TGirls.Porn: Bexy Lynne & Jean Jezebel

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Seattle’s Bexy Lynne has been featured in a killer trans lesbian tryst with Asian beauty Alina Grace on TGirls.Porn. That’s how I learned that Bexy could fuck the living daylights out of another girl! Her star began rising with her appearances on Femout.XXX. That’s where Jean Jezebel also got her studio porn start. Jean, also from Seattle, is a frequent webcam performer on as is Bexy on Perhaps you’ve read my Interview with Jean Jezebel. It’s one of my faves!

Bexy and Jean are first seen in this TGirls.Porn update in bra and panties kneeling across from each other. They’re kissing on their bed like real girlfriends. I’m not sure how convincing they are as real lovers, but it’s obvious that they’re super horny for one another. It doesn’t take long for Bexy to suck Jean’s cock to an erection after all the oral, mutual breast admiration occurs. And that quick arousal works rapidly with Bexy’s sex organ too!

There’s more oral switching and Jean gets her salad tossed before getting Bexy’s hardon plunged within her tight ass. It begins with a powerful doggy style railing followed by Jean riding Bexy’s tool in the reverse cowgirl position. Jean’s boner bounces lasciviously before her ankles are grasped in a tremendous missionary position pounding!

Jean is then drilled prone on the mattress and another doggy style fucking comes next. Jean’s climax comes in the form of a mutual jerk off session with Bexy hovering above her.

After the jizz flows from Jean’s bulbous red cock head, Bexy adds her cum to the mix! Then this torrid TGirls.Porn hardcore update ends with a sweet French kiss.

TransationalFantasies: Jean Jezebel

Description: Redheaded vixen Jean Jezebel is a self-proclaimed gamer, science nerd and butt slut. Her wildest sexual fantasy is to be gangbanged in a theater. Being anonymous and the center of attention is an overwhelming turn on. She thinks cum tastes delicious, and she’s always willing to try something new. Watch her skillfully wiggle her feet. Admire her cute freckles covering her sexy body from head to toe. She uses her tattooed fingers to spread her ass cheeks apart and invite you inside. Now, lick her trans girl pussy from behind. After you’ve got her asshole nice and lubricated, she mounts the monkey rocker and pounds herself with a big, black dildo. Finally, watch her squeeze out a sweet load of trans girl juice and eat it.

When I did my Interview with Jean Jezebel here on Caramel’s TGirls in January of 2017, we chatted about her webcam and studio work and I managed to keep it professional. But since this is a scene review, and I’m not talking with her directly, forgive me if my comments are much more brazen and unedited.

Jean’s opening confessional on is satisfying brain food that evolves into nutrition for the libido. Jean talks about her career as a scientist and then about her transition. The confessional turns sexual about two and a half minutes into the video. I mean vocally and visually. Jean confesses that she’s a bottom and that she likes cocks inside her ass quite a bit. Jean’s panties are clearly visible beneath her skirt and her goodies are escaping the edges as she talks about her gang bang fantasies.

Jean is still performing LIVE on and this studio shoot is just another wonderful way for her to bring you to orgasm. Her leg and foot tease, enticingly bare, is enough to make one cum before she gets any of her other clothes off! Or you could lose it when she exposes her freckled torso and reveals her lovely hormone boobs. I’m not telling when I lost it, but it may or may not been long after I saw her erection poking against her panties just before she lowered them and exposed her sexy ass.

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Seeing Jean spread eagle on the sofa might do it for most fans. If you still haven’t cum by the time she’s riding the rocker with the dildo attached or when she makes her cock spurt a generous load of cum, you’ve held out way longer than I did.

Femout.XXX: Jean Jezebel Cums!

Description: Sexy redhead Jean Jezebel made her debut two weeks ago. Today, this hottie discovered by Radius Dark returns for more! Looking hot in her sexy lingerie, Jean can’t wait to have some fun for the camera! Watch her stroking her cock just for you until she cums!

I raved about “Meet Jean Jezebel” here on April 21, 2018. I presented my Interview With Jean Jezebel on January 3, 2017. It’s a pleasure to discuss “Jean Jezebel Cums!” for too many reasons to list.

Jean brings her webcam seduction talents into the bedroom being just as vocal as she is visual. In other words, she can have you worked up into a fap frenzy with her words and voice or make you cum from looking at her just as easily. There’s lots of nipple rubbing like there was in Jean’s Femout.XXX debut. There’s also tremendously sexy ass play that has Jean’s cock expanding by the time she withdraws it from her panties.

The cum shot isn’t necessarily going to be your favorite part of this encore video. There’s a sequence in just under 10 minutes where Jean is stroking her erection and she releases it, emitting a long moan and making her boner bob and sway a bit. Then she appears to be on the brink of orgasm later while jerking off and finger banging her tight ass at the same time.

She changes things up again by getting off the bed for a standing butt show that’s out of this world. Then she’s back on the bed in the doggy style position simulating getting fucked. Then she’s finally sitting upright and it’s obvious that she’s soon going to get her nut. See if you can predict the exact moment when streams of creamy white cum begin jetting out of the swollen head of her lovely cock on Femout.XXX.

Femout.XXX: Meet Jean Jezebel!

Description: Another beautiful girl just discovered by Radius Dark makes her Femout.XXX debut today! Meet Jean Jezebel! Jean is a West Coast girl who receives many compliments on her eyes and she loves her freckles! She says she’s a bit of a nerd, who plays video, card, and board games. Sexually, she’s a bottom who loves to be the center of attention. She loves to get off by satisfying people! Watch her stripping, showing off her hot body and stroking her cock in her first scene ever!

If you’ve been checking out Caramel’s TGirls regularly for awhile, you may have read my January 3, 2017 Interview with Jean Jezebel. I do my best to find out and share what makes some of the Internet’s most gorgeous and interesting models tick. Jean is very candid and sweet and those qualities made her an absolute pleasure to interview.

This release came as a complete surprise to me and I’m so glad that Jean’s major studio debut is produced by Radius Dark. Jean explains that she lives in Washington, but grew up in California. She also has a Midwestern background. Jean is well-educated, a college grad who can cook and her hobbies are video games and she describes herself as a nerd. She’s very outdoorsy and she’s quite the braniac. She’s into horror and her musical taste is pretty dark also. She also loves birds.

When things turn sexual, Jean goes into her submissive nature and it sounds so sexy! She’s exploring BDSM deeper and deeper and she’s interested in gang bangs with both men and women involved. While thinking about gang bangs and her fantasy, Jean begins touching herself. You’ve got to see her lean midsection as she plays with her tits through her bra. She’s got on short-shorts and her belly button is pierced.

Jean knows exactly how sexy her freckles are and they’re highlighted by her pretty pink nipples. When Jean pushes her shorts down, Radius presents a stunning rear view with Jean’s pert ass in the frame. Her butt is incredible. When she turns around again, she begins playing with the outline of her bulge through her sheer white panties. In another sequence, Jean shows off more of her awesome legs when sitting down to remove her go go boots. Her pedicured feet are bared so if you have a thing for sexy peds, this part might destroy you before you get to the end of her Femout.XXX debut. At this point you’re only halfway through it! If you’re an ass fan, you’ll become quite well acquainted with Jean’s explicit displays. Wait until you get a look at it while Jean is making her rock hard cock bounce and sway. I’ve enjoyed Jean’s Chaturbate webcam shows and this Femout.XXX studio performance is a reminder of her remarkable LIVE shows on

Interview with Jean Jezebel

If were a Hall of Fame for my interviews, I think this one would be inducted, not because of anything I’ve done, but because of what the interviewee had to say about herself. Californian Jean Jezebel is a phenomenal webcam model on I had the honor of having a long, in-depth conversation with. When I requested the interview, I didn’t know a lot about Jean personally, but I just new she’d have though-provoking and sexy responses to my questions. I hope you’ll enjoy my Interview with Jean Jezebel!