TransationalFantasies Review: Stacy Sadistic

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Description: Blonde bombshell Stacy Sadistic is a professional dominatrix, so she’s sure to know how to handle a bad boy like you. Why don’t you get down where you belong? Bow down and worship her sexy ass and girl dick. Start out by tonguing her tight trans girl pussy while she strokes her love stick. Feel the warmness of her soft balls hitting your face with each pump. Now, that she’s nice and wet down there, wouldn’t you love to slide your hard cock in? But, no, you’ve got more work to do. Suck and swallow her hard lady wood until she’s so big she could burst. Then, watch her squeeze out multiple streams of thick trans girl goo all over her stomach. Lick it up, slave!

Review: She’s beautiful, she’s bright, and she’s dominant. I’ve been a fan of Stacy Sadistic for quite some time. I love that she’s a porn producer as well as a model who can allow herself to be presented by others. Enter Stacy’s debut. When I say that this Seattle, Washington resident is dominant, I don’t mean she’s a kinky lifestyle domme, she’s a professional dominatrix.

Stacy tells us in her opening interview that she likes the desert, traveling, all kinds of food and rap music. Her transition stemmed from a crossdressing adventure she embarked upon with a girl she was dating. That’s when she began to realize there was more to it than that and Stacy’s transition to living as a full-time trans woman began to take shape.

She’s been on hormones for about four years and after briefly elaborating on her gender identity, Stacy confesses a few things about her sexuality. Breath play, impact play, spanking and other forms of rough sex are in her wheel house. She loves getting her cock sucked, her ass worshiped and she adores foot slaves. She loves topping boys, girls, other trans women.

What might really begin to fire you up is Stacy’s confession about a double penetration threesome. Stacy’s cock and balls are on full display within mesh panties as she tells us a deeply erotic story. Stacy continues explaining her naughty encounter as she removes her panties.

Stacy begins toying with her cock and balls, and when this story ends, she begins shedding more clothing. She’s standing with her back facing us as she removes the last item – a skimpy black pleated miniskirt. Her nude form is absolutely glorious and Stacy tantalizes us further by bending over on the sofa with her firm, wide ass facing us.

Without telling you too much detail about Stacy’s long strokefest, I think you’re going to love watching the way Stacy makes her big dick bob and sway once it’s fully erect. The way her hot body convulses as a big cum shot fires from the head of her cock is extraordinary. It’s so nice, shows it twice – in slow motion, too!

TransationalFantasies: Ryder Monroe

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Description: Brunette beauty Ryder Monroe looks lovely in her favorite color, lavender. She hikes up her sequined skirt and squeezes her delectable ass cheeks for you. Then, she turns around and teases you by pulling on the crotch of her thong. She unfastens her lace bra and massages her all natural trans girl tits. Her feet look divine too. Wouldn’t you love to gobble them up? Or, are you thirsty for some organic lady milk? As Ryder pinches her perfect nipples, a delicious, white liquid emerges. She licks it off her fingers, and then wraps them around her cute girl dick. Do you want to lick her hole? Cuz she wants to sit on your face and smother you with her ass. As you fuck her with your tongue, you can see goose bumps forming on her butt cheeks. Now, with her face down and ass up, fuck her deep and hard with your pulsating cock. Finally, its time for her to fuck your mouth with her lady cock. Don’t worry, though, she’ll suck yours too! And after she milks a huge load of jizz out of your balls, she lies back and squeezes out a sticky treat for you to lick up.

It’s great to have Ryder Monroe back after a long hiatus. She granted me an in-depth interview for Caramel’s TGirls in June of 2011. If she’s changed at all since then, she’s prettier and that’s a major feat in itself! The set-up for this scene is that you’ve arrived at her plush hotel room. She asks if it’s your first time with a girl like her. Obviously, you’d like her to begin getting undressed.

Ryder strips down to her lingerie and tall sandals, inviting you to join her on the bed. She bares her lovely breasts and if you have a thing for pretty bare feet, you’re in trouble. The close-ups shot when Ryder removes her heels could prove to be tortuous.

