Katie-Ann of TheCrossdresser.com



I think that Katie-Ann looks hottest as a redhead, but you might disagree with me when you run through the tour of TheCrossdresser.com. I never know what to expect from her next as she might be with a man, fucking some hot genetic girlor playing with another crossdresser. Once Katie-Ann once said, “”Would you be able to tell that I have an eight inch swollen cock straining to burst out from between my legs? Probably not until I had my soft lips wrapped around your cock and reached down to touch myself. And then it would be too late, because I really love to suck cock. And I’m very good at it!” I explored her website and was so impressed, I asked her to do an interview with me. She was quite candid and I hope to do an update someday soon. As for another example of how naughty Katie-Ann can get, she also once said, “God, I love cum, I just can’t get enough of it. I love the way it tastes and the way it feels. One of my dreams is to be the centerpiece of a bukkake, taking more cumshots on my face than I can count. So far my record is three at once, but you can see all my attempts in my members area!” If you’re interested in learning more, check out TheCrossdresser.com!

Katie Ann The Crossdresser

If you’re going to take on a name for your paysite that represents an entire community that sometimes does and sometimes don’t fall under the transgender community, which sometimes does and sometimes doesn’t land correctly in the GLBT community, you need to deliver great content and frequent updates. That’s what Katie Ann has done with The Crossdresser. I learned a lot about what made her tick in our 2009 interview, so I’m not at all surprised that today, with an audience of mostly 25 through 34 year old single college educated and grad school men, there is no competion for Katie Ann in her niche. Her amazing legs might have something to do with it and what rests between them is pretty awesome. too.