SheLesbianPOV Nikki and Andrea

Nikki Montero of LatinaTranny and SheLesbianPOV shares her point of view of Andrea Raducan and I’d like to express my gratitude for one hot as hell video! Do you know how hard it is to film someone while you’re sucking and fucking them? What blows my mind is that Nicole’s footage isn’t as shaky as a first timer’s YouTube video. She shoots as well she fucks. One of these days, I’m gonna ask Nikki if she can hold back from cumming as long as she wants to no matter what one does to her. I don’t know if someone necessarily has to be a great porn star to be a great porn director, but her’s an example of how it sure doesn’t hurt. Check out the video clip:


New Site – She Lesbian POV

I’m so accustomed to talking about content I’ve downloaded or at least viewed. I’m sorry that I can’t tell you anything about this website’s content that has apparently just launched this week. However, I’m very familiar with all the gorgeous performers in the preview section and I know that this new brand new website was created by the same directors I’ve trusted for several years with solid content and optimal customer service. Take a look at She Lesbian POV and feel free to let me know what you think. I do know that the transbian niche is growing almost as fast as POV (Point-of-View) sites that give you the feeling that you’re involved in the action due to the cinematic and photographic angles they employ. It could turn out to be a big hit.