Rubbersisters – The Ultimate Female Transformation

If you talk about adult websites long enough, eventually you’ll be exposed to just about every fetish under the sun. I have a lot of rubber and latex in my own wardrobe and over the years, I’ve seen an increase in rubber enthusiasts. But I really understand female masking until I saw “Secrets of the Living Dolls” which garnered a whopping 13.5 percent audience share in the U.K., or about 2.3 million viewers. Next, I wanted to see how female masking was sexualized and delved deeper. That exploration led me to The Rubbersisters, Jacline and Monica, who invite you to enjoy their erotic fetish fantasies. Through various erotic galleries, you’ll see how they live out their fetish. The Rubbersisters adore latex. Monica has a marked preference for corsets and high heels, and Jacline lives out her love of exhibitionism while enjoying the optical attraction effected by the close-fitting, glossy material. They both love to wear masks and being fully enclosed by latex.


With regard to their sexual preferences, Jacline and Monica are very open-minded and like to experiment. There are a lot of practices that turn them on from dominant to submissive, from heavy rubber to pretty latex fashion, from latex dolls up to complete transformation. The main reason for the Rubbersisters website is to show you their outfits and to invoke your fantasies. Jacline and Monica encourage constructive remarks and new ideas in their guestbook.