Terah’s World

I didn’t know much about this Montreal beauty until she sent me an email to check out Terah’s World this past summer. I had no idea her photo sets and videos were so explosive and xxxplicit until I saw all the content. On top of being a total knockout, Terah is really sweet. Pay her a visit and wish her a happy belated Montreal Action de Grâce (Montreal Thanksgiving Day).

Enter Terah’s World

Terah of Terah’s World


I’d wish this and last week’s cover model Terah a happy Memorial Day, but she’s Canadian and her Memorial Day is observed together with Canada Day on July 1st every year. So I’m a bit late. But I’m not too late to commemorate the brave efforts of all veterans who died while serving the United States Armed Forces. On a lighter note, treat yourself today by taking Terah’s website tour. Her site is amazing!


Terah’s World

Have you ever (or often) thought to yourself that certain transsexual beauties must be stuck-up because they know they’re so incredibly hot? I do, and I prefer the more modest ones and find them to be generally more interesting and intelligent. Terah’s vibe is totally positive and she doesn’t brag about herself. She’s super sweet on top of that. How do I know? You can read all about her in my upcoming interview with Montreal-based hostess of Terah’s World! Stay tuned to Caramel’s TGirls and subscribe so you won’t miss anything.