Rafaely Velasquis on Shemale Club

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Kimber Lee on Shemale Club

I’ve lost track of how many photos there are of TS Kimber Lee on Shemale Club because as amazing as they are, I’m simply more of a video person. Bur the beauty of the photos and of the German model are not lost on me one iota. In her 19 minute hardcore video with Mark, she drew a bath in an old-fashioned tub, climbed in and masturbated for a few moments. Then she got out of the tub, dressed up in a black bra and panties. In the bedroom, she took a nap and woke up to give Mark a blowjob. Then he gave her a relentless fucking. Kimber also got fucked by the black British stud Darnel on the T-Girl Network. But this new Shemale Club scene is a solo act. She climbs on the purple sheets of her bed wearing a black sequined bra and panty set with tall, strappy sandals. Then she bared and caressed her big knockers and took off her panties. Kimber Lee sat facing and staring into the camera to stroke her stiff cock. It’s a big one over a heavy set of balls with a head that curves downward. It didn’t look to me like she needed porn playing in the background to stay horny until she blasted a load of cum across her tight tummy. Fade to black.





Sunshyne Monroe on Shemale Club

Sunshyne Monroe has said that she will sometimes wait for days without masturbating when she’s planning to be in a new scene. Sometime she cheats, but after seeing her new Shemale Club video, I think she kept her promise to herself. The last video I saw on SunshyneLand was Countryside. It was a candid walk through the woods. On her own site, she bottomed and topped with Antonio Aguilera, Addy Rose and a cute submissive male performer I hadn’t seen before. Then there was more topping and foot fetish videos. She’s also one of the featured solo performers on the T-Girl Network where you can subscribe to in for mobile or desktop. She’s been cranking out some magnificent solo and hardcore performances since 2009 professionally. Her new SMC video comes with just under 100 hi-res photos. There’s no toying or watching porn. After an amazing ass show, all Sunshyne needs to do is concentrate while jerking off. Then she produces another one of her big, creamy white cumshots!