TranSexJapan: Miran in Sumata Masturbation

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I’ve grown so accustomed to hearing Miran speaking English better than most Americans I know including myself over the last few years. So it’s actually kind of odd hearing her speak in her native Japanese language in her Sumata Masturbation video. The second title implies that she’s going to be alone in this update. But “Sumata” as I understand it means it’s a form of frottage. This is exactly what Miran and her man are engaged in with Miran straddling him. She’s completely and gloriously nude while slowly grinding her cock against his. His is already hard and hers stiffens quickly in an erotic game of catch-up. At one point, Miran teases the erect points of her nipples while the guy beneath her squeezes pre-cum out of her erection to spill across his swollen cock head.

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He does a lot of the work stroking their hardons together but she lends a hand as well. As a matter of fact, it’s Miran’s hands that encourage the man to climax and shoot his load of creamy white cum across her stiff rod. Miran makes an erotic show of rubbing his cum into the tan skin of her perfect breasts. On the landing page, click on the “Sample” page for more photos and video previews.