Femout.XXX: Red-haired Vixen Lycha Is Here!

Her Femout.XXX profile reads: Meet sexy Lycha new kid on the block. This block is about two hours from me in Florida and Jack Flash of Florida presents her sexy debut. I haven’t bumped into her in person her but we’ve had a chat somewhere on the Net. She’s not just gorgeous but super nice also. I’m not sure if I knew that she’d bounced up and down the country from North to South before settling down in the Sunshine State. She likes not having to shovel snow and I don’t miss that either.

Watching Lycha talk about being a dirty girl and going to fun and exciting places is fun and exciting in itself. She goes into her polyamorous lifestyle and goes into lurid detail that may hit you with an accelerated arousal. Things get intensely sexual when she describes some of her BDSM play. This sequence really hits home for me and if you’re into roleplay you’ll be beside yourself with lust thinking about the scenario Lycha describes. All this occurs before Lycha reveals nudity. It’s pretty amazing how fast she heats things up to such a high temperature before undressing.

As Lycha proceeds to describe what she likes sexually, it dawns on me that she’s not just good at modeling – it seems like she was born to become a performer. Once Lycha removes her dress and talks about her lovely breasts and effects of hormones, it’s like a YouTube trans tutorial gone after dark. She has something to say about the wonderful new body parts she exposes and the lingerie she’s about to remove next. There’s one part just before the midway point where Lycha bends over with her heart-shaped as facing you and she gives it a hard smack.

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Then we’re off to the races with smoldering Lycha sitting on the couch masturbating intently with nothing but her heels on. She then does some deep finger banging along with stroking her mouth-watering erection in this fantastic Femout.XXX update.