Chanel Santini and D. Arclyte in Attorney Privileges

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The official description reads: Stunning TS socialite Chanel Santini is facing serious jail time after yet another DUI, and attorney D. Arclyte has grown tired of bailing her out time and time again. She needs a hard lesson! D. Arclyte happily obliges, plugging Chanel’s ruby red mouth with his ample cock. After she very competently sucks his dick, D. Arclyte removes her pants and sucks her off like a champ. Chanel begs for anal sex. D. Arclyte pounds Chanel’s shapely ass in several positions, causing moans from Chanel’s glossy lips. D. Arclyte’s cock erupts like a volcano of desire, all over Chanel’s shivering body.

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Trans porn “It Girl” Chanel Santini has real acting chops. You can see it the moment she begins interacting with her attorney played by D. Arclyte who always looks at home in a suit. He was in business before the adult industry which explains that. D. doesn’t embarrass himself one bit either in this scene with his role.

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The plot development provides the right amount of build-up. Three minutes of Chanel’s discussing her predicament, then seducing her lawyer leads to a vignette you’ll want to come to and one that you’ll remember as a movie-like porn flick.

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D.’s reaction to what he’s going to get with Chanel is almost as exciting as what she’s about to give him. D.’s staying power enables him to survive a prolonged sloppy blowjob, tittie fuck and the sensation of fucking beautiful Chanel’s tight ass in a variety of positions.

See more of this lucky litigator and his hot client in TS Girls In Trouble on magnificently written and directed by Dana Vespoli. 

TS Forbidden Love – Aubrey Kate and Riley Nixon synopsis: Riley Nixon proves to gold digger Aubrey Kate that she doesn’t need a man to keep her satisfied. She proves it by giving her tight wet pussy to fuck. Riley sucks on Aubrey Kate’s cock, proving that a woman can leaving her cumming better than any man can! Aubrey climaxes like never before understanding that Riley does have a point after all!

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That’s a sexy and concise little description for a hugely erotic scene. I don’t know if Riley can make a trans woman cum better than any man can but if I were a guy, I would want to challenge her in a sex battle.  The storyline of the TS Forbidden Lovers movie with a brief cameo of gorgeous director Dana Vespoli transforming herself into a goofball requires Aubrey and Riley not to like each other. Without giving away the plot there’s a lot of judging going on. Passive-aggression meets defensiveness in a heated discussion that leads to a first kiss.

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Riley gives Aubrey a breast and nipple tongue lashing to die for that gets reciprocation and a loving muff diving expedition. Riley’s cock sucking technique evolves from teasing to sucking the proverbial golf ball through the garden hose intensity. In spite of the jackhammer bareback fucking Aubrey delivers, there’s a sensitive and intimate side to this production that no studio other than the Dana Vespoli and can ever manage to duplicate, let alone exceed.

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I’ve had the honor of interviewing Aubrey Kate in Issue #94 of Transformation Magazine two years ago. She was a megastar back then so I don’t even know what you’d categorize her as now. Her performance in this film is superb. Check out all the trailers of TS Forbidden Love.

Transsensual: Shiri and Jonah Marx

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Jonah Marx helps his beautiful grad student girlfriend of a year Shiri move into her new place. As they sit on the bed after the work is done, Shiri can sense from a couple of odd statements that Jonah is being extra sensitive – a bit off. He confesses that when she was out at a concert he browsed her computer history. What?! As expected she’s pissed! But as he explains why he did it she begins to realize that she hasn’t been giving up much sex. What’s really bugging Jonah however is all the images of big dicks on her computer. He’s worried that she finds him to small.

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Shiri insists that his cock size is too big if anything! Shiri decides to forgive Jonah for violating her privacy. She’s also anxious to see if they can work on the discomfort she feels taking his big cock in he tight ass. Upon seeing Jonah’s stiff cock (again in another hot production), I’m reminded that he really is quite hung. During the sequence in which Shiri gives him a blowjob, I’m also reminded that he has a really nice body. And so does the trans lead of this film. Shiri looks incredible getting blown while standing and shedding her clothing as well as getting finger banged on the bed.

