Shathara on Chaturbate

Last week, I saw Canadian Shathara aka Shay and her cis female friend Bella on Chaturbate for the first time. Their webcam performance was incredible! Shay is only 18 yet she handles webcam like a seasoned professional. When I was watching she was sitting at a computer table wearing a checkered red and white top with short-shorts and red and black knee socks. Bella was dancing beside her also in short-shorts and she lowered her bra to make her boobs dance along with the rest of her. Bella was as turned on as the rest of us and unzipped her shorts to release her cock. Shay rose from her seat to give viewers a closer look at her lovely uncut cock which was stiffening by the second. Her smooth, hairless ball sack was suspended by her shorts and white panties as she swung her cock around and then began stroking it. When she sat back down, Bella leaned in for a kiss – a very passionate one. Bella provided a clear view of her magnificent butt while straddling Shay’s hips and when Shay stood up again, she showed her’s off also. By this time, she’d stuffed her erection back inside her panties, and her bulge was so erotic to look at. When she turned around, Bella playfully spanked her ass and a dual butt show came next. Shay revealed her gorgeous hormone boobs next and jacked off while interacting with fans and with Bella. A bit later, Bella sat in Shay’s lap and buzzed her pretty pussy with a Hitachi magic wand vibe. I followed to catch their next show, but unexpected events made me miss it! I’m still kicking myself in the head over that. But Shay and Bella are now two of my all-time favorite Chaturbate cam girls, so I’ll be looking for my notifications to catch them next time. When you follow, you’ll get an email (with no spam) to let you know when they go live again.