VRBtrans: All About Jessy Dubai

In every relationship – regardless of the gender of the partners – the most important thing is that both sides care about each others and try to make the other halves as happy as possible. Intimate care is a great way to show your love and affection and to maintain a relationship that can be strong and last for many years. So how can one take care of his/her partner to make him/her happy? Well, there are many ways to do that and, above all, they are dependent on the sex of the person. If you are a man, you can invite your girlfriend for romantic dinners, buy her flowers or other gifts that you know will make her happy, and often tell her that she is beautiful, sexy and that you love her. An example of such behavior is to make your beloved breakfast in bed, consisting of her favorite foods, to bring a smile on her face and make her day good from the very beginning. And if your girlfriend is a beautiful, sexy and incredibly slick TS VR Porn star, Jessy Dubai, it’s really worth trying! Jessy is a 28-year-old transwoman with perfect proportions, who can bring attention of probably every tranny-loving man on the planet. Although she is very active in Shemale VR Porn biz, she can always find time for her man and you can certainly say that having such a girl is a treasure! And if your guy is so cute and lovely that he brings you breakfast to bed, how can you repay him? Ladies, come on, you do not have to be a Transsexual VR Porn star like Jessy to know the answer to this question! Nothing makes a man happier than a good sex or the opportunity to watch his girlfriend, who’s in front of him while playing with her stubborn dick and tight anal! When Jessy started to “repay” you, in the first moment, you did not know what to do. To join her? Help her? No! This girl knows what she wants – and this morning she’s decided to make her bed a little scene, and you, along with all VRB Trans viewers, should just sit up and admire her incredible skills and feminine shapes. If you act appropriately, you can be sure that next time she’ll let you join her, but for now you’re just a spectator – the fact that she’s being watched by so many horny eyes makes Jessy even more courageous, which turns this scene into one of the best solo masturbation shows in the VRBTrans.com history! Want to know how can Jessy seduce you and what else is she hiding under her sexy pajamas? Wear your VR goggles and enjoy realistic head tracking technology in true 360° stereoscopic virtual reality 3D videos in 4K resolution in the latest VRBangers.com Trans production. Sit down patiently to see it all for yourself, and maybe next time Jessy will become ever more kinky, and you’ll finally be able to check how narrow her sweet anal really is on VRBtrans.com.

Transsensual – Jessy Dubai & Heather Vahn

The official synopsis of Feisty TS Latina on the transsensual.com website reads: Demure brunette beauty Heather Vahn can’t believe the trouble she’s in with fiery TS Latin stunner Jessy Dubai. Jessy pounces on the busty slut, and drives her cock into Heather’s shapely mouth. Heather is eager to please Jessy, and slobbers all over her cock, riding Jessy to orgasm.

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing megastar Jessy Dubai for Transformation Magazine and my blog partner from Adult DVD Talk PornOCD found her so nice that he did it twice for TS Dreamland with Part I and Part II. I’ve been a fan of Heather Vahn for about five years and I knew that her transsensual.com debut with Jessy would be mind blowing. This scene heats up for me when the diva pushes her unruly assistant on the bed. Heather isn’t wearing panties and it’s a moment of Domination/submission magnificence when she crawls back on the bed with her boss’s fingers penetrating her pretty pussy.

Heather really needs this job although she’s cheated hours in her paycheck. So she has no choice but to comply when her hung Latinx employer pushes her to the floor and gets her in place to suck her cock. Jessy is seriously hung, but Heather’s tininess makes her rock hard dick appear to be even bigger. The boss strokes her big, ducky uncut dick while ordering her assistant to strip slowly. The blowjob this petite fox performs looks amazing.

The missionary position, side saddle and doggy style railings Jessy gives Heather are out of this world. The cowgirl ride is acrobatic. Just wait until you see totally naked Jessy driving her big boner in and out of Heather’s quim with jackhammer thrusts until her cock fires a big blast of creamy white cum on Heather’s pussy!

Jessy of jessydubai.com and Heather of heathervahnexclusive.com on transsensual.com.

Take the transsensual.com tour

Take the transsensual.com tour

Jessy Dubai on Bob’s Tgirls






Jessy Dubai invites you to join you in her lavender-scented bath. She wants you to show her your cock before she shows you hers. She asks if she shows you her ass if that would make you harder. She lets her hair down and since you don’t want to get into the water, you’re just going to have to watch her masturbate. But first, she splashes sudsy water all over her naked body. Once Jessy’s dick is fully erect, she swings her hips, making her hardon slap loudly against her thighs. Then she sits up on the tiles and tells you about how she loves to watch, too. She jerks off furiously and her dirty talk gets more lewd and enticing. She gives you a full body rear view and begins fingering herself. How many fingers do you think she can fit inside herself? Jessy turns over to face you again and begins stroking her erection wildly again. This Bob’s Tgirls video is entitled “Suds and Spooge” and there’s a lot of both in it. 120+ hi-res photos compliment Jessy’s new video on Bob’s Tgirls! Jessy Dubai took home honors for Best Hardcore Performer And Bob’s TGirls Model Of The Year at the Seventh Annual Transgender Erotica Awards. You can see more photos and videos of her on Bob Maverick’s great site and much, much more on jessydubai.com!

Tranny Glory Hole Surprise Scene #01



I have a tendency to go into a lot of detail about videos and DVDs. But I think I can tell you a little about Scene #01 of Tranny Glory Hole Surprise without giving away too much considering that you can see the trailer anyway. You’ll see Spencer Fox fucking Jessy Dubai and making her cum, but what you won’t see is Aubrey Kate in the oral sex footage. Aubrey Kate comes up again in Scene #02 with the 23 year old cisgender female porn star Kristy Snow. Robert Axel bangs Luna Rose next and the final scene stars Chad Diamond with Diamond Dixon. There’s a detail about what really can happen during glory sex I’ve considered before. I’ve been tempted to try it, but always chickened out. You’ll realize what I’m talking about when you see the first scene of Tranny Glory Hole Surprise on Devil’s Film. If you see “Coming Soon” with one of the scenes, ignore that. You can view all the trailers now!