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Somewhere along the line I forget that this movie is about the hopes that the girlfriend will overcome her inability to handle her boyfriend’s big dick. Some Transsensual scenes and full movies are deep with dramatic performances – perfect for couples. This scene is a great couples clip also or one to savor on your own and it’s a bit more lighthearted, yet torrid and beautiful to watch. Be sure to check out “She Wants It Big” on

Transsensual: Stefani Special and Billie Ramos

Brunette stunner Stefanie Special consoles her dark, brooding boyfriend Billie Ramos after he gets into a fight. They kiss and fondle each other, stroking each other’s cocks until Stefanie lowers down and gives Billie a sexy, messy blowjob with lots of spit. Billie reciprocates, driven crazy by Stefanie’s cock sucking skills. Stefanie moans and begs Billie to fuck her tight asshole, which Billie does with vigor and enthusiasm. Stefanie squeals with pleasure as Billie rides her in several positions before cumming all over her.

This is the official synopsis of “Kiss It Better!” directed by Dana Vespoli on Back at home after a night out, Stefani still can’t get over her boyfriend Billie getting into a fight. He totally went off on a guy who came on to her and she’s never seen this side of him before. Billie is not the type of guy who likes to talk about personal stuff even after a year of dating Stefani.

It turns out that Billie has a pretty good explanation about things in his past that could cause violent outbursts like this with other men. Stefani is about to walk out on Billie until he opens up. She really loves him and appreciates that he’s finally trusting her with his personal issues. It’s not an actual World War III blowout between this couple, but what follows looks as satisfying as makeup sex.

They kiss passionately and Stefani gives her man what looks like a phenomenal blowjob. Billie returns the favor and soon, he’s pumping his stiff cock in and out of his girlfriend on the sofa in the missionary position and others until they both cum explosively.

Transsensual: Jessica Fox & Chad Diamond is proud to present this collection of four passionate vignettes featuring beautiful TS girls with Cis men. Gorgeous, snobby Jessica Fox is impatient with assistant Chad Diamond, until he confesses his devotion to her…Aubrey Kate discovers that she and her blind date, Ruckus have nothing in common, until she lets her guard down…Stefani Special doesn’t understand where boyfriend Billie Ramos’ fighting ability came from, after he beats up a jerk who was hitting on her at a party. Billie reveals his secret, and the lovers share a tender moment…Finally, emo teen Kory Houston hits on his tutor Mara Nova and feels his darkness fall away. In “TS Domination”, exotic goddess Jessica Fox dominates mild mannered Chad Diamond. She forces him to suck her cock, and then returns the favor. Jessica slams Chad’s tight asshole from behind as he moans in delight. The sexy brunette stunner then submits Chad in a missionary position, and works her way into a satisfying climax. That’s the official synopsis of this scorching hot scene and it’s perfect. Allow me to add a few more details.

After checking herself out before leaving home, Jessica checks in on Chad who’s doing a lousy job of handling his chores. She dresses him down harshly and the poor humiliated guy promises to have everything in order by the time she returns home. Chad is a secret crossdresser who uses his employer’s time away to dress in her clothing and to go all out with makeup as well. While imagining that he’s Jessica and moving about in one of her cocktails dresses, he gets busted! “Oh my God, Chad! What are you doing?!” Jessica shouts at Chad that if he’s trying to impersonate her, he’s doing a very bad job at it. The threat of getting fired from his job hangs in the balance and he’s mortified. Chad confesses that he idolizes his boss and just wants to be pretty like her. Being flattered distracts Jessica from her anger and she tells Chad to explain what makes her so attractive. He replies that he watches the way she renders men speechless and admirers the way she orders people around. Chad adds that it’s his desire to be pampered the way she is and Jessica has him sit on the bed beside her to elaborate. While reaching beneath the hem of her dress that Chad is wearing, Jessica tells him he looks kind of pretty. Chad is breathless from her touch. He gasps profusely as she strokes him. Suddenly she grasps his face and tells him to turn around so that she can unzip the dress. She lowers it down him slim torso and commands him to turn around. Chad is wearing nothing beneath the dress and his long cock has begun to harden from Jessica’s brief stroking and the situation he’s found himself in.

Once Chad is on the bed face down, Jessica slaps his pert ass hard. “You do have a pretty ass like a pretty girl,” she comments between her slaps. Soon after, she raises her skirt and forces Chad to suck on her stiffening cock. I love the way that the set up for the sex only takes less than six minutes to play out. This Domination/submission scene on TransSensual has instantly become one of my favorites on Nica Noelle’s brilliant website. It’s also available on Adult DVD Empire as one of the scenes from TS Love Stories.