Having My Cake: Delicious Erotica from Morgana Muses


Having My Cake is a sumptuous film detailing a woman’s journey to Paris where she manages to not only have her cake, but eat it as well, starring Morgana Muses and Bishop Black. Morgana Muses is the creative director of feminist production company Permission 4 Pleasure. Filled with beautiful, colorful imagery and frivolous fun, this film depicts the joy in sex and self love. It also elaborates on Morgana’s previous films for Permission4Pleasure, with themes of acceptance, giving yourself the permission to enjoy life and that being older does not limit sexuality. Click here for more photos and the video preview from PinkLabel.tv. 

CrashPadSeries Volume 7

Shine Louise Houston is back at it, compiling her favorite episodes from San Francisco queer porn hotbed, CrashPadSeries.com. In CrashPad Series Volume 7: From Top to Bottom, the director has highlighted CrashPad’s power heavy scenes. Zelda du Jour gives Siren Wolf her first onscreen orgasm… and zipper! Tina Horn uses Maggie Mayhem as a sex toy, Audrey Doll and Savannah Sly recreate their own Secretary scene, Nina Hartley punishes Jiz Lee with legendary fucking, Nikki Darling enjoys a full scoop of Chocolate Chip, and Cyd finally fucks some punctuality into Muscle Beach. With so much hotness packed into one movie, you’ll be watching this from top to bottom!


BIODILDO 2.0 on PinkLabel.tv

Take a look at the BIODILDO 2.0 trailer – the film that follows the story from BIODILDO. Bettie wants to bring their sex life to another level, but husband Barney is worried. Signing up for a swingers website turns out to be a night they’ll never forget. It stars returning couple Jiz Lee and KAy Garnellen, and swingers Wolf Hudson and Mor Vital. Directed by Christian Slaughter, filmed in Germany. Jiz Lee is a Jiz Lee is a genderqueer director and performer who trail blazed queer porn produced in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. KAy Garnellen is a FTM director, activist and performer and Mor Vital is a FTM born and raised in Israel Tel Aviv. She began her transition at the age of 14. Wolf Hudson is Bad is a Dominican-American actor and director from New York City who is virtually impossible to put a label on. This is the sequel of Jiz Lee’s VOID directed by Christian Slaughter who has been working, first as production assistant, later as production manager and producer on several movies for directors such as Jürgen Brüning, Bruce LaBruce, Todd Verow, Jorn Hartmann, Maria Beatty and Cheryl Dunye. Since the very first Porn Film Festival Berlin in 2006, he has been part of the organization and programming team. Besides the festival and movie projects, he works as production manager for the gay porn company Wurstfilm in Berlin, where he also made his first steps as director.


Justify My Jiz

The nominees for the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards have been announced and e Justify My Jiz is on the list! Justify My Jiz is a collaboration between Feminist Porn Award’s Boundary Breaker Jiz Lee and CyberSocket Award-Winning sexual bad boy Wolf Hudson. Inspired by Madonna’s Justify My Love, the video captures the performer’s unconventional sexualities and gender-bending persuasions in a perverse tango that fluidly shifts from soft love to rough, kinky sex just as easily as the performers switch up turns giving and receiving.


Natural lighting, short hair, tight bare torsos, fishnet stockings and high-heels blend with unconventional sexual acts including oral sex, pegging, condomed sex, mutual masturbation, nipple-play, “reverse cowgirl,” and a rare view of masculine pleasure that couples well with genderqueer sensuality.