“I do this as a hobby so it’d be awesome if some of you helped me afford new clothes, toys, makeup or whatever,” says this smoking hot crossdresser. On her verified profile, Sissy Aimee keeps it simple aside from her email address, , Reddit, PayPal and Amazon links. But on video and in her photos, she really puts it out there! When you search “sissy aimee” and find her profile, this ravishing amateur performer with four photo sets and eight sizzling videos to date! She’s quite a hung submissive with a pert ass, great legs and a slim figure.

Her eyes are bright blue and I never see her as anything other than a blonde. Sissy Aimee has mastered the “Sissy Maid theme to perfection and other than that, she’s mostly in casual clothing one might find in a Forever 21 or Hot Topic store. Her most recent photo set seems to be her favorite and it’s also the fave of her fanbase.

It’s definitely mine in spite of the fact that it’s not quite as explicit as her earlier galleries exposing deep insertion, gaping, etc. She’s managed to capture a shot of her big, stiff cock shooting a fresh load of cum in her latest photo shoot!

As far as my favorite of the eight videos go, it’s hard for me to say which I like best. What you’ll see is Sissy Aimee riding a dildo, cumming on her face, sometimes more than once and gaping her tight ass. Sometimes she wears a chastity device on her cock and balls. The best thing about her newest ones is that they’re nice and long. Stay tuned for more updates on super sexy part-time girls reviews here. I used to post them on a regular bases but there is so little crossdresser content these days of optimal quality. I may be preaching to the choir.

Pornhub Premium Review

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