Caramel’s Review of Camila Lago, Scene #01: TS Playground


J.D. presents trans bombshell Camila Lago in her debut on posing for us in a red halter top, matching skirt and tall black pumps. She’s full frontal for a moment, yet she clearly wants our focus on her magnificent ass more to be more intent. At least for a few moments before she spins around again to reveal her trim mid-section with its pierced belly button.

We don’t get the full impact of her big nipples until she bares her lovely breasts. The same goes for the hidden panty bulge she eventually reveals. We’re over three minutes into this update before we get a good idea of how large Camila’s cock might be. She arranges her panties under her skirt in a way that provides us with a pretty good idea.

When Camila begins playing with the huge bulge in her skirt, you might question if her dick is as big as it seems to be. It almost seems impossible. As she shows off more of her ass, which is clad in a thong, I’m wondering how it’s so perfect! She spins around once again and there it is – the naked monster cock of busty Camila Lago!

Camila eventually loses the skirt and panties, making her huge pecker dance as she swivels her hips. She does so many amazing things with her enormous boner like making it stand against the back of her thigh…. wait. What?! Yes, that huge tool almost seems to have a mind of its own!

Finally I get around to furiously stroking my she-cock in time with Camila. I’m pretty big myself but my tool is dwarfed by the sheer length and girth of Camila’s I fantasize sucking it and suddenly the bulbous head fires out powerful jets of creamy white cum! What I love is that I still have about a minute and a half to catch up with Camila posing with her boner that won’t quit before I shoot my own load. Then there’s instant replay footage of Camila’s cum shot from a different camera angle to finish things off nicely.

Caramel’s Review of Vivi–Yulia- TS Playground

Flash Scene Trailer

I know a lot about the Russian superstar, Yulia Masakowa. And I love what I’ve come to know about her. Vivi A, on the other hand, I know virtually nothing about. But her performance with Yulia on is absolutely incredible!

They start out wearing black lingerie that’s obviously from the same collection, although it’s not identical. When Yulia asks Vivi if she wants to play with her boobies, Vivi does so with her lips and tongue. Yulia then bares Vivi’s knockers and nipples and reciprocates.

These beauties perform as if they’re all alone at times, and specifically for you at other times. For example, there’s no reason for them to present us with an extended sheer-panty butt show aside from turning us on from the perspective of a voyeur. Vivi is first to lower her panties and Yulia is quick to grasp her soft cock.

Vivi A prepares to insert her big cock inside Yulia Masakowa's tight ass.
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Yulia gives Vivi head until her staff is rock hard and the hung, busty babe forcefully skull fucks her pretty face. Then Yulia lays back and enjoys an intense blowjob from Vivi. This is when things begin to get loud – with Yulia’s sharp moans and deep gasps.

In the next sequence, both girls are completely naked from head to toe. They take direction, jerking off while side by side. Then it’s clear that Vivi is about to mount Yulia in the missionary position. She begins rapidly fucking Yulia bareback!

That sums up less than half the action of this exquisite update. In the second half, they switch bottom and top roles. Which beauty fucks longer, harder and faster? Trust me, none of this matters. Yulia, Vivi and the studio deserve an award for this gem. 121 hi-res images are in the complimentary photo set.

Yulia Masakowa fucks Vivi A as well as Vivi fucked her moments before.
MP4 Scene Trailer

TSPlayground Review: Nan, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

When I saw a preview photo of the named Nan, I knew instantly that lots of readers here would be as intrigued by her as I am. I’ve only been with a girl this slender once and I found to my satisfaction that she wasn’t as fragile as I thought she’d be.

Sample Photo Gallery

Nan silently, yet explicitly poses as if to say, “I’m not just meant to be looked at, I’m here to get fucked.” That’s at least the impression I get from the way she exposes her bare ass. She has a cute little face with a slight, sexy gap in her teeth and luxurious long hair (I’d love to clasp). She’s 100% flat-chested, but that doesn’t bother me at all. Her butt is my idea of perfection and her long cock, even when flaccid, is the darkest appendage of her body. It’s got a fleshy foreskin that sheathes the head and it looks like it’s made to be nibbled on.

