing and explicit encore scene, both shot in 2016.

Lily Star, the Femout graduate is the same sweet and gorgeous model who goes by a different name. She’s simply more experienced as a performer now. She’s more polished yet not in a way that inhibits spontaneity. January 19, 2019 marks Lily’s Grooby Girls debut, and “Lily Star Strokes Her Cock” is her encore performance for the site.

Get ready for one of your fastest growing hardons in recent history with the opening of Lily Star’s video “Lily Strokes Her Cock!”. She already has an erection when she appears in the bedroom in lacy lingerie, stockings and heels. Her boner is sticking straight out at you as she re-introduces herself. Then she begins stroking it.

Lily straddles the bed and continues masturbating while sitting up on her knees. Her fap session continues as she lays on her back. She gives you the most explicit view of her sexy bottom you could ever ask for and emits a series of high-pitched gasps and whimpers.

It’s hard not to imagine fucking Lily in the missionary position while feeling her pre-cum wetting your skin. Lily finger bangs her incredible ass and producer Buddy Wood jacks her off from behind once her back door is gaping! Don’t miss any of gorgeous photo and video sets on and on Femout.XXX!

GroobyGirls Review: Eva Joi & Soldier Boi

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Eva Joi returns! This cutie was introduced to you with a couple of Omar Wax-produced solos back in October. Now she’s back for what we’ve been all waiting for: to make her hardcore debut and get that sexy ass of hers pounded hard! Soldier Boi is here, rock-hard and ready to give her what she needs! Watch Soldier Boi fucking Eva’s tight hole until he cums all over it! She loves it!

“Introducing Eva Joi” and “Eva Joi Cums”, also produced by Omar Wax, preceded her first hardcore with the TEA-winning Texan Soldier Boi.

I’m quite familiar with Eva as a spectacular studio model and webcam performer. This Southern Latina is one of my favorite models of 2018 and she’s absolutely amazing with Soldier Boi. Register for free at Eva’s cam room:

This video comes with a bit of a storyline. It gives Eva a moment to provide a brief warm-up solo session before Soldier arrives and the intimate action begins.

They really don’t waste time getting the foreplay rolling. The chemistry is better than just good. I wouldn’t have a hard time believing they’ve actually grown fond of each other and that never hurts a couples porn production.

If there’s ever an awkward moment during the bareback fucking sequence, I either missed it, it was edited out, or it simply didn’t happen. Soldier Boi’s approach goes from gentlemanly lovemaking to relentless, jack hammer thrusting, but Eva keeps up incredibly well.

As a matter of fact, Eva seems to be at her best when the going gets rough. And this hardcore scene definitely has an edge.

GroobyGirls Stunning Daisy Taylor Review

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Daisy Taylor is without a doubt one of the hottest new models this year…and quite honestly one of the hottest girls I’ve ever worked with. Absolutely stunning from head to toe. Drop dead gorgeous face, beautiful body with a killer ass and a really surprisingly big cock. She’s pretty damn perfect!! And on top of it all she’s sweet and funny but knows how to work that camera like a true pro. When we shot for I proclaimed A Star is Born and I think her shoots here will only show how much that is true. Lots more of Daisy to come.

Daisy Taylor, of Los Angeles, California, is the “Model of the Month” for December 2018. I can’t even imagine how many heads turn on a busy street when Daisy Taylor goes out for a walk. She’s so good looking it’s ridiculous! In this Grooby Girls debut, Mr. Wood presents Daisy in the kitchen with an opening interview. They go over how he’d originally shot her for (which I raved about. See my TS-Casting Couch: Meet Daisy Taylor blog post on TS Dreamland).

I loved that first scenario, but Mr. Wood draws out more of Daisy’s personality in this interview than in the casting couch scenario. That shoot was awesome, but this one is more laid back and engaging. She touches on what her turn-ons are and what she plans to explore in the future. She says she cried over the A Star Is Born remake. So did I and who didn’t?! At any rate, Daisy slides into her striptease/masturbation sequence within the first three minutes of this video. She rubs her lower region firmly after cracking her producer up a few times. She rubs her breasts through her top and whispers something sexy.

When she exposes her big cock from her panties, it’s already rigid! She alternatively fondles her boobs and strokes her erection with either one or two fists. Within the first minutes, Daisy loses her panties and poses with her big hard cock head staring you in the face at eye level. 

Then she turns around to jack off while bending over. Daisy has a phenomenal ass and you’ve got to have extraordinary staying power not to lose your cum before the video ends. However, you should try to at least get to the midway point with Daisy’s super sexy finger banging sequence.

The second half of the video is a kitchen/laundry room fap where Daisy sits upon the dryer stroking her boner. Did I mention that she’s completely naked at this point? I’d had the thought that Daisy has all the potential to become the leading trans porn star if she keeps this up. I was a big fan before she made her way to and GroobyGirls.comDaisy is a verified model, so take my registration offer and search hereonneptune to see her hardcore videos! Go to for more original content and to see her performing LIVE go to!