Katie Fox and Freddie Bangs…Bang!

The official UK-TGirls.com multi-site description reads: Katie Fox is horny as hell, and when Freddie Bangs (!) wanted to bang she was all for it! This horny blonde British tgirl wastes little time as she gets Freddie’s huge cock out and starts giving him a blowjob! Freddie gives back when he sucks Katie’s hard cock and eats her out before fucking her! Watch this sexy UK tgirl getting pounded and riding Freddie’s long hard cock!

This is Katie’s third photo and video set presented by Kalin since August of 2017 and her first hardcore scene. I’m a big fan of Katie but I never considered how fair she is until seeing her with Freddie. If I have any sort of preference for skin tone it’s for people either darker or lighter than myself. I’m closer to Freddie’s complexion but there’s an additional thrill I get seeing them together and fantasizing being in the middle.

This isn’t a plot-driven update. I begins with the couple making out while fully dressed and helping each other out of their respective clothing. Katie whips out her wang first, then Freddie’s, and she begins stroking them both separately and together. Freddie’s dick is longer and thicker but Katie’s is not much smaller – this babe is hung.

These two are really into each other. You kind of have to be to suck and rim each other as passionately as they do. But it’s the way they kiss also. I seriously don’t think they’re a couple. I’m pretty sure Katie is exclusively dating another trans girl in her personal life. But when the camera is on, Katie and Freddie behave like a real couple.

Freddie sucks Katie’s big stiff cock like a fiend, but when it comes to fucking, he’s the top all throughout the second half of this UK-TGirls.com update. I had no preference as to how I wanted to see each partner reach climax. They don’t cum at the same time but they do cum hard! Katie’s cock spurts a copious amount of clear hormonal jizz after tasting a bit of Freddie’s creamy white spunk. And it’s a wrap.

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Naughtiest Kitty Plays Her Toy!

Let’s see what’s poppin’ with super sexy Emily Kitty on UK-TGirls.com with her encore shoot by Kalin. Well, her pretty nipples are poppin’ out of her corset and the head of her cock is poppin’ out of her skirt.

She stands wearing a kinky fetish outfit complete with sheer black stockings, matching pumps and black rubber gloves. I can’t help but wonder if some pre-cum is somehow going to makes it’s way to the fingers of her gloves. Well, it’s not long before Kitty is lowering her cock to expose her stiff cock which is barely held by a ribbon panty.

She begins stroking the shaft and swollen pink head and my horny suspicions were right on the mark. Knowing that we’ll also want to see her from behind, Kitty poses on a chair with her sexy ass facing us. She finger bangs her wrinkled rosebud that looks so fuckable and then she rises to her feet to jack off again.

Then once seated again, Emily may or may not know that her shoe removal will be a foot fetishist’s dream sequence and wonderful for leg admirers too. Considering the way she rubs and then flexes her toes for the camera, I’m guessing that she knows. Then she resumes stroking her erection again. If you look at her UK-TGirls.com profile, a special report on Emily’s cock size says she could have basically fibbed about her cock size. That’s correct. It appears much bigger than she states. It’s so thick!

I absolutely love the way Emily places the base of a leash she’s using as a nipple clamp on her little pink nubbin for a moment before attaching it to her collar. Emily looks so submissive as she runs the metal chain around her stiff cock and then turns over on the best to raise her cute ass in the air again. It would be so much easier to fuck Emily doggy style on the bed the way she is now then on the chair. But before you get too involved in fantasies about fucking pretty Emily, she demonstrates what her cock sucking skills are like by sucking on a huge black dildo. She then fucks herself with the toy while jerking off!

She firmly places her right hand against her bosom while furiously beating off with her left hand. Emily cries out sharply when her orgasm hits. I can tell where her big creamy white cum shot is going to land, but I’d love for you to see for yourself on the UK-TGirls.com multi-site.

Amazing Nadtasha Toy’s Her Ass!

Scene Trailer 

UK TGirls has evolved into a network pass site that offers unlimited access to 8 individual collections in the same network. This particular ring of sites tends to focus on some pretty specific trans genres and stars including major porn star archives and new models from Canada, Russia and Asia plus one site devoted to Domination/submission. The UK TGirls landing page clearly features these sites on the top of the page.

