Debora Vasques on Pinko TGirls







There’s no outdoor footage with Mr. Nobili with Débora Vásques in her new 32 minute scene. Instead, we’re taken directly to the foot of her bed. She’s licking her lips, rubbing her large tits and the big bulge her pink panties. Moments later, she’s joined by a nice looking naked guy who gets to sucking her big dick right away. His cock is hard already and Débora returns the favor as they move into a 69 sucking. This isn’t a classic BDSM scene that Pinko TGirls is famous for, but no less enticing. This adult actress brings a perfect balance of intimacy with a touch of Domination/submission while power fucking her partner’s super cute bubble butt. She rails him doggystyle and missionary while jacking him off, making it all look so easy. I mean, this is one long ass fucking and Débora seems insatiable. A side saddle ramming comes next and this guy’s equally large cock is hard as a rock. Then there’s more kissing and position changes. The male performer gets to cum first. After he shoots big time on his tight abs, Débora gives the lucky bastard a creamy white facial. Enjoy the previews and watch the full video on Pinko TGirls.

Nikolly Gaucha on Pinko TGirls





Mr. Andrea Nobili, the famed Italian director and former porn actor, exchanges a few words with veteran porn star Nikolly Gaucha of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Within the first 2 minutes of this half hour video, she’s lying on her back with her long, thick cock facing the camera. It’s already rock hard and her sexy male partner enters the frame and devours her big, lovely breasts. He marvels at her erection next and swoops down upon it face first. “Nikolly Gaucha Wants to Fuck” is the title of this Pinko TGirls video. But after getting a devoted blow job, Nikolly returns the favor before fucking this guy silly. He has a nice sizeable dark cock, but it’s no problem for her to suck down to the base. Nikolly performs fellatio on him once again with her own hardon standing up at a 45 degree angle. Nikolly is dominant, yet very generous. She does all sorts of horny things to her man to prepare him for the ride of a lifetime. First comes a doggystyle railing over a table. Nikolly obviously spends a lot of time working out and I almost felt sorry for the dude as he took her jackhammer thrusts while standing up, then side saddle. But I could see that when the was getting a piledriver pounding, his dick fully erect. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he wasn’t having a near death experience. But by the time he straddled her for a cowboy ride, he seemed to have relaxed a bit. I didn’t get the impression that it mattered to Nikolly one way or the other. With her partners rapid stroking at the end, she blasted a cumshot like she’d been saving up for this for scene for a week. Still hard after she came, Nikolly shoved her cock inside the guy’s mouth and made him keep sucking her until he made himself cum. I’m pretty sure she could have fucked him again without taking a break to recover from her climax. Watch the full video on Pinko TGirls.

Rebequinha on Pinko TGirls

Rebequinha Fiamma is new to Pinko TGirls, but she’s not new to the adult industry. You may also know of this beauty from Belém do Pará, Brazil as Rebecca Close. I used to follow her on social media about five years ago and I remember admiring her fashion sense. What I did not know about Rebequinha is that she can be so aggressive and dominant. The last time I saw her was as a bottom in a bareback scene from another website. That site no longer updates, so it’s great to see her in action again. The action in the mixed photo/video gallery speaks for itself. In fact, it’s so revealing, there’s no need for me to go into detail. If every megasite showed this much hardcore sex in the previews, I’m not sure if I’d have anything sexy left to talk about. And if you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. All kidding aside, Pinko TGirls is all about Brazilian and Italian transsexual porn with an edge. 




Ingrid on Pinko TGirls

This is the third time I’ve seen Ingrid Moreira of Rio de Janeiro topping a man, and the first time on Pinko TGirls. You can watch a preview of the 38 minute video on this incredible Italian/Brazilian TS site now. This one is all about XXX BDSM. Nurse Ingrid has her patient strapped by the ankles as she gives him a blowjob with some teabagging. When she pauses to jack off, most of the camera angles make her cock look bigger than it really is. But if you’re a big dick lover, Ms. Moreira is indeed seriously hung. She performs a manual prostate exam first. You know what comes next. By the time 30+ minutes went by I’d forgotten that Ingrid was going to get fucked, too. Sometimes when watching transsexuals fucking men, I’m taking mental notes more than getting aroused. So for me, the best part was watching Ingrid getting railed butt naked on the hospital bed. She was loud as fuck and hard as a rock. I could not believe how big her cumshot was, but then this was one long ass video!



Vittoria Risi fucked by Mireja

The last time I saw the Italian cisgender porn star Vittoria Risi on Pinko TGirls, it was in an amazing foursome. Two hot transsexuals, black Flavia Junior and brunette Latina Mireja were masturbating when Vittoria entered the parlor with her gimp. After some brief toying with a huge, clear dildo, the “Mistress Vittoria” sucked her leather clad sub’s little dick. Then she decided to give Mireja and Flavia head. They turned the tables on Vittoria by making her suck both of their massive members while the gimp went muff diving. Mireja was first to actually fuck Vittoria, then Flavia. Everyone came explosively and even the gimp was allowed to climax after Flavia shot all over Vittoria’s big tits and Mireja flooded his face. That was her transsexual sex experience – an incredible maiden voyage for the then 36 year old fox. The new video has few partners and it’s a bit less kinky, but it’s also a masterpiece. It opens with Mireja sitting in front of us stroking her enormous cock. It takes two hands to handle a whopper. Vittoria enters the room, elegantly dressed, and licks her lips at the sight before her. She sits down to help manually and orally. My eyes must be playing tricks on me because she just swallowed Mireja’s staff to the base. Gag reflex. Yep, she did it. I’d have gagged too. Vittoria deserves a Gag Award. She takes off her panties next and gets back to sucking. Her smooth shaven pussy looked so inviting, but it’s time for a little tongue dance and mutual breast admiration. Vittoria’s next blowjob is more aggressive and her stroking is more furious. Mireja gets more aggressive also, with a pile driver skull fuck while Vittoria lies gloriously naked on the bed. She’s soon pounding Vittoria’s pretty pussy. Next, she’s railing Vittoria’s curvaceous ass! I’m only halfway through this fascinating 37 minute scene. This is the 5th Mireja video I’ve seen Mireja in on this site and she’s always incredible. Vittoria Risi is also stunning on Pinko TGirls which Andrea Nobili Productions members have full access to. Here’s a preview of the original foursome and you watch video previews of the new scene also!