Miss K

Years ago, I learned about a tgirl named “Miss K” and every now and then, I’d be elated to see her doing one thing or another on the Net. Mostly it was her modeling. Color me superficial, but I was mainly excited about seeing the latest look of this dark, edgy, enigmatic beauty.

After finding her at The Dragnet, I delved deeper into the life and times of this stunning transgendered photographer, model and musician. I learned about her music and digested her musings at The Dragnet. Miss K to me was the type of person I could imagine being friends with, but would probably never bump into even online. Then one day, I got a reply to a post I’d made from her saying she enjoyed reading my interviews. It was a great honor to learn that someone I’d admired actually knew something about the work I’m so passionate about.

I’m excited about interviewing her soon, but I’d like to share with you how challenging this one will be. Miss K is one of the best transgender writers of our time and she is incredibly deep. This ain’t gonna be easy. To get a better idea of what I mean, see what she has to share at her Dragnet5.0 site and self expressions at her Tumblr One and Two Sites. Miss K is stunning, but she reinforces that the sexiest thing about a tgirl is what’s between her ears.   

I cannot wait to share my discussion with Miss K once it’s completed. Meanwhile, just click on her photos to learn more about her.