This update features an absolutely stunning model presented by producer Kalin first on April 27, 2017 on UK TGirls. “I am Nadtasha Angelstar, young 25 years old Asian trans woman,” she said. “As I born like this way, I’m proud to be myself as a trans woman. I take care of myself, dress well, well being, walk in shopping mall, watch cinema, enjoy the sunset , and meet new people. When people look at me, I show them the quality that I have. I’m a trans women special then you guys. We are in between! Some should pronounce us as an angel.” Nadtasha added.

Her profile states that she’s based in London. Nadtasha reintroduces herself in her second video wearing her white lace nightgown that leaves little to the imagination. Her nipples are visible as are her tan colored pantyhose. She wears Mary Jane moderately high heels and poses her legs in a way to coyly hide the outline of her cock at first.

Then she exposes her penis while rubbing the garment across her thighs and pelvic region. Nadtasha exposes her dark nipples one at a time and fully exposes her full round orbs. She takes a seat to fully remove her nightgown, removes one pump and caresses her hosed foot and pedicured toes. Nadtasha’s striptease is phase one of the naughty things to come including lubricating a huge black butt plug.

She finger bangs herself to prepare for the girth of the large sex toy then bends over to fuck herself with it. Her toy embedded masturbation that follows is literally frantic!

As many second shoots with new trans models do, Nadtasha cums at the end of this magnificent UK-TGirls.com update!

UK-TGirls: Oh Miss Kross!

UK-TGirls photographer Kalin takes advantage of streams of natural light to bathe upon Sadie’s athletic physique in “Oh Miss Kross!” The video synopsis reads: Nordic seductress Sadie Kross just loves to get her kit off for UK-TG! Returning today for her 8th explosive exclusive, she once again has our biceps pumping with this decadent display of absolute naughtiness – bollock naked and spread out on her gym mat as she plows her tight little button hole with her one of her many fuck toys. But the video begins like a sexy workout video you could see on television. That’s until about a minute in while when stretching to touch her toes, Sadie uses the other hand to touch the bulge in her sweats. Okay, get the kids out of the room now. Sadie’s panties don’t contain everything within properly once her sweat shorts are removed. Plus, there’s way too much deep cleavage for TV. Her workout includes how she manipulates her large boobs once she bares them and then works her arms with barbells. The next muscle she works out is the stiffening uncut one hidden in her designer panties. She withdraws it and exposes the pink, bulbous head, giving it a few strokes. It’s straining hard within a few moments and Sadie displays her true flexibility while sitting down to do more difficult leg stretches only someone with real training could accomplish. This is not just a scene with a workout theme, but a real workout that happens to includes an amazing display of masturbation. When Sadie positions herself to do push ups, you might find yourself wishing you were laying on the mat beneath her for every downward movement she makes. The swollen head of her cock touches the mat with each downward pump. Then she produces a long pink sex toy. You’ll know what muscles she’ll be working out with that. While pumping her primary muscle, she penetrates herself furiously with the toy. Sadie includes some finger banging, but that’s not even necessary when she gets to the point near climax. All she needs to do is jerk her big cock until she cums! To learn more about this stunning beauty from Finland, check out the exclusive tsdreamland.com interview by PornOCD. But more more explicit eroticism to stream or download, visit UK-TGirls.

You can watch the Free Trailer on UK-TGirls.com

You can watch the Free Trailer on UK-TGirls.com

Sammi Valentine Then and Now

2009 Interview with Sammi Valentie

2009 Interview with Sammi Valentine

I just raved about Sammi Valentine on July 15th for her debut on the UK-TGirls MULTISITE which is now part of a 5 website network. While watching her second scene filmed, I realized I’d forgotten to mention my 2009 interview with Sammi. I took another look at it and thought to myself that she still looks as incredible now as she did seven years ago! In her follow up scene, Sammi reintroduces herself and part of her naughty dialogue includes how she’s going to cum. She’s a bit more kinky and dominant this time around as she moves through her striptease. She makes her full breasts dance and her big erection looks like an invisible hand must be holding it up at times. Eventually, Sammi is seated, jerking off furiously until she shoots a huge load of creamy white cum. I’ve added a few more photos from her UK-TGirls shoots to our original interview along with some new announcements. If you haven’t read my interview with Sammi before, I hope you’ll enjoy it. If you have, I think you’ll be amazed at how little she’s changed.

UK-TGirls Set Two

UK-TGirls Set Two