Kevy Codine

Kevy Codine is extremely effeminate, but not a tgirl by definition. Kevy isn’t even dressed as girl here. He’s a striking young gay male and it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a cutie like this here who might make someone out there question their sexuality.If you don’t want to see Kevy nude, don’t click on his photos.

But when I came across Kevy Codine, I knew I had to bring this androgyne into the Caramel’s TGirls mix. This long haired, slender young thing comes to us from Ithaca, NY. You can see more of Kevy at BoyCrush. At any rate, My Interview with Roxy Red last year turned me on to something entirely new, so let’s just say I’ve been following up on this burning subject very diligently. I hope you’ll see the same great qualities I’m seeing and will just enjoy the view.