Interview with Amy Spacekitten

November 29, 2016

I’m proud to present my interview with Adult Model, Cam Model and Producer, Badass Raves Promoter and Ranger, and Builder of Art Co-leader of Kamp K’Ocean Amy Spacekitten of!


Caramel: Hi, Amy. Thanks for doing this interview with me. Before asking how you manage to juggle more than one career at a time, what’s the origin of your last name?

Amy: Spacekitten was used to replace my previous model stage name. When I moved to Philly I had been a frustrated shift manager at Gamestop. I decided to go back into working in the adult industry after having customers approach me and recognize me with my previous stage name. I decided to embrace it but didn’t like the previous image I created for myself. Spacekitten was a nickname my friends called me for a short time in the rave and burner scenes. The name suited my cam persona well and I rolled with it!

Caramel: It’s easy to remember. What’s the origin behind your Chaturbate title of thosedamncows? I love the originality of these names you come up with.

Amy: This one I can’t take credit for. Miss Koko Beans is the one behind the name. When we started dating, we wanted to work together and I previously only cammed on Streamate under the name of transcybergoth (damn straight I used to be the goth girl in the electronic music scene!) I love the name for the amount of people that ask that daily. We secretly hope when people are frustrated with our cam show that they are saying “Thosedamncows” under their breath.

Caramel: I can’t imagine that kind of frustration while watching. Since your background in the public sector was management, did any of the skills you learned there help you in the work you’re doing now?

Amy: Yes, management skills are always skills that are good to have. It’s one thing to have a goal in mind and another to realize you are the one in control of accomplishing anything you want to. More importantly for anyone in this industry, communication skills are key!

Caramel: Before you became a major studio producer, I learned about you from seeing your live webcam shows. I’d see you performing alone and then with Miss KoKo Beans. She’s incredible by the way. I was so impressed that I began blogging about your shows and you did something else that blew me away. You began doing cam shows with multiple amazing other amateur and major studio models models. I know it’s a long list, but can you name some of the other models you’ve done group shows with?

Amy: Two of my favorite models to work with are Brittany Jane and Jenn Damage. Two girls with amazing personalities and a great dynamic. I loved meeting Morena Black! One of my favorite people I’ve met so far has to be Kylie Maria of We haven’t worked together yet, but I got the chance to hang out with her while she was in Philly. I’ve brought her out to an event in DC and a couple Drum and Bass shows my old roommate Mike Saga hosted in Philly! I’ve had the chance to meet some really talented people this year. Sophie Ladder and Miss Pandora are two of those hard working down to Earth people. The house I had with Mike Saga was down the street from Brianna Lane. That Girl and I game way too much! Dave and Buster trips are the best. She introduced me to Tegan Last who I shot for FemOut.XXX the other week.

Caramel: Were you born and raised in Philly?

Amy: I am not originally from Philly. I grew up in Frederick, Maryland. Spent a lot of time in Baltimore and D.C. before moving up to Philly.

Caramel: How did you and KoKo originally meet and at what point did you realize you were hot for each other’s chili?

Amy: KoKo and I met at a Burner NYE. party in Philly thrown by a collective of groups including Light It Up Productions (The crew I worked for and run by my current roommate), Bangarang, and Space Pirates. I had volunteered to help out with art installations and load in for the venue. I invited my old friend Rebecca Rayfuse, and she brought her friends with her to the event. With them was this beautiful girl Koko who I only got to meet briefly during the event. I threw a pillow fort orgy after party that KoKo and her friends attended. We really hit it off during the orgy and she never really left after event. We’ve been together since that NYE party.

Caramel: Can you tell me a little about your proposal?

Amy: Before Nightmare Festival, my room mate Nicole wanted to throw a late house warming party. It became a wine and cheese party and I hijacked it a month in advance with the intent to propose to KoKo during the party. We kept it a secret from her the entire time. The party was a really intimate night with several of our friends taking turns DJing the laundry room turn tables. We had cheese for days and a great mix of friends over mixed with a bit of back yard fire spinning. Part way through the party I caught KoKo turned around talking to a group of friends. I kept the ring hidden in my pocket and walked up to her and got down on one knee and proposed. She had no idea what was going on in the moment until she realized I had ring displayed out for her. Brought us both to tears. Celebrated really hard after. The entire time working Nightmare Festival, all of my friends would come up to me and congratulate me on the engagement!

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Caramel: That’s beautiful. I hate you two. Just kidding. If I were the jealous type I couldn’t do this sort of thing. Are you poly?

Amy: Yes! I have another partner I’m getting close with in Bmore. She is a cis girl named Tricia! KoKo and Tricia both know about each other and will hopefully be introduced soon. They both are poly as well and communicated their needs prior to dating.

Caramel: Sounds so fun. hen did you first begin to realize you might be trans?

Amy: When I met a transitioning girl and realized I wasn’t limited in direction by this meat prison.

Caramel: From one of our discussions I know that things didn’t go down well with your family when you began your transition. But what I didn’t ask was would things have been peachy if it weren’t for that anyway?

Amy: They weren’t great to begin with. A bunch of closed minded Italians don’t differ too far from the word of the Pope. Over time we have gotten a lot better, but I have cut all of my extended family off. Most of them are sexist, racists, and in a very old mind set. It’s not what I want to be around in my life. Especially not the kind of people I want to bring KoKo around. When Obama was elected I remember hearing my Grandparents call him a, “Fottere Anguria,” or in English, “a fucking watermelon…”

Caramel: Oh, snap. I saw a trans model I really admired and raved about tweet a watermelon joke and other things I was offended by. She’s probably still wondering why I unfollowed her. You’re part of a close network of friends that’s perhaps larger than any other I know of in trans porn outside of a few groups of adult industry pals on the west coast. How did you meet so many like-minded people?

