Katie-Anne of TheCrossdresser.com

I can’t believe that this photo of Katie-Ann of The Crossdresser only got a 7.8 out of 10 rating. But then she’s not showing off her big dick in it. She’s not sucking another cock or fucking some hot genetic girl or playing with another crossdresser as she does on her website. But look at that ass. At any rate, if you subscribe to Katie-Ann’s newsletter, you’ll get a photo update every day to rate. That’s how I saw this one of the crossdresser in this body conscious velvet dress she bought on eBay. Take a tour to see just how naughty Katie-Ann can get. And help her bump up that rating, please!


TheCrossdresser.com with Katie-Ann


I knew that Katie-Ann of TheCrossdresser.com loves sucking cock, but I wasn’t aware that she’s still a virgin. She asks, “Would you believe that I actually fit this thing completely inside by the end of this photo set? To be fair, it took a bit of work because my little virgin ass really is tight. But I’m practicing because some day I want to be able to take a real cock in my ass. Do you want to be my first?” Practice makes perfect, girl and best of luck on your first time, when it comes. 😉