Jolie and Friends: At The End of A Long Day

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Listed alphabetically, Luiza Alcantara, Gabriella Ferrari, and Barbara Perez get into incredibly erotic lesbian threesome action on Camilla Jolie’s trans adult website! Luiza is the black model, Gabriella is the redhead and Barbara is the blonde performer. As the scene opens, Barbara sits on the sofa flanked by Gaby on her left and Luiza at her right. After a very brief chat, the kissing and striping begins with each babe helping each other out of their swimwear. No one is left out and the first cock exposed is Barbara’s and it’s already fully erect.

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Both of her friends curl their fingers around the turgid shaft, but Luiza is first to begin sucking it. Luiza jerks off while giving head and Gabriella pulls her cock out of her bikini bottom while getting her bare breasts devoured. Then Barbara sucks on Luiza’s firm boobs and chocolate nipples as Gabriella lays across the couch and gets her turn to suck on Barbara’s large erection.

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Next, Gabriella sits on the top of the sofa for Barbara to swallow her boner. Luiza continues giving Barbara head and then takes Gaby’s swollen dick into her mouth. Then Barbara and Luiza take turns sucking Gabriella’s big hardon until Barbara leans forward to suck Luiza’s black cock. Gabriella is the first hot, horny girl to begin fucking and it’s Luiza’s pert bottom she drills in the doggy style position. Luiza sucks Barbara’s hard dick in her spit roast banging and then Barbara fucks Luiza! Gabriella pumps her erection in and out of Luiza’s mouth while Barbara pumps her big dick in and out of Luiza’s tight ass powerfully!

I’ve almost described three quarters on the action in this torrid video. I’d love you to see how this torrid threesome come to an end.

Jolie and Friends – Camilla’s Fan #1

I’d like to congratulate Camilla Jolie on her incredible website! I’ve known of this beautiful trans model turned producer for several years also under the name Hamily Brasquevik from more Brazilian/Italian scenes than I can remember. To introduce you with the earliest content, let’s begin with Camilla’s Fan #1 – a threesome with brunette Kora and another gorgeous trans woman, a blonde named Driely Riuston aka Admirable topping a lucky male admirer. They approach the man in the backyard of a mansion who lays on a mattress. He gets his big cock sucked by Kora and gets fed with Driely’s long, thick erection. Once he’s naked, he gets fucked doggy style by Kora while Driely continues having him suck her off. Positions are switched and the spitroast is followed by a variety of positions. The masked man is “forced” to perform rim jobs and Driely gets her salad tossed while Kora fucks him hard and fast. You’d think she’d be spent after shooting a big load of creamy white cum on the dude’s face, but no. Kora decides she wants the guy to fuck her and they arrange themselves into a daisy chain. The dude bangs Kora while Driely drives her cock in and out of him. Then Kora jerks her big dick sitting next to the hung man with Driely stroking him. When his large member explodes, Driely tastes a bit of his cum. The guy caresses Kora’s firm breasts and she continues jerking off until big spurts of cream jolt out of her swollen cockhead. The HD quality is magnificent!

Jolie and Friends – The Limo Ride

Iconic 5’5″ (166cm), 130lbs (59kg) Brazilian star Barbara Perez is breathtaking in “The Limo Ride” on enjoying the best things in life including a busty brunette. I’ve got a lot of favorites on this site, but this is my current numero uno production on this great site. Monica Lima patiently awaits the arrival of her friend in a sparkly evening dress and the blonde picks her up in a stretch limo.

Barbara is also dressed to the nines as she greets her friend warmly outside. Barbara breaks out some bubbly and Monica gets the glasses ready. Whatever they’re celebrating comes with a deep kiss on Monica’s red lips when Barbara moves closer. Monica moves the bottle out of the way to raise her dress to reveal her luscious body and both girl’s sets of breasts are fully exposed. Barbara has big boobs, and her girlfriend possesses a set of really tig ol’ bitties. Monica devours Barbara’s tits and sucks on her nipples while just wearing her panties and pumps. While Monica pulls off her heels, Barbara sits back to take off her tall sandals and she then removes and discards her party dress.

After the girls move to the back of the limo where there’s more room, Barbara gets her panties off. Monica feasts on her pretty tits again while Barbara begins stroking her cock. Monica lays across the leather seat and takes Barbara’s stiffening rod inside her mouth next. After developing a raging hardon, Barbara is seen in the following sequence ramming her erection in and out of Monica’s pretty pussy! The view of Barbara and Monica’s bare asses during this powerful railing is phenomenal. I love seeing these glorious bodies completely naked and a reverse cowgirl ride comes next.

The footage brings us in closer during the missionary position fucking. When the girls resume the doggie style position they started out fucking in, there’s one big difference this time around. Barbara fucks Monica’s tight ass! It’s an extraordinary drilling that ends with the gorgeous blonde shooting her cum on the buxom beauty while she rubs her clit. Top trans model and producer Camilla Jolie delivers another instant classic update on that you simply must see.