TSPussyHunters: Morgan Bailey & Darcie Belle

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Darcie Belle is a successful business lady who is missing only one thing in her life….a baby. She is going to Morgan Bailey who specializes in fertilization. Morgan is a hot sexy doctor with long legs, big tits and huge cock. Her secret to having a 100% fertilization take is the fact that she uses her own sperm to inject with a tube and her cock. Darcie is injected with sperm and immediately gets horny….because….pregnant women are always horny. Thinking and hoping that she is instantly pregnant, Darcie become insatiably horny and demands that Morgan fucks her and cream pies her. That’s the official synopsis of this TS Pussy Hunters update from the Kink.com – Kink Unlimited network.

Darcie has been on Sex and Submission and Hogtied and this is her first time on TS Pussy Hunters. Morgan is legendary in the adult entertainment world and she’s already proven that with her official website, morgan-bailey.com, prolific live webcam performances on chaturbate.com/realmorganbailey and multiple performances on TS Pussy Hunters and TS Seduction.

Morgan loves submissive people if you’re new to trans porn. She states this in her opening interview also with Darcie and director Madeline Marlowe. It’s the director’s wish not to spoil the ending, but I can add a few thoughts and highlights from “Darcie Belle Wants a Baby“.

Morgan has fine acting chops, but she doesn’t have to utilize them right off the bat because she’s jerking off and simply enjoying it as the scene begins. The horny doctor’s big cock is already stiff as she strokes it while sitting in her office chair. In fact, she shoots a sample of cum into a small measuring cup before Darcie the patient arrives. Dr. Bailey stands up to force her spent cock into her panties and straightens out her clothes after telling her receptionist to let the patient in.

They’ve discussed fertilization but this is their first time meeting in person. Darcie announces that she’s single and yet ready to have a baby. The Bailey Fertility Institute founder pulls out a list of male donars for Darcie to choose from and secretly transports her cum into an injector. In the next sequence, the patient sits on the medical table for a blood pressure test and pulse taking that requires opening her blouse. A more in-depth physical is necessary however and Darcie complies when asked to remove all of her clothing. The blonde looks amazing totally nude and excited about being a new mother. It’s now time for the doctor to get Darcie pregnant – with the injector. Darcie confesses that she’s feeling super horny and she begins rubbing her smoothly shaven pussy. “I can’t take this,” she exclaims and leans over to kiss Dr. Bailey who’s still fully dressed.

Dr. Bailey’s fingers replace Darcie’s on her pretty quim and then the physician goes muff diving. Darcie lays back for an extended fingering and licking until her doctor decides it’s time to shed her clothing and to reveal her secret. The points of her nipples are protruding from her conservative blouse and soon her big stiff cock is bouncing up and down above her lowered panties. “Oh my God,” utters Darcie Bell in shock. “Everything I ever dreamed of.” Yes, Darcie. Same goes for us too!

Wet & Wild Morgan Bailey on Shemale.XXX



Morgan Bailey tells us she’s just finished a hot scene while topless on the bathtub. That warehouse scene shot for Shemale.XXX left her all sticky with cum. Her low-hanging balls are bursting out of her black panties and she turns herself on while turning us on. Morgan shares a valuable tip with us. Baby oil is great for not just making the skin soft, but also for getting cum off. I made a mental note of that while watching her tell us what she wants a man to do to her and apply baby oil to her killers legs and pretty feet. Her large tits get a generous coating and deep caresses. Then she moves the crotch of her panties to the side to make her big stiff cock. Morgan reminds us that a cock like this is for veteran asses. I can’t imagine that anyone would think of that monster as a “starter dick” when I think about it. After taking time to jack off while oiled up, Morgan the water running in the tub. She lets her raven hair down and gets her amazing physique all soapy next. I think this is the perfect place to stop. I wouldn’t want you to get too worked up. For more of this ravishing megastar, visit Morgan-Bailey.com and watch her LIVE on chaturbate.comrealmorganbailey.

Morgan Bailey in Take a Bath with Me

If you were lucky enough to spend some tub time with Morgan Bailey, I’d suggest creating atmosphere with scented candles and a sexy soundtrack. Have on hand anything and everything you might need once you’re in. In this case, I’d set aside waterproof lube since H2O washes away any natural lubrication. You’d want to keep the water level low enough that you could maneuver in and out of it. It’s always best to have options, and you can always add more water later, or drain it if need be.




Get into the tub with Morgan Bailey


Natassia Dreams, Morgan Bailey and Wolf Hudson


Although Wolf Hudson is tormented by Natassia Dreams and Morgan Bailey, there’s no reason to feel sorry for him in this Domination/submission scene shot in Spain. But click on each image for video and photo galleries to decide for yourself.




Natassia Dreams and Morgan Bailey are having some hot girl talk as Morgan smokes a cigarette and as Natassia rests her feet on what seems to be a human ashtray. After discussing the plans for their evening, the girls decide to play with their boy toy. First he kisses Natassia’s ass when she bends over wearing her tight leather body suit. Morgan is helping by rubbing her sexy body. To make things more exciting, Natassia pulls down her suit and Morgan puts syrup and cream on Natassia’s ass. Then she makes boy toy Wolf lick it all off again. Soon Morgan and Natassia start to play with each other as they make their sex slave crawl around on the floor and watch. Morgan lays back on the couch and allows her slave to cum all over her firm tits as Natassia moans and rubs and watches. “Natassia 4-Way Blowjob” was also added to Natassia’s amazing site featuring Morgan Bailey and TS Foxxy on 6/18/2014!


TS Morgan Bailey on Trans500.com


I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a bit biased when it comes to certain Trans 500 movie. I’m a big fan of TS Morgan Bailey who has perhaps turned out one of the best movies on this sizzling website to date here.

trans500morganbaileygalleryMorgan updates her own website regularly, so it was surprising to me that she found the time to moonlight at this exciting new network. If the first performance you’ve ever by Morgan and find yourself impressed, you should see her at her official website, too.