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If you’re not yet familiar with my TS Dreamland Channel YouTube Interview with Skylar Adams published at Christmastime, I have a naughty little 10 minute trailer of one of the videos on her official website. I’ve done a complete write-up on her entire website after subscribing. I’ve seen Skylar transform from a virtually unknown webcam hostess, to a major studio model, to producer and porn star in a short amount of time. I hope you’ll read and enjoy my full TS Dreamland Review of Review: Skylar Adams’ Huge Cumshot!

Before I go into detail about her new Femout shoot, I’d like to invite you to watch my YouTube Interview with Skylar Adams. Please like and subscribe to TS Dreamland on YouTube and stay tuned for more exciting interviews to come!

Description: Following her amazing comeback scene released two weeks ago, sexy Skylar Adams returns on once more this week! Sexy and horny as hell, Skylar is always ready for action! In another smashing production by Radius Dark, Skylar shows off her amazing body and her sexy ass and she strokes her cock until she shoots a huge sticky cumshot!

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In her 4th video since March 2018, Pacific Northwest porn princess Skylar Adams returns to deliver an explosive finish. I think this set is Mr. Dark’s finest presentation of Skylar yet!

Skylar sits in bed in red lingerie asking if you like her outfit when the video begins. Her leg and foot admirers will especially go nuts by the way she’s presented her as will brand new subscribers with a thing for sexy legs and feet. Skylar runs a hand across them making you wish you could do the same.

After a few moments, Skylar parts her creamy thighs and withdraws her cock and smooth ball sack from her lingerie. The bulbous head of her rod is exposed an a turgid erection develops before your eyes.

This scene is full of wickedly sexy moments, but one of the most incredible ones comes when Skylar is standing with her hardon pointing upward. She wiggles her hips, making her boner swing from side to side – it’s just magical.

She eventually takes off he boudoir garment and continues to masturbate completely naked on the bed. At times she just lets you drink in the sight of her rigid cock pointing up toward the ceiling. She applies oil to the surface of her shaft and goes on jerking off.

As not to spoil all the fun for you, I’ll just say that Skylar’s cum shot is indeed huge. Get to to see it for yourself. Another MUST SEE is Skylar’s official website which I’ll be going into a lot of detail about. But why wait for what I’ll be raving about. Check out for yourself!

Caramel’s YouTube Interview with Skylar Adams:

YouTube Interview

When my UK friend Scott told me he nailed a text interview with the Seattle-based alternative trans feminine model and performer, Skylar Adams, I couldn’t wait to post it on here (in October 2018). He had no idea that I was a huge fan girl of the 2019 TEA nominee, so that was a great surprise.

I requested a video interview with the hostess of  (from across the country in Florida) hoping she’d send me something. She did and here it is! It doesn’t hurt when the model/performer you’re working with is also a producer who regularly creates her own content. I’m now proud to present the video follow-up to the TS Dreamland website to TS Dreamland on YouTube!