Sammi Valentine Then and Now

2009 Interview with Sammi Valentie

2009 Interview with Sammi Valentine

I just raved about Sammi Valentine on July 15th for her debut on the UK-TGirls MULTISITE which is now part of a 5 website network. While watching her second scene filmed, I realized I’d forgotten to mention my 2009 interview with Sammi. I took another look at it and thought to myself that she still looks as incredible now as she did seven years ago! In her follow up scene, Sammi reintroduces herself and part of her naughty dialogue includes how she’s going to cum. She’s a bit more kinky and dominant this time around as she moves through her striptease. She makes her full breasts dance and her big erection looks like an invisible hand must be holding it up at times. Eventually, Sammi is seated, jerking off furiously until she shoots a huge load of creamy white cum. I’ve added a few more photos from her UK-TGirls shoots to our original interview along with some new announcements. If you haven’t read my interview with Sammi before, I hope you’ll enjoy it. If you have, I think you’ll be amazed at how little she’s changed.

UK-TGirls Set Two

UK-TGirls Set Two       

Sammi Valentine Arrives on UK-TGirls




Watch the Trailer on UK-TGirls

Watch the Scene Trailer on UK-TGirls 

It’s about time that Sammi Valentine has arrived on the UK-TGirls MULTISITE which is now part of a 5 set network! Photographer Kalin captured the English T-Rose magnificently too. You can watch a short trailer of the 16 minute video on the UK-TGirls landing page. Sammi is already in action in the video preview stroking her big cock in the kitchen and fucking herself with a big toy! She’s only wearing tall, strappy sandals at the point where the trailer fades to black. But if you stream or download the full scene, you’ll get all the preliminary action. For example, she looks really hot with her ribbed dress on when she introduces herself. If you’re a long-time Sammie Valentine, you’ll notice that her ink, curves and pierced nipples are all new to what you’re used to seeing. Sammie is still wearing her cute trademark braces, but this is the first time I’ve thought of her as voluptuous before with her hourglass figure. Beneath her flat tummy, Sammie plays with the growing thick member in her sheer black panties after removing her dress. She literally slaps her big, juicy pecker to hardness then gets to fapping away. Seeing how Sammie’s cock points to the ceiling when she sits on the counter isn’t something you’re going to forget for quite some time, especially if you save this UK-TGirls MULTISITE scene for keeps.

Sammi Valentine Happy Nude Year 2014

@SammiValentine on Twitter has some lucky bastard named Alex doing body writing on her while she sits there stroking her cock erect in the Happy Nude Year 2014 video. This guy must have some serious will power as he carries on casual conversation, especially when she develops an big, gravity defying erection that’s just inches before his face. He was writing “Suck My Fat Cock” just below her pierced belly button on top of that!

Sammi Valentine closes the video with a big fireworks display at the end of the scene. You’re going to wonder how Alex kept his cool when you see this.