Wendy Summers with Kitty Doll and Lizzie in Breaking My Balls

In “Breaking My Balls“, when Wendy Summers gets caught hustling the lovely Lizzie aka Eris DeSaire, her girlfriend sensation Kitty Doll exacts her sweet revenge!  You may have seen this TS/GG couple in Anime on TS Pussy Hunters. Anyway, this Kitty gets her claws into Wendy and doles out some mean pool hall punishment!

Not only is Wendy choked and degraded, she’s utterly humiliated as Kitty finds a new use for her trusty pool cue and takes her on the table! Talk about balls in the corner pocket! To add insult to injury, Wendy’s illicit encounter is capped off with Kitty forcing her to take her load! Watch this tranny threesome put the “grind” into “grind house” and visit the WendySummers.com and Wendy TG Next Door Fan Club.


Anime: TS Kitty Doll and Erise DeSaire on TS Pussy Hunters

I’ve downloaded this TS Pussy Hunters 40 minute video and the chemistry between Kitty and Erise is what makes it great. There’s an opening interview that tells us a lot about both of them and I didn’t mind at all that it went on for over 3 minutes.


The follow-up interview is much shorter but an intimate and cute way to wrap up such a raunchy and torrid scene. By the way, Kitty and Erise are real life girlfriends!


The contrast between these two is also fascinating to observe. Kitty’s measurements are 6’0″, 48GGG-30-36 and Eris is a petite 5’6″ 32A-24-32. I love this movie!


TS Pussy Hunters