Amy: When I was homeless, I had a wonderful friend take me into the burn scene. These people were a group of open minded individuals that were all super content to just know my name and who I was. They cared nothing about my transition other than if I was happy and free to express myself. They took me to Freeform and DC collective art group parties and I learned so much about what I wanted to be happy in life. I learned how to take care of myself and how to care for people even when I felt abandoned by blood family at the time. They taught me the ten principals and how to teach community to those who need help the most. My friend who brought me into the burn scene and I had a short falling out, but became good friends again working together in the Ranger program. She now is one of the leads for our EMS staff with Badass Raves, and I get to see her and her poly girlfriends while working events.

Miss Koko by Amy Space Kitten on

Miss Koko by Amy Space Kitten on


Caramel: How did you learn how to cam professionally and did photography training come first?

Amy: I am self taught on everything I have done so far. When I got into camming, I had Rebecca Rayfuse teach me the directions of which sites to use and what to avoid from her experience. When it comes to photography, I had to learn everything for myself, and quickly.

Caramel: When one watches major studio porn videos like the ones you’re producing now with Grooby, it may seem easy until they try shooting their own professional porn. There are locations to consider, scheduling, lighting issues, formula development, a professional understanding of photo and filming equipment, composition and let alone dealing with timing issues. Once you started, did you realize how challenging it would be?

Amy: I didn’t expect to be in the position of filming my own scenes. The photographer I was working with got flaky, and I stepped up and started producing all of the content on my own. Shit can definitely be rough. But the reward of producing a good shoot makes every minute worth it.

Caramel: I come from a time when my trans porn could only be found in small bin areas on VHS in Times Square NYC adult bookstores. I was just glad to find it as a pre-Internet minor who didn’t know there was a porn market for people I privately emulated. So when a young trans person says they’re offended by slurs and won’t work for websites with names like “tranny” or “shemale” in them, I tell them about the olden days and how they came into existence if they’re willing to listen. Naturally, they most often feel that what happened in the past is no excuse for what’s going on now. They don’t care about keyword and website tracking. I understand it, but as a black trans woman I’ve had more demeaning terms at me than these. That doesn’t mean two wrongs make a right, but there are models out there who just want to work and ignore terms than many of them find demeaning. Of course I’d be offended if someone called me one of these trans slurs to my face. But I don’t see them vanishing from porn anytime soon. I also don’t find it the biggest obstacle working against trans women today. But that’s subjective. What is your take on these adult industry slurs and have you ever been refused as a producer by a model because of them?

Amy: I do not like those words. I personally will never advertise them, nor do I support the use of them. When I took this position, I went through a period of coming to terms with my work contributing to those labels. I had to weigh out what the value of the position was to me, and more or less the community of models out here in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Without this position, a lot of us would not have the same opportunities West Coast girls get. I understand business and practicing is what makes you profit. As a community I feel like we can break the industry of these words, but it’s going to take time to show that words like Tgirls and trans porn are just as popular and trendy as a business model before the slurs will disappear. I would never call anyone a “shemale” It’s disrespectful in acknowledging a gender that one does not represent themselves as.

Caramel: I should also add that I work as a product and adult website affiliate marketer who earns a modest living from cool stuff and sites I recommend. Just like it would be hard for an adult trans model to make a decent living choosing not to work with websites that promote unsavory and to some dangerous terms, I could not make a decent living if I chose to only promote websites that don’t use them. Lets’ face it, some of the best trans porn uses these terms. With only studio models included and not webcam broadcasters, do you think that models can make a decent living by working with websites 100% free of what they consider to be slurs?

Amy: I think that most models getting into porn shouldn’t bank on making a living just modeling. The opportunities of working just main stream modeling is not a super sustaining business regardless of using sites that do or don’t use slurs. I still work other jobs and have been in the industry for a few years.

Caramel: Same with being a porn affiliate. It used to be my sole means of income and it’s tough. Can you tell me about working with Badass Raves up and down the east coast from Rhode Island to Florida. What kind of technical work does it involve?

Amy: I help out with accident prevention and I’m a first responder to situations during festivals.

Caramel: Please tell me about how you got involved with the Kamp K’Ocean collective in Philly and what it’s all about.

Amy: This is a quirky Ocean art collective that provides an environment for festival goer and burners to enjoy during all events. We are best known for the Ratchet Beauty Pageant at Bigdub Music Festival.

Caramel: With such a busy schedule with shooting, festivals and burns, do you ever have time for gaming and other fun hobbies?


Amy: Yes, I have a bunch of hobbies and gaming is one of them! I’m also into spinning fire and creating art.

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Caramel: You have so much energy. Do you have any favorite books or movies?

Amy: Favorite book is Invisible Monsters and favorite movies are toss up between Ross Patterson films and old Quentin Tarantino movies like Jackie Brown!
Caramel: Oh my God, when is movie time at your place next? I wanna buy a plane ticket.

Caramel: 420 lifestyle. Yes or no.

Amy: Yes!

Tegan Last by Amy Spacekitten on Femout.XXX

Tegan Last by Amy Spacekitten on Femout.XXX

Caramel: Let me make that a one-way ticket. Is there anyone in particular you haven’t worked with yet that you’d like to?

Amy: Kylie Maria and Ross Patterson. I feel like he could be persuaded to go full adult comedy with sex scenes.

Caramel: What’s up next for Amy Spacekitