Mandy Mitchell Review: Suck Me Off Before Bed

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This update begins with our gorgeous hostess writhing in bed in lacy blue lingerie that leaves little to the imagination. Her erect pink nipples are clearly visible as is the outline of her big, swollen cock! “I’m so horny right now,” is the first thing she says. “and there’s no way I’ll be able to go to bed, unless you suck my cock,” she adds.

Surely you’ve been in the situation where you know you won’t get a sound rest until you’ve cum. Mandy proceeds to show of her magnificent bottom as if she wants to get fucked. But she’s not going there verbally. She makes her clear with her posing that she wants oral. The focus is on the big hardon mashed between her thighs. When she turns around to face you, her bare cock is finally exposed completely. The tapered tip is arcing up toward the ceiling. Mandy tells you to wrap your lips around it, as if you’d need to be told to. Actually, considering her abilities as a dominatrix, she knows you like being to to suck it. Many’s hard prong is well-lubricated and she proceeds to stroke her erection firmly. Close-ups expose the beads of tasty looking pre-cum oozing from the engorged head. She then slips into total domme mode, telling you to worship her cock and to beg for her orgasm. What about you orgasm, though? That’s for you to worry about. For now, it’s all about making Mandy explode so she can get a good night’s sleep. Check out “Suck Me Off Before Bed“on Mandy Mitchell’s official website or on

Mandy-Mitchell: Trans Lesbian Bareback POV Sex with Bianca Stone

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Mandy Mitchell’s description of this torrid hardcore scene reads, “”Hot and intimate trans lesbian sex with both my POV, Bianca’s POV and some tripod POV as well. Bareback creampie ending in Bianca squirting a huge load all over my face and cock!” It opens with Mandy’s cisgender wife Bianca playing with herself in bed wearing black lingerie. Her legs and feet are bare and there’s a magic wand vibe purring close to her pussy. Bianca moans softly as she glides the head of the buzzing sex toy across her center. Then we hear Mandy lamenting that her wife started without her, but she’s not really serious. Bianca exposes her pussy fully and just when you’re thinking about diving in face first, Mandy beats you to it. Mandy is wearing a black sheer bra and panties, but not for long. Soon, her stiff cock is bare and its head is pointing up toward the ceiling! That’s until it’s touching the roof of Bianca’s mouth. Both beauties have everything off but their brassiere’s, even when Mandy eases her bare erection deep inside Bianca’s snatch.

The missionary position railing leads to a doggy style banging! This is where Mandy really lets loose with her thrusts and she takes a break to finger her lover’s pussy. Bianca uses the toy and Mandy’s probing to reach her climax and to do what I’m anxiously awaiting – her squirting! I love seeing a quim squirting as much as I love seeing a hardon cumming! Don’t miss this incredible update on and on!

TS Hooker Blow Job Training with Sasha de Sade

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Description: Poor Sasha de Sade is not making any money at her new job as a prostitute until wise and slightly cruel older trans prostitute Mandy Mitchell decides to take her under her wing and teach Sasha the finer arts of fellatio. With a determined focus Mandy gives Sasha an excellent step by step instruction on pleasing men thru deep throating and sloppy oral. Sasha will soon be on her way to making the big bucks with her oral advantages. Presents Sasha de Sade Tied Up And Fucked is a threesome I raved about in late January 2018 and you can read about it by clicking here. TS Hooker Blow Job Training with Sasha de Sade doesn’t include Mandy’s lovely and gorgeous cisgender wife Bianca Stone, but it’s a helluva hot scene nonetheless. The production values are equally high in this update, but they’re a lot different. We’re getting an authentic 70’s San Francisco style porn set-up leading into the hooker theme, wah-wah pedal with guitar and all. $20 will get you a good time with Sasha who makes the offer standing before a brick wall as a lady of the night. But there’s a problem. Mandy shows up telling Sasha she’s on her corner. Since Mandy has been working this corner every night, she gets a regular client making Sasha envy her. It’s cold outside and Sasha is scantily clad when Mandy returns with a bunch of cash she earned from her john. Sasha looks hot but she’s not attracting clients like Mandy is because she doesn’t have hooking experience. Mandy can see that from a mile away and, since she’s a hooker with a heart of gold, she whips out her cock and teaches Sasha how to be a successful street whore. She wont need training in running a successful website however. is doing quite well on its own.

Mandy Mitchell Presents Sasha de Sade Tied Up And Fucked

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An Internet video title can only be but so long. Imagine “Mandy Mitchell Presents Sasha de Sade Tied Up And Fucked with Mandy’s Wife Bianca Stone”. What a Net nightmare that would be. But that’s what this incredible update is all about. Sasha is struggling with her restraints when the video begins. She’s unable to get her wrists free and her cock seems to be begging to be released from her panties. It’s mostly visible as it’s protruding from the snug red pouch. The rest of her lithe frame is clad in red lingerie and black fishnet stockings. She might be in torment but her growing erection reveals her lust. I think just knowing that she’s about to be joined by Mandy and Bianca is enough to make every single one of us aroused! It’s obvious that the married couple is going to dominate submissive Sasha. Even Mandy sucking that cock of Sasha’s the worked it’s way out in to the open with its steady growth seems controlling. She’s forced to earn a blow from Bianca and Mandy brings her closer to climax by giving her a rim job. Bianca rubs Sasha’s swollen cock against her latex panties and then turns around to rub it against her bare pussy! That’s after she torments us with the sight of her wonderfully curved bottom. Mandy encircles Sasha’s boner with her fingers, guided it inside Bianca’s quim and then fucks the slave in a mesmerizing daisy chain next! Sasha also fucks Bianca while the cis beauty gives Mandy head. Then Mandy takes Bianca from the back as she sucks on Sasha’s rock hard cock! Bianca has some strap-on fun with Sasha and I’ve only described the first half of this torrid scene!

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Mandy Mitchell – Obey My Dick

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Considering the “Obey My Dick” title, I’m expecting a deliciously dominant update on The famed model writes, “Tonight I have called you over because its late and I need to be serviced. You will obey my dick. Everything my dick wants, you will do. Luring you deeper and deeper into submission with every stroke, every hypnotic whisper designed to break down your defenses, and completely enslave you to my cock.” Okay, it didn’t take a genius to know where she was going with this title. But it takes a big fan to go into lurid detail about it. This ribbon of a body stocking she’s wearing in periwinkle blue is just too much! Check out the lace bra inserts and the panties that match while Mandy stretches out like a kitten. A wisp of a panel hides her fun spot when she’s bent way over. I like how Mandy confronts like a dominatrix and I’m not even submissive. One moment she’s going over how to please her and then her hard cock is pointing up in the direction of your face. “Obey my cock”, she orders? Some of us will practically be hypnotized by it! Here’s the thing; I’m primarily dominant now, but I started out as a sub. I know exactly how good it can feel to be ordered around. I’ve certainly never given up being a total cock slut. When Mandy walks you through this submissive journey, you might be surprised at how willingly you’d submit to her.