Rui’s Rampant Return To Shemale Japan





“Rampant” can have many meanings. It can mean unrestrained in behaviour and desire. It can also mean having a lush and unchecked growth, growing luxuriantly and in full sway. Rui’s Rampant Return is the title of the first Shemale Japan video I’m about to describe. Having notched up a staggering 21 exclusive appearances prior to this, she hasn’t been seen since October 2014. The Osaka Prefecture stunner enters the living room in a black and white dress and tall gold sandals, toting a YSL bag. By raising the hem of the dress, she gives you a rear peek at her torquise panties and sits down to deliver a dazzling display of her long legs. Then she raises her high-heeled feet to the sofa to show of the bulge growing in her panties. She’s standing when she removes her brassiere and here comes Rui’s lush and unchecked growth. She checks it by stroking it hard while stretched out of the sofa. Photographer Hiro uses every angle he can think of to capture Rui’s beauty. In the next video, he captures Rui walking along the beach. It’s sort of like watching a Japanese transsexual version of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition video. But back indoors, Rui strips out of her bikini. Her cock is growing luxuriantly and in full sway again. Her masturbation is more intense this time, too. Watch or download all of Rui Matsushita’s incredible appearances on Shemale Japan.

Noa Iijima on Shemale Japan Hardcore



There’s an ample amount of hardcore sex on Shemale Japan, but Shemale Japan Hardcore is the place to go for the motherlode. That’s what I did when I wanted to see ” Noa Iijima Rides Again.” It’s been almost three years since I’ve heard the unforgettable squeals from this busty Tokyo babe who was born in Kyoto Province. Her stats are 33C-24-33, 5’9″ (176cm), 134lbs(61kg) and she has a 7″(18cm) cock when it’s fully erect. You’ll see it bobbing on her man’s face during the 69 footage and next when she’s getting railed. Her partner lubes his big dick and jerks off a bit before fucking Noa in the missionary position of the leather sofa. It looks as though she hasn’t been banged in quite some time when she takes it doggie-style. But she keeps jacking her hips back to meet the studs thrusts like she loves it. More position changes follow and I’m not sure if Noa is in sheer rapture or if she’s dying. But then she smiles at us and proceeds to fuck the dude doggie-style! I didn’t realize how cute he is until this point. I guess that’s when I started living vicariously through both partners. Noa smacks his ass had while fucking him and I believe she’s just officially made him her bitch. He’s wailing and she’s laughing about it. The high-pitched squealing from Noa returns when she blasts one of those big cumshots I remember from the old days. Don’t touch Noa’s cock right after she cums! It’s extra-sensitive after her Shemale Japan Hardcore climax. 😉

Natalie on Shemale Japan




I was in Orlando, Florida two weekends ago for an event called Transpire 2015 at the DoubleTree Hilton during Gay Days. Inspired by the multitude of gorgeous LGBTQ bodies all over town, I was inspired to show my suite mate a video of Natalie who keeps returning to Shemale Japan. The first words out of her mouth were, “She’s Japanese and Brazilian? She hit the genetic lottery.” That was her reaction to seeing the video of Natalie where she begins to strip out of her overalls, exposing the tan lines around her beautiful breasts. Natalie pulled her flaccid cock out of her g-string pouch and blew my friend and I away with the sight of her curvaceous ass when she turned around. When she turned to face the camera again a few moments later, her cock was raging hard. She smiled widely when her photographer Hiro started jerking her off. She half hid her tool with her panty pouch to be coy, but obviously loved Hiro’s stroking hand. She then continued her striptease and masturbation, moving around in different enticing positions. Watching Natalie swing her big dick around while wearing nothing but a tall pair of sandals is quite a sight. I was back at home in Gainesville when I saw her follow-up video. Natalie was dressed this time in a sizzling hot lingerie set, fence net stockings and clear stripper heels. Hiro played with her swollen prick again and then she did something that surprised me more than just pleasantly. After masturbating for a while, her amazing body was clad in a multi-coloured dress and she was kissing a popular Shemale Japan male model. They had a sexual swordfight while making out. Then Natalie dropped to her knees to suck on his huge cock. It’s a different guy that she did her first hardcore video with on the site. “Where are my friends when I need them?” I thought to myself. Belated birthday wishes to Natalie who was born on June 5, 1991!

Mari Sora on Shemale Japan

Watching the video debut of Mari Sora is one the rare occasions when I wished I spoke Japanese to understand what Shemale Japan photographer Hiro and his model are saying. That’s because the first 9 and a half minutes or so is an interview. But the rest of the 23 minute scene is a strip tease and masturbation session. I didn’t see any evidence of hormones with Mari’s body, not that I really care about whether a model is a crossdresser, transvestite or transsexual on this amazing site. But I must admit I was curious about Mari’s situation. One situation I decided was no exaggeration was that the cock that emerges from her panties is 8.5 inches fully erect. I guess it manages to stand up so high when Mari is standing because it’s long, but not extremely thick. Whatever the case, it’s still a mesmerizing sight to watch. Mari gets completely naked and she isn’t quite as shy as she appears in her preview gallery. Nor does she complain when Hiro begins stroking her big stiff dick. She giggles cutely when he plays with her tighly drawn ball-sack. When she turns to show her cute little butt, Hiro starts rubbing her prostate and I think I saw a clear bead of precum beginning to ooze from the head of her cock. I’ll be there for the follow-up videos where, at some point, Mari will release a cum shot or perhaps perform in a hardcore video.