Rainne on Transworldasia

Here’s a video preview and photo gallery featuring Philippina Rainne from an 18 minute solo Transworldasia video.



Rainne also gives an amazing 11 minute shower performance with a black dildo wearing a cut-off Chanel tank top. As a fan of Transworldasia for many years, I still almost forget how explicit this site can be, because of the high production value of it’s content. Another thing that gives it an edge over the many ladyboy sites out there is the members’ forum. In the model index, you’ll notice that some of the performers give out personal contact info. This site has launched the successful adult careers of several Asian stars and I have no doubt that this trend will end any time soon.


Akira on Transworldasia

I’ve seen Akira’s new little movie and at 6 and a half minutes, it’s short, but it’s very hot. The soft music doesn’t drown out her moaning and it stops completely just at the right time.    




I fell in love with Transworldasia four years ago after the original owner sent me a member pass to tell my friends about it. After changing hands, the quality of content and frequency of updates didn’t suffer a bit. Next, the same producers released the websites of gorgeous Sapphire Young and Vitress Tamayo. I’m very impressed with all of these websites.


Tiffany on Transworldasia.com

If you like these photos from Tiffany’s Transworldasia.com set, I think you’ll also love the video also shot in this plush golden hotel room. When this site was launched, the production value figuratively slapped me in the face. I distinctly recall advising potential new ladyboy producers not to start up a new site of their own until they saw the competition out there. Performers like Tiffany and the Transworldasia site was the one I was warning them about.  

Check out the ultra glam homepage of Transworldasia