Honey FoXXX: Honey’s Fantasy of Gemma

After checking into Honey’s website, I saw that it hasn’t been updated in awhile, but there were some updates I missed raving about from the archives. I found the latest one particularly sexy.

There are 18 huge images to compliment the “Honey’s Fantasy of Gemma” video. “Who is Gemma?” you might be asking. Roberta Gemma’s porn resume includes 2006 Eroticline Awards – Best International Newcomer, 2008 Eroticline Awards – Best Cross Over Star International, 2010 Venus Awards – Best Female Performer Europe, 2011 Venus Awards – Best Female Performer Europe and hot Italian cis woman co-starring with the Queen of Everything on HoneyFoXXX.xxx. This update’s theme is Honey getting turned on checking out Roberta’s photos online.

She starts rubbing her boobs and jerking off her huge cock while a version of “I Dream of Jeannie” plays in the background. I know you can already tell where this is going. It goes there fast with a dream sequence that takes us immediately to Roberta sucking Honey’s big boner. Busty Roberta, who’s wearing a black brassiere, pauses to move up and share intimate kisses with the Puerto Rican princess.

Then she resumes giving her head. During the cock sucking break, Honey get’s Roberta’s big tits out of the bra and devours them orally. Roberta then flicks her tongue across Honey’s nipples while jerking her off furiously.

It’s a bit frustrating that this scene goes on for so long with Roberta still wearing panties. But finally she loses them. At this point I’m wondering if Honey is actually going ot fuck Roberta. There’s a lot of pussy rubbing but no vaginal penetration. Yet, the sucking and stroking of Honey’s massive cock has her obviously close to cumming after about 18 minutes.

Honey squeezes one of Roberta’s big boobs while the woman stares at Honey’s erection waiting for spurts of cum to fly from the tip. After Honey blasts a big cumshot, Roberta who is fully away that we want to see the money shot, waits for us to catch it all before resuming her sucking. Then the pretty pair share a cummy kiss. Take the HoneyFoXXX.xxx tour. 

Lena & Honey: Orgasmic TS-On-TS Sodomy

The official synopsis of “Lena & Honey: Orgasmic TS-On-TS Sodomy” reads: Gorgeous blonde T-girl Lena Kelly strokes her stiff lady-cock through sheer pink lingerie. She tugs on her pulsing boner, thinking of her date with exotic American TS temptress Honey Foxxx. The horny trans-girls sit on the bed stroking each other, and Honey sucks on Lena’s sweet dick. Lena eases the thick shaft up her own tight ass! She jacks her dick to orgasm while Honey sodomizes her. Lena sucks dick ass-to-mouth until Honey fills her mouth with she-cum. Okay, I can’t top that succinct description so I’ll just add a few words about the scene and extraordinary actresses. If I may describe the adult industry in terms of levels, Honey has been on Level A for years and in recent years, Lena has joined her there. It’s a brilliant move for a top shelf studio like evilangel.com to feature them together. Fans have especially high expectations and the names of these two trans women ensure excellence in porn for those of us who haven’t even seen this production yet.

“She fucked the words out of me,” is the first reply to the famed director’s first question. The entire synopsis of the TS Factor #09 movie with the exception of Lena and Honey omitted for redundancy reads: Legendary trans porn pioneer Joey Silvera has packed ‘TS Factor 9’ with the sexiest, best-hung T-talent he’s scouted in recent global travels. His tasty temptresses bring mysterious erotic power to seven varied segments, from solo masturbation to perversity with crazy men or wild women to trysts with other trans beauties. Tall, bubbly Latina Moka Mora excitedly rides tattooed Chelsea Marie’s stiff lady dick.

Flash Scene Trailer

Blonde Latina trans goddess Jazling Perez uses toys and her long-nailed fingers to get off, and she licks her splooge from the carpet! Brazilian TS Isabelly Ferreira butt-fucks muscular stud Alex Victor; she rides his fleshy pole anally in a rim job-flavored romp. Dark, dominant Keylla Marques reams pale, young Brazilian T-girl Lara Machado’s butthole. Exotic Thai ladyboy Jakki squeezes her sensitive, puffy nipples as she strokes her she-meat to climax. Busty Brazilian wanker Geovanna Oliveira edges her huge cock to a creamy eruption with manicured fingers. My #1 go to spot for Honey’s incredible performances is HoneyFoXXX.xxx

Black TGirls: Honey Foxxx Jerks Off Her Nice Cock

LA’s Puerto Rican Princess who I actually consider to be the Queen of Everything, Honey FoXXX is absolutely ravishing in her 12th shoot on Black-TGirls.com! This one is filmed by KilaKali who presents the owner and operator of HoneyFoXXX.xxx resting on the sofa and obviously thinking naughty thoughts.

Her lounging evolves into an opportunity for self gratification with panty bulge rubbing and breast fondling. It’s filmed like you’re a voyeur, and if you feel like you’re doing something wrong by watching, I’m pretty sure you’ll get over it.

Honey’s first glimpse of nudity is the sight of her large, smoothly shaven ball sack emerging from the side of her undies. Next comes the sight of the head and first couple of inches of her huge cock. She moans softly as she strokes the hardening shaft.

I’ve seen Honey in so many plot-driven performances and this shoot is a reminder that all she needs to drive fans nuts is solo performances like this one. Watching her hardcore shoots with other performers is kind of like having your cake and eating it too. Her producer could have just filmed the entire scene with Honey just laying back jerking off, but then we have her sitting up to lower her top.

She’s facing you with that big boner of hers jutting heavily from her thighs and exposing her large breasts. The matching top and brassiere of her three-piece set are discarded and Honey lays back with her boobs bared.

The swollen head of her cock points up toward her pretty face as she removes her panties. Honey then masturbates while standing with full frontal footage, slightly below eye level and tight closeup’s on her massive erection. It ends with the ottoman before Honey getting soaking wet before she gracefully moves off-camera.

You can watch the Free Scene Trailer on Black-TGirls.com 

Bob’s Tgirls – Jasmine’s Fantasy 3some

Video and photo sets are rolling out in three sets for Jasmine’s Fantasy 3some on bobstgirls.com beginning with Dominatrix Miss Jasmine of eurasianpersuasion.com and Puerto Rican trans icon Honey of HoneyFoXXX.xxx! Vancouver Domina Mistress Jasmine told Bob she had a fantasy of a 3some with a well built guy and a super hot tgirl. The lucky guy turns out to be an acclaimed star I’ll name later. Just before Christmas, Miss Jasmine flew into L.A. to do this. “The sexual chemistry between the three of them amazed me even though I’ve been doing this for nearly two decades, said Bob “When it was over the three stars expressed the same sentiment,” he added. “This was great fun to shoot and now we all get to enjoy!” The action begins in Part 1 with Mistress Jasmine sitting astride Honey on a red chaise lounge kissing passionately. The foreplay is intense and so is the way Miss Jasmine withdraws and sucks on Honey’s huge cock! Honey gets to utilize her pussy eating skills also. Not to single out any other magnificent Bob’s Tgirls shoot, but this one is a major event. I can’t wait to see what happens when the super stud shows up because he’s one of my favorites!