– Princess Remi – Turns You from Her Boss into Her Office Puppet

MP4 Scene Trailer 

“As your new employee, I took the initiative to do a ‘data mining’ project. Inside your pants. I’ve been probing my way deep inside you to tease out all your worst weaknesses. Now that I know your filthiest secrets? I’m going to use them. Against you. To compromise you. And control you.” Princess Remi is your secretary gone rogue. Getting you to hire her was part of her diabolical plan to control you and it could not have turned out better. Now your “Employee of The Month” knows everything about you, even your stocking fetish. She’s going to bring an extra pair to work and gage you with her dirty stockings. She’s going to make you beg to feel the soft hose around your hard cock. She’s going to make you beg to cum and not let you cum just yet! Watching Princess Remi take you through the paces on is like an Master’s class in Domination/submission for me and if you’re submissive, consider it a training day. She looks exquisite but it’s her personal brand of domination that will encourage you to jerk off when and how she orders you to. So just do it! Princess Remi is one of the finest FemDom experts on They’ve been at this since 2005 and have since mastered the art of not asking for your orgasms, but taking them.