Interview with Melody Monae

I am so proud to share a highlight of 2017 of mine with you. I chat with three time TEA nominated Soldier Boi often I’d earlier informed him that I’d love to interview some of the amazingly talented trans performers he’s worked with. There are some great things in the works with some great girls, but he also mentioned someone he hasn’t met in real time yet named Melody. I knew exactly who he was talking about after placing the face with the name because I’d once reviewed one of her live shows on Melody is one of the most incredible webcam performers I’ve ever seen. If you’re not following her as a free registered Chaturbate member, I urge you to strongly. Please do that either before or after reading my Interview with Melody Monae.


Melody Monae on Chaturbate


Click on this fox for a more explicit MP4 preview. 23 year old Black and Italian Michigan native Melody Monae is one of the best Chaturbate webcam broadcasters I’ve ever seen. She absolutely killed it last night. I’m thinking she might be on again tonight. If not, keep your eye out for Melody. She’s risen quickly to the top of the lineup. She tends to do this whenever she’s on LIVE on Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!