Review: TGirls.Porn Lena Kelly & Ryder Monroe

MP4 Scene Trailer

Lena Kelly

Description: BOOOOOM! It’s time for a superstar studded edition of an update as we proudly present a production guaranteed to get y’all salivating. When Radius Dark pitched the idea of a Lena Kelly and Ryder Monroe fuck scene, we just couldn’t wait for the edits to land on our desks and boy, we weren’t disappointed! It’s showtime on TGirls.Porn.

Ryder Monroe

Review: Blonde Lena of and redhead Ryder (Caramel’s Interview with Ryder Monroe) look so hot kissing in turquoise lingerie and skyscraper heels it’s almost painful to watch them. I mean if your cock literally hurts when it’s rock hard. Mr. Dark doesn’t give your naughty bits a chance to slowly become aroused because his direction has them feeling each other up while French kissing.

With mutual bare breast admiration comes the unveiling of Lena’s erection. Ryder begins stroking it right after withdrawing it from Lena’s panties. Then Ryder proceeds to give her a blowjob with lots of full shaft licking and tea bagging.

The different angles employed almost make it look like this scene was filmed with a GoPro on a drone (but this camera work is so much better than that would literally have turned out). Lena’s staying power is obviously incredible to withstand the talents of Ryder’s hands and mouth. She hasn’t even begun fucking Ryder yet and this video just a few moments over halfway over at this point!

Svelte Ryder is butt naked and ready for a missionary position railing next and lingerie clad Lena drives her boner inside her bareback. Then she switches into a porn star only type of position that will blow your mind when you see it! How can two TGirls.Porn performers engage in mutual oral foot sex while fucking? What?! Don’t miss it.

TransationalFantasies: Ryder Monroe

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Brunette beauty Ryder Monroe looks lovely in her favorite color, lavender. She hikes up her sequined skirt and squeezes her delectable ass cheeks for you. Then, she turns around and teases you by pulling on the crotch of her thong. She unfastens her lace bra and massages her all natural trans girl tits. Her feet look divine too. Wouldn’t you love to gobble them up? Or, are you thirsty for some organic lady milk? As Ryder pinches her perfect nipples, a delicious, white liquid emerges. She licks it off her fingers, and then wraps them around her cute girl dick. Do you want to lick her hole? Cuz she wants to sit on your face and smother you with her ass. As you fuck her with your tongue, you can see goose bumps forming on her butt cheeks. Now, with her face down and ass up, fuck her deep and hard with your pulsating cock. Finally, its time for her to fuck your mouth with her lady cock. Don’t worry, though, she’ll suck yours too! And after she milks a huge load of jizz out of your balls, she lies back and squeezes out a sticky treat for you to lick up.

It’s great to have Ryder Monroe back after a long hiatus. She granted me an in-depth interview for Caramel’s TGirls in June of 2011. If she’s changed at all since then, she’s prettier and that’s a major feat in itself! The set-up for this scene is that you’ve arrived at her plush hotel room. She asks if it’s your first time with a girl like her. Obviously, you’d like her to begin getting undressed.

Ryder strips down to her lingerie and tall sandals, inviting you to join her on the bed. She bares her lovely breasts and if you have a thing for pretty bare feet, you’re in trouble. The close-ups shot when Ryder removes her heels could prove to be tortuous.

Next, from her expensive panties, comes the withdrawal of Ryder’s cock. It’s flaccid at first, but be patient. She needs to pay attention to her dark, perky nipples next. They’re lactating. She squeezes out droplets of milk and resumes jerking her dick while talking dirty.

Then she rises her long legs high in the air and gives you the most explicit views of her amazing ass that you could ask for. Once completely naked, Ryder simulates being fucked by you in the doggy style position. Later, she hovers above you with her stiffening cock directly above your face. She says she loves you sucking her cock and simulates sucking yours next.

This POV sequence with a realistic dildo comes with a faux cumshot. This exquisite shoot ends with Ryder jerking off and producing her own climax!

Ryder Monroe – Happy Independence Day 2018

“Ryder Monroe – Happy Independence Day 2018″ is the photo set that compliments Ryder Monroe – Happy 4th” the video on It’s an absolutely beautiful tribute to celebrate one of our moved faved holidays. It begins so innocently with Ryder poolside in a bikini with a hat hanging across her back by its straps. She steps inside the pool and wades across the shallow end.

Then Bob focuses on her hind quarters as se hoists herself up along the side of the pool. Mercy! Ryder bares her lovely breasts within the first two minutes and we’re off to the races. T & A posing and frolicking leads to the masturbation sequences that play out for the rest of the shoot. Ryder sits in a pool chair with her well-lubricated, hard, suckable spike standing at attention. It’s swollen head literally points upward to her pretty face!

Then she periodically jerks off and then lets it go again. Ryder grabs, rubs and tweaks a favored puffy nipple with the hand that’s not about to rub one out. She toys with some pre-cum every now and then until the actual cum escapes! But the fun isn’t over when she shoots her load. Ryder stands up completely naked and walks toward the house with her still hard cock leading the way, bobbing and swinging.

I’d love for you to check out my June 2011 Interview with Ryder Monroe and to definitely see her incredible performances on This multi-talented superstar is one of my all-time favorite trans entertainers.

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Bob’s Tgirls: Ryder Monroe’s Return

This comeback set on could be a debut if it weren’t for the obvious experience that Ryder Monroe brings to it. Ryder may have been away for a three year hiatus, but she’s not at an aging stage yet, by a long shot. She announces straight off the bat that she’s going to cum for us today.

But for a bit more background information, Ryder likes dominant men and rough sex. She’s 100% passive and there’s a lot more you’ll find out from the interview she granted me and on

It’s workout day and you might get as much motion out of this update as Ryder does. First, she lowers the straps of her gymnastics leotard and exposes her succulent looking breasts. She then does a three-quarter turn that enhances the world class shape of her bottom.

Do you want to see Ryder stroking her cock within the first minute? You got it and it’s already swelling when she first curls her fingers around it. Actually, her cock is standing straight out from her thighs when she abruptly releases it.

“My cock is already hard,” she says, not in surprise but emphasis. Full turns follow to remind you of how curvy Ryder is in all the right places. Then she sits down on a workout machine to pump a nipple with one hand and her hardon with the other.

Now Ryder is stripped down to head gear, hoop earrings, a belly button ring and thin calf socks. When she releases her dick at this point, the big spike’s head points toward the ceiling. She offers it for you to suck it and begins fapping again.

Ryder’s masturbation session includes nipple tweaking as she approaches orgasm. You can pretty much tell when she’s going to cum, but that last big bead emerging from her swollen red cock head is pretty unpredictable.

She says, “See you next time,” with a charming little wave and this return is a wrap! If you haven’t read my June 2011 Interview with Ryder Monroe or you have and need a refresher, there’s no better time than the present.

Ryder Monroe in Transsexual Babysitters #25


Ryder Monroe is featured in Scene #04 of Transsexual Babysitters #25. This 29 minute scene with Giovanni Francesco is her 5th spectacular performance in in full 1080p HD from legendary hardcore porn studio  Devil’s Film. It was on March 14, 2013 when I posted about her role in Transsexual Babysitters #22 for which she was also featured on the box cover. Ryder is a talented musician as well as a great adult performer and I think you’ll be glad that she hasn’t yet retired from the adult industry when you see her films. Check out Ryder Monroe’s Devil’s Film Profile