Next, from her expensive panties, comes the withdrawal of Ryder’s cock. It’s flaccid at first, but be patient. She needs to pay attention to her dark, perky nipples next. They’re lactating. She squeezes out droplets of milk and resumes jerking her dick while talking dirty.

Then she rises her long legs high in the air and gives you the most explicit views of her amazing ass that you could ask for. Once completely naked, Ryder simulates being fucked by you in the doggy style position. Later, she hovers above you with her stiffening cock directly above your face. She says she loves you sucking her cock and simulates sucking yours next.

This POV sequence with a realistic dildo comes with a faux cumshot. This exquisite shoot ends with Ryder jerking off and producing her own climax!

TransationalFantasies: Kacy TGirl

Description: Hot trans MILF Kacy TGirl loves cooking, music, and a big strong man to wrap his arms around her. Why don’t you start out by worshiping her feet? Then, let her slip out of her slutty schoolgirl outfit so you can admire her toned body. You’re already rock hard yourself from all the dirty things she has been whispering in you ear. Now towering above you, she sensually teases her girl cock with her manicured fingers.

Watch her spread her legs wide so you can tongue fuck her tight hole. Don’t forget to lick under her balls too! Kacy caresses the sides of your head with her nails while you suck her. Then, get behind her and fuck her trans girl pussy with your huge cock. Finally, she lies back and strokes out a wet and messy orgasm for you to savor.

That’s what has to say about this smoking hot Los Angeles based adult entertainer, producer and performer and two time Transgender Erotica Awards nominee. Kacy  of has a remarkable way of using erotic dialogue to take you into the zone – the one in which you simply must drop everything to make yourself cum.

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My favorite sequence is when Kacy simulates getting fucked doggy style. The rear view and the three quarter views are cumtastic! I also love the way her pretty tits jiggle while she’s jerking off frantically right before her creamy white cum emerges from her swollen cock head. Kacy’s exclusive photo sets, videos and blog posts can be found at

TransationalFantasies: Sarayah Sin 3

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Description: You’ve got your trans fantasy girl Sarayah Sin restrained by her wrists and ankles in a wooden stock. Now, you can do whatever you want to with her! She begs you to release her, but when you do, you just put her in another kinky contraption. Your BDSM babe is hanging inches above the floor, completely stretched out and helpless. Her girl cock hangs out, and you inspect them so closely that she can feel your hot, crazed breath. Her all natural titties are perking and her nipples hard, as she hangs out completely exposed and vulnerable. Her lady wood grows nice and thick as she imagines what you might do to her. Your collared cutie is now as hard as a rock, and her mushroom tip looks delicious. You can not longer resist your urge to shove it down the back of your throat. Then, you prop her legs and fuck her tight asshole. She rewards you with a big and juicy load of girl jizz all over her flat stomach. Well, I can’t possibly top a sexy synopsis like the official write-up provides with Sarayah Sin’s third juicy update! Let’s review the descriptions of Sarayah’s previous scenes.

Scene 1: Leggy brunette Sarayah Sin began transitioning this year and is excited to meet our members! She begins by slipping down her tight shorts and sharing what she likes about bottoming. Losing control and letting someone have their way with her is such an empowering experience for her. She loves taking dick in her ass because she loves the way it feels going in and out. It’s a whole new world of sensations for her! You notice a cute girl ball poking out of her pink panties as she goes on about how much she likes to give head. Her girl cock is growing, so she pulls it out to let you have a taste. She pushes her undies all the way down so you can see her pretty pink trans girl pussy too. This flexible cutie pulls her legs wide apart and you stick your tongue in her love hole.

She flexes her twat and spreads her ass cheeks wide while you dive even deeper. She strips completely and begins rubbing her all natural breasts. She’s got a lovely cock and balls to play with too. You could spend all day worshiping this Goddess from head to toe! But now she wants you to fuck her doggy style on the couch. She pushes back into, taking every inch. You pound her so good she starts leaking pre-cum. Sarayah finishes your hot session with a vibrating dildo, before shooting a big stream of wet girl juice all over her stomach. She leaves the shoots with a jeweled butt plug firmly lodged up her tight ass.

Scene 2: Sexy trans girl Sarayah Sin lost a contact while sitting at her desk at work. While she’s looking for it on the floor, her dress rides up and her cute balls poke out. Suddenly, her boss cums in. Did he know he had a girl like her working under him? Turns out, he doesn’t mind at all. In fact, he likes it. Well, that’s a good thing because Sarayah wants to show him more.

She starts by propping a foot up on her desk and pulling her thong tightly against her big ball sack, making her dick get hard. Her boss also likes feet, so she lets him suck on them. Today, he wants Sarayah to be in charge, and for him to take the orders. So she tells him to get on his knees and worship her beautiful girl cock. Then, to eat out her plentiful booty.

The boss wants to fuck her, but since he didn’t give her the raise she wanted last week, she’s gonna make him watch her fuck herself on the monkey rocker. Its black dildo is only an appetizer for what’s next. Mr. Bartholomew pulls out his monster, black dick, for Sarayah to suck on. She can barely wrap her pretty little mouth around the head. Her red lipstick smears as she tries. He cums in her mouth and her eyes roll back. Finally, Sarayah lies back and jerks herself to the point of no return. She shoots a huge load of trans girl goo all over her stomach and then feeds it to herself. Are you ready to see the trailers of all three Sarayah Sin movies and a whole lot more on right now?

TransationalFantasies: Chelsea Poe 3

Queer femme trans porn star Chelsea Poe is super horny and wants to masturbate for you. Get comfortable while this red headed free spirit jerks her cock and finger bangs her ass. Her trans girl pussy gets wet and messy as her long clit drips pre-cum. Next, she spreads herself wide open for you and plays with her steel butt plug. She massages her pierced, all natural titties while sliding it in and out of her oiled up ass. Then, the tattooed hottie plugs her asshole and strokes herself. She keeps edging herself, while gently squeezing her girly balls. At last she gives in to her carnal desires and huge shots of creamy lady jizz all over her breasts and stomach. The Chelsea Poe Series continues with the third spectacular update on! If you were around prior to the name change of this great site like me, but need a brief refresher on Chelsea’s past performance, here are the previous updates:

Chelsea Poe 1: Sassy and sultry redhead TS Chelsea Poe is at work stuck doing some filing while everyone else is off having fun. Her boyfriend is in the same boat. Stuck at work. That sucks for Chelsea because she is super horny. Her surprise is in desperate need of some relief. She calls him and says she can’t wait, she needs to watch some porn and play with her delicious meat stick. She is in the throes of self-pleasure and in walks the janitor. He wants a show and she gives it to him. She spreads her round rump open and gives him an excellent view of that awesome anus. She plays with her ass and then switches the focus to her cock again and this time she is going to cum. She shoots her goo all over the desk and then starts playing with it and rubbing it around like a very naughty trans girl. Good thing the janitor is still there to help her clean it all the way up!

Chelsea Poe 2: Hot redhead Chelsea Poe lost her keys in the alley and begs you to help her find it. You do! She is so thankful and since she can tell you think she is hot, she invites you upstairs for a little strip tease. She strips down to her delicate panties and plays with her little natural t-girl titties. She has you worked up to see her remove her little panties. She finally does and you see her surprise. She is packing some heat down there and you gotta see more. Chelsea does not disappoint. She whips out a butt plug, making her big pole even harder and starts stroking that glorious love stick. You are going to be grateful you found that key for her because she is going to share her amazing cum shot with you.

She spurts her white cum fast and loose all over a mirror just for you if you want to lap it all up! If there’s any confusion as to why Chelsea took so long to return, it’s most likely because she shunned trans slurs in the adult industry. As a matter of fact, she’s a leader in the movement that enforced the change. If you don’t care about all that and just want to see Chelsea in action, you can preview all three video trailers on To catch her performing LIVE on webcam, register for free on

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