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Talk about a straight to the point title! Wendy’s first cumshot is in blue patterned stockings, shooting the cum out of her thick, juicy cock for a mysterious masked man. Next time she’s naked and forcing the man verbally to swallow her cum. In the next one, he’s gone and Wendy’s legs and feet are bare again and she’s about to cum just for you (if your name is Mike)! Wendy gets really loud working up to this climax. This creamy white cumshot lands on her bare pubis. In the next one, she’s standing above a wooden table jerking off furiously. She nuts with her thighs slightly parted and her cream coats the surface of the table in big puddles. We couldn’t see her big tits in that clip but we can in the next one where she’s jerking off wearing a corset. A pair of panties is lowered and they’re not at all in the way. Her hand is and she gets her cum all over it however. But Wendy offers it to you to lick her cum off. It looked like this one was filmed in a dungeon but the next one is possibly in a well-lit hotel room. From about her knees to waist she’s wanking out yet another hot load. I could go on describing all 14 of the explosions on WendyWilliamsXXX.com you’re going to see. Head on over to Wendy Williams XXX for more. Don’t forget about the bonus site InterracialTgirlsSex.com.

Britney Loves Cum





I couldn’t use “Britney Loves Cum on Wendy Williams XXX” in the title of this post because strictly dickly means masculine males only for these sexy ladies. There will be no actual cumming between Britney and Wendy. I didn’t want you to take things the wrong way. Attention hung black men over 40: Britney Loves Cum just might be interested in you. She’s versatile, but prefers to bottom. But if her cock is bigger than yours, she might prefer to top you! You’re familiar with the phrase young, hung and full of cum, right? At any rate, Britney’s video runs almost 22 minutes long, so there’s a lot to learn about her in the opening interview other than how she strips and masturbates to an explosive climax. The 2014 Feminist Porn “Honored Website” recipient for WendyWilliamsXXX met Britney from Lexington, Kentucky while working as a dancer at Wendy’s Blue Grass Connections Lexington TGirl Parties. You can get all the details on Wendy’s official website about the nights these events take place. There’s also a teaser video featuring Britney on InterracialTgirlSex. I love the way Wendy calls a 15 and a half minute video a “teaser” and there’s an in-depth interview in that stroking scene, too. Remember that your User/Pass works for BOTH sites so you get two sites for the price of ONE!

Kelli Lox on Interracial TGirl Sex

Kelli Lox is originally from Idaho, and she’s been living in California for about eight years. She traveled a lot when she was a kid, mostly to Europe, and speaks Spanish and German fluently. Kelli also has a full-time office job, so her porn career sometimes goes on the back burner because of her job that pays most of her bills. She’s also quite active and plays soccer on Sundays with a group of friends, gardens, cooks, enjoys dancing, exercising and admiring art. In her spare time, Kelli also makes music, draws comics and obviously works out. She also reads a lot, but she doesn’t watch TV. Perhaps that’s how she found the time to make another magnificent performance on Interracial TGirl Sex! Here are samples of the 170 images in the photo set. The gallery is named “Playing Around,” but in the video, foxy Lox means business. She’s horny as hell and has to get her big cock hard and get off before her friends arrive. See if she can get off before the doorbell rings. Interracial TGirl Sex which was conceived by the transsexual icon hostess Wendy Williams is part of the SMC Network of websites.




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I cherish my friendship with the radiant Tyra Scott that developed when we began working on our interview a little while back. It’s strictly platonic, especially since this Las Vegas beauty is into men only. Tyra is one of the sweetest transsexual stars in adult entertainment who is constantly shooting hot new content. Although I’m biased when it comes to my gal pal’s work, trust me when I direct you to her latest and best content to date.


I strongly recommend that you see her latest photo and video sets on Interracial TGirl Sex. Tyra Scott and I will be gal pals for life, but to the guys reading this …sometimes I wonder if you men out there know just how lucky you are with single straight transsexuals as gorgeous as Tyra Scott to admire.