Penny Tyler and Eli Hunter









Super stud Eli Hunter is admiring his gorgeous girlfriend Penny Tyler’s recent photo shoot on his laptop. It’s so naughty it embarasses her. She never dresses this sexy for him and he’s pretty upset about it. She decides to give him what he wants and runs off to change her clothes. He’s fascinated by the way she looks in her lingerie and who wouldn’t be? Eli is all over Penny in an instant. Her pays oral attention to her large, lovely breast between French kissing her. Penny reaches into Eli’s shorts and asks if he wants her to suck his cock. In an instant, Penny begins sucking Eli’s big dick while kneeling on the living room chair. Soon, Penny is sitting back on the table stroking her huge erection while Eli prepares to give her a good, hard railing. It’s hard for me to decide if this is Penny’s best performance because they’ve all been extraordinary since she entered the adult industry. I don’t think it’s possible for her to get any better or prettier. At any rate, Mr. Hunter pounds Penny doggystyle next and his physique is absolute masculine male perfection. This Shemale Club video runs 18 and a half minutes long and there’s not a single dull moment. More position changes follow and they become increasingly frantic until the explosive ending. I love that this hardcore scene was shot in a warm room because bodies like this are meant to be seen hot and sweaty. Both cumshots are out of this world. Don’t miss this torrid hardcore scene on Shemale Club. Also, congratulations to the amazing performer for the launch of the official Penny Tyler XXX website!


Mandy Mitchell on Shemale Club



Mandy Mitchell is back and this photo gallery is a sample from her new Shemale Club video! “Hey baby, did you miss me?” she asks and proceeds to stroke the stiff cock beneath her pretty halter dress. This is definitely the first silly question I’ve ever heard from one of the brightest adult stars on the Net. After that however, nothing silly is said or done and she says quite a lot while masturbating. Soon, Mandy’s top comes down, her heels come off and she plays with her fun spot while beating off, too. Then comes one of those intense climaxes the sorely missed megastar is known for. I caught this scene soon after watching an update on her official Mandy-Mitchell website. There she has an incredible role play scene with her gorgeous genetic girlfriend Bianca Stone in the “Anal Training and Tail Play” video. That scene comes with 250+ hi-res images. I’m also a big fan of the cisgender female kinkster Bianca who has bought some tails with butt plugs, an inflatable dildo and more sex toys home to play with. It’s a 27 minute hardcore scene with the type of fetish content I can’t seem to get enough of. I’m so glad that gorgeous Mandy Mitchell is back! Her abscence from the adult industry wasn’t really all that long, but in porn years, it seems like it’s been ages. But then she looks as hot as ever.

Lola and Steve on Shemale Club

I had fun watching the way Lola sucked Steve’s uncut cock. The head has so much foreskin covering it, no matter how hard she sucked and fisted, she couldn’t seem to draw it back. My cock is circumcised and uncut dicks always fascinate me in a good way. It took me awhile getting around to watching this scene because one of the stars looks too much like someone from Jacksonville, Florida I haven’t managed to seduce yet. But I digress. What I liked about this scene is while fucking Lola in a variety of positions, he didn’t forget to stroke her massive prick. Not all of us like that, but I do. Lola came hard by fapping away after getting a big creampie and some digital encouragement. Good gosh this chick is hung. After watching this scene, I watched Lola’s Shemale Club solo video. Her body looks amazing in a beach blanket bingo type getup and tall sandals (not the outfit from this photo set I’m showing you). Steve made her cum harder, but it’s all good. Also, check out the SMCNetwork.