Flash Scene Trailer

After masturbating for a few moments, Nan’s cock grows to huge proportions. She hides it for a few moments by drawing your focus to her protuberant butt again. Then she thrusts her massive cock at you through her legs. I’m literally shaking my head right now watching Nan make her heavy rod swing up and down and from side to side. It doesn’t seem to even be possible at times, but there it is, jumping and flexing before your very eyes. Then she straddles the bed again in a “come fuck me,” pose. There are more closeups on her enormous dick and then it’s obvious that Nan is going to climax soon. Creamy white spurts of cum jet out higher and higher across her contrasting black body stocking. Nan is last seen waving with her large flaccid organ still appearing huge in this incredible update.

TSPlayground: Meen, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

I don’t know what got this super cute model so worked up for her opening on but she greets us with “Hello” in English and swivels her hips to accentuate the raging hardon in her lingerie. She rubs the head and shaft through the lace and lets us judge the size as it stands upright within the revealing fabric. She then exposes her brown nipples and runs circles around them. Meen’s flirtation is about as subtle as a Mack truck.
It’s mainly closeup footage of Meen’s partially hidden boner standing up from every angle imaginable before the focus lands on he cute, fuckable ass. She then exposes her boner inch by inch and hides it again. Soon she’s naked except for her high heels. Once Meen’s big cock is as hard as it can get (and that’s very, very hard), she displays a lot of willpower by holding it this way and that instead of jerking off right away. We don’t want her cumming yet. She gives us plenty of time to catch up.

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Meen is shown sitting and standing with her swollen cock head arcing up towards the ceiling. She toys with droplets of pre–cum oozing from the tip and begins stroking her curved cock a bit harder as more time passes. After a n explicit closeup butt show, Meen goes prone and humps her pillow like it’s not just an inanimate object. Then she lays back and slips into full fap mode.

Flash Scene Trailer

While moaning loudly and grimacing, Meen jerks her hard dick furiously until strong jets of creamy white cum fire out of the head! I don’t know what Meen’s hormone regime is, but it’s one of the biggest trans cum loads I’ve seen this year. The producer knew just how special this blast would be and delivers a different angle of her tremendous cum shot just when you think she’s about to walk away.

TSPlayground: Gabe and Mos, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

Beautiful Mos aka Moshi is a Thai superstar with stats of 33C-24-32, 5’5″(165 cm), and she’s around 26 years old. I don’t think there’s an American trans adult star who’s surpassed her filmography. She looks stunning taking up the first part of her hardcore scene with veteran star Gabriel D’Alessandro on her own on Mos doesn’t really need to do a striptease to get explicit because she’s not wearing much in the first place. She makes her ass the focus first and her developing hardon the center of attention next. After two minutes, Gabe shows up with a boner in his briefs. This update obviously features the actors pre-heated from the start.

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Gabe quickly sinks down to suck his lovely partner’s thick erection, turns her around to toss her salad, then resumes giving her a blowjob. A few moments of this treatment has her big dick pointing up at a 45 degree angle. Moss then gives Gabriel head and makes an incredibly erotic display of it. She jerks off while sucking Gabe to maintain her raging erection. Moss give Gabe a rimjob after sucking his dick again to prepare him for a tremendous railing. Then she proceeds to fuck him with long, steady strokes.

Flash Scene Trailer

Her doggy style railing evolves into drilling Gabe on his back. Do we still call it missionary position when the passive partner is male? Sounds fine to me! But I digress. Mos continues her fucking with Gabe face down next. Then Gabe gives Mos a rimjob and fucks Moss in the doggy style position! He goes at her tight ass missionary next and she jerks off along with her bareback pounding. You’ll think she’s going to cum one way, but she switches positions on Gabe to release a big, creamy white cum shot. See where it lands and the way she takes Gabe’s spunk on!