Delia TS Blue Denim Shorts White Sticky Cum









This week’s Caramel’s TGirls landing page image is from the hardcore scene with Delia DeLions and Kate England. I recently raved about it here on TS Dreamland, but now it’s time get into Blue Denim Shorts – White Sticky Cum on Delia-TS. Her hot wife and webmaster extraordinaire Tasty Trixie doesn’t appear in this one, but she’s magnificent as our narrator/ director. That sexy voice of hers and dirty talk goes right through you. This hot and horny couple have been doing this sort of thing for quite some time. I was there to see it all from the beginning, before Delia’s transition. All the videos on Delia-TS are in high definition, but I still love the original scenes just as much. I’m more concerned about sexual content over clarity, but it’s nice to get the feeling that you can almost jump right into a scene as well. The title of the video says it all. Watching it and seeing the full photo set – that’s something else entirely. This is homemade, independent porn shot with major studio sharpness. I don’ mind my money going to big companies, but I love supporting Indie Porn much more, especially when it’s just as good or if it’s actually better. That’s what I get from this sexy pair along with plenty of horny surprises. The original sizes of these photos (approx. 1066x1600x24, 751KB) have been reduced. You’ll see the fullsize images on Delia-TS

Delia TS – Her First Hardcore Film With A Man

Longtime fans of Delia DeLions already know that she mastered the art of teasing years ago. The complete photo gallery I got these samples from is much more explicit, but I’m obviously working on my teasing talents, too.

The latest movie to blow my mind on the her first ever hardcore scene a guy. James Maverick is really good looking and quite dominant in this two part ground breaker. This union had to go through the life partner she’s been with since she first appeared on the Internet, a super sexy genetic female model and her webmaster best known as Tasty Trixie. At any rate, I saw the first part last week, where he’s pissed off from catching Delia peeing in his shower and gives her an over the knee spanking. That cliff-hanger had me on the edge of my seat for the 26 minute follow-up scene entitled “On The Other Side of the Blinds.” Subscribe to Delia’s blog so you don’t miss out the milestones in her transtastic life. You can find the link to her blog on her homepage.        

Delia TS and Savannah Sly Pantyhose Girlfriends

Tasty Trixie much more than what we’d normally consider an understanding wife of a transgender. First she helped launch (which is still running) before Delia’s transition. Now she’s also fine with letting her gorgeous transsexual girlfriend play with other hot ladies like Savannah Sly!

Tasty Trixie

Tasty Trixie

Delia and Savannah

Delia and Savannah

Delia says, “My girlfriend and I finally got an HD camcorder and guess what? The first video we made is of us fucking in pantyhose! I’ve also got glossy tights . . . okay, now I’m just rambling / getting excited. I hope you join me and let me know what kind of hosiery is your favorite. I dress up in all kinds of legwear from long socks and legwarmers to thigh highs, tights and 100% nylon stockings!” This is the kind of understanding I love!



Delia TS Fucks Tasty Trixie

My most recent sexual experiences are with other transsexuals, totally masculine men, bisexual femboys and ultra-feminine transvestites. That’s all well and good, but I’ve been missing out on something lately. It’s been way too long since I’ve been with a genetic female. Watching Delia TS fucking her girlfriend Tasty Trixie makes me miss this so much, but it also makes me hot. I love that you get both of their amazing porn when you join either of their websites!

Delia DeLions and Mandy Mitchell

I’m so glad that Tasty Trixie, the hot genetic girl life partner of Delia TS, is not the jealous type. Click on the screen cap for a video and photo gallery preview of the film Trixie shot of Delia and another gorgeous transsexual Mandy Mitchell.



Delia says, “I first met Mandy on an online message board a little over a year ago. She came across as someone who was charming, witty, intelligent, a little sassy. When I found out she was also in the Pacific Northwest I naturally thought it would be fun to get together for a photo shoot.     There’s nothing like giving someone a warm sticky facial the first time you meet them, hehehehe. I had a great time working with Mandy on this scene. There is some sexy teasing and sensual making out at the beginning and middle sections. When Mandy asked me to cum on her face towards the end, I was more than happy to oblige.”

Trixie Fontaine of

Trixie Fontaine of

Trixie says, “Let me tell you, as Delia’s girlfriend, I had a super hot time filming them tormenting me with upskirts, panty shots and intensely erotic kissing. The best part was seeing Mandy’s little titties jiggling while she stroked herself and Delia rubbed her wet she-cock on Mandy’s puffy nipples before dousing her pretty face with cum!”