DirtyTransDolls: Spreading TV Jessica’s Tight Ass

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Gagged and Locked Transdoll” is the 10 minute and 15 second DirtyTransDolls.com scene with Fetish Liz and Jessica Dee released earlier this year. Natalie Goth TV co-starred in the video observing her Mistress training Jessica in latex, tall pumps, cuffs and a ball gag. Liza reveals that Jessica’s cock is restrained in a cock and balls device with a small lock holding it captive. She makes her tremble by rubbing her long-nailed fingers all around her horny package without releasing it. Liza finally lowers Jessica’s panties and we get to see what’s been hidden beneath them. Her cock head shows through the clear plastic and her full balls are jutting out from the device. Gagged Jessica whimpers from the torment of getting a handjob, yet not quite being jerked off. She’s left wit ha pre-cum oozing cock and restrained in absolute orgasm denial. “Spreading TV Jessica’s Tight Ass” is the kinkier, more torrid follow-up scene to “Gagged and Locked Transdoll” and of course I like this one even better! “one lucky girl is going to get fucked!” Fetish Liza announces while approaching Jessica with a huge strap on dildo. Jessica obediently responds to her Mistress, then follows orders to stand up and present the ass that’s going to get fucked today. The tight latex pants Jessica wears accentuates her lovely bottom and Liza has Jessica unzip them at the back. Soon, Jessica’s pale butt cheeks are quite visible and her balls eventually come into view as well. Once again her cock is restrained in chastity. Fetish Liza, looking beautiful in red latex and black high heel sandals lubes up her dildo, treating it like it’s a real cock, and she positions herself behind Jessica. Deep multiple finger banging first prepares the gorgeous, submissive transvestite for her dildo fucking. 10 minutes and 31 seconds is the run time for this irresistible hardcore update on DirtyTransDolls.com! This lovely submissive had not lost her virginity yet at the time of my Interview with Jessica Dee.

TheEnglishMansion – Miss Jessica Dee, Miss Zara – Sorry Service

Zara du Rose is relaxing in the Mansion grounds, training her beautiful special girl Jessica in the art of compliance and patience. She sues her to lick the long leather boots and then attaches a special gag with a glass holder. Zara expects her to pour Champagne and be used to hold the glass steady and still until she is ready to drink more, unfortunately for Jessica and with a little mischievous help from Zara, the glass tumbles to the grass. This initiates an immediate punishment, put in bondage, she is led to the punishment shed where she receives a firm cropping and stinging cane strikes until she has learnt a valuable lesson. The English Mansion houses my favorite kinks displayed so beautifully that I find myself craving updates. There are multiple genres in the huge archives from over the years. Then there are new updates like this one with Miss Zara and Miss Jessica that rival the best of the classic scenes. I’m a bit biased about the submissive Miss Jessica since we’re still in touch after our interview early in her adult industry career. It was through Jessica and TheEnglishMansion.com updates that I learned about and began raving about Miss Zara. I’m tempted to say it helps if you have an affinity for BDSM to enjoy this type of scene. But I stop just short of that while watching Miss Zara put Miss Jessica through the paces of punishment. I can’t imagine anyone really not getting tremendously aroused at the site of Miss Jessica’s gorgeous ass being penetrated while she’s restrained in the stocks by her stern and gorgeous Domme.

TheEnglishMansion – Miss Foxx, Miss Jessica Dee – Kept In Line

Miss Foxx’s house girl is due some training to keep her in line. Mistress tests a new remote control vibrating plug which is inserted deep into Jessica’s ass, varying the intensity and noting the responses, her poor chastity clad cock leaking pre-cum from the deep pleasure. This is then followed by an OTK spanking, to balance the relief, her cheeks becoming nicely engorged, preparing her for the cane strokes to follow. Finally, she is left on the punishment chair, nipples pulled tightly, gagged with a big dildo and vibrator on her caged cock. This is the official theenglishmansion.com synopsis of “Kept In Line” featuring stunning pro Domme Dubai Miss Foxx and kinky model/producer Jessica Dee from iwantclips In this scene from The English Mansion, Miss Foxx summons Jessica and compliments her pretty outfit. This moment is like the calm before the storm. Jessica is instructed to spin around on her tall heels and to show her Mistress that her butt plug is in place. Jessica raises the hem of her dress to reveal her curvy bottom which is clad in sheer baby blue panties. Her full thighs are encased in black stay-up stockings, but the focus becomes Jessica’s sexy bare bottom when Miss Foxx lowers the panties. It’s impossible to miss the large sexy toy embedded inside her. It’s time to ramp up Jessica’s training says the Mistress while patting the curvy bottom, pleased that she’s got her sub’s clitty locked away. The beautiful vision of Miss Foxx is coupled by pretty Jessica standing with her dress raised to reveal her cock in a chastity device above a full, shaven ball sack. This training that Jessica is quite accustomed to with several stern English Mansion dominas is implemented today by Miss Foxx for the delight of control. That control is enhanced by the device Miss Foxx will use to power the big electronic butt plug buried deep inside her tight ass. The Mistress is a world traveler who will be able to control this wi-fi device on her sub when they’re apart. Is that a great way to totally control a bitch or what?! I think it’s much more fun when it’s not long distance however as in this case with Jessica’s smiling face revealing the pleasure of the electronic pulses coursing through her slutty bottom. We get to see Mistress run her long talons across the portion of cock head exposed through her CBT device and her pink balls as she sits with her legs wide open. Jessica is abruptly forced to stop and sent off to fetch a cocktail next. Then her pert rear end is reddened over bent knee. There’s high heel polishing to follow along with a harsh flogging and then a caning! The most elaborate torture involves a magnificent BDSM contraption you get a hint of from the preview photo gallery. I’ve been closely following the wonderful progress of this lovely British submissive since my Interview with Jessica Dee was conducted. That’s why is came as no surprise to me that I’d absolutely adore this update on the englishmansion.com.

Jessica Dee – Extreme Tease and Denial

Jessica has been kept in chastity by Governess Elizabeth for a long time now and is desperate for some release, but Governess Elizabeth is in a sadistic mood today so having left Jessica tied up and unable to move she decides to make the chastity even more unbearable. Governess Elizabeth teases Jessica running her hands all over her body, using a very intense vibrating wand directly of the cage and takes great pleasure in the sight of Jessica struggling and straining against the small and very tight chastity cage. After only a short time a very desperate and frustrated maid wants nothing more than the cage to be removed and for her to be allowed some pleasure, but does Governess Elizabeth allow this or does her sadistic mood remain and the teasing only get worse!? That’s the official synopsis of “Jessica Dee – Extreme Tease and Denial” and I know exactly how the entire scene plays out. You should find out too, but I’m going to give you just a little extra encouragement. Governess Elizabeth is beautifully sinister in this scene with Jessica. When they say that the chastity device is tight, I mean it really looks tight! I’m not a sub and I don’t know how she can take the ball inflating of the cage, her tormentor’s manual (and visual) stimulation, plus the vibrator she buzzes away with. Let alone the flogging! I wondered if Jessica would completely loose it with the skin-on-skin stimulation, especially the frottage. Just wait until you see Jessica’s bare, tender bottom and how easily it shows marks. I don’t think there’s any way that Jessica could have been suspended this way for so long in heels. That’s a plus if you have a thing for her high arched stocking feet. This is another hot one on Jessica’s iWantClips.com/store/64368/JessicaDee25. The adventures of this kinky submissive CD continue on her newest website manyvids.com/profile/1000499573/JessicaDee25/store/videos, and on jessicadee25.tumblr.com. For more information about Jessica’s Domme, follow @GovernessEliza on Twitter.

Governess Elizabeth Trains Her Slut Jessica Dee

“Governess Elizabeth wants to check how her slutty cross dresser Jessica Dee’s training is progressing. Governess Elizabeth has been training Jessica on her oral and anal skills and will not accept anything below her high expectations. Will Jessica pass with flying colours or is more training needed?” This is the official synopsis of Governess Elizabeth Trains Her Slut Jessica Dee that you’ll find on Jessica Dee’s online store at iwantclips.com/store/64368/Jessicadee25. I’m a serious FemDom fanatic but you don’t have to be one to fall in love and lust with this scene. When ravishing Governess Elizabeth summons Jessica, the gorgeous blonde submissive enters the room demurely wearing a robe and she replies to her Domme about what she’s wearing altogether. The Governess has a black strapon dildo protruding from the folds of her diaphanous red dress. Jessica wears a form-fitting purple camisole with black lacy boyshorts, matching stay-up stockings and strappy black sandals. Knowing what’s expected of her, Jessica leans against the bondage bench and presents her full bottom to the sexy redhead. Spanking brings a red blush to her full bottom and Jessica’s butt cheeks jiggle enticingly with each hard slap. She’s instructed to get on her knees before Governess Elizabeth’s phallus to show her how well she sucks cock. The Domme knows just how a cock should be properly sucked – with moaning to add a humming sensation along its surface. Just because it’s not a live cock doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be precise. The Governess guides Jessica’s head to force her to suck the dildo as deeply as she can. She literally makes Jessica gag on the fake dick! Once satisfied with her slut’s cock sucking skills, she has Jessica straddle the bench on her knees. Jessica smiles sweetly as she bends over to allow her Domme to part her crotchless panties. Governess Elizabeth’s gloved fingers begin to penetrate Jessica’s tight rosebud with notification about what she’s doing step-by-step. She uses her free hand to cup Jessica’s ball sack while inserting another finger inside the slut’s opening. Thankfully for the sub, Jessica’s stern yet thoughtful tormentor uses plenty of lubrication because her thrusts are deep. The beautiful Governess steps away for just a moment and returns to guide the head of her strapon cock inside her pretty submissive’s tightness. I’ve never seen Jessica getting fucked so hard by a FemDom goddess before. This is exactly what I wanted to see someday when I first conducted my Interview with Jessica Dee here in 2014. The adventures of this kinky submissive CD continue on  jessicadee25.tumblr.com. This my first opportunity to officially congratulate Jessica on her sumptuous adult store iwantclips store and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do! You can follow Jessica’s amazing top at @GovernessEliza on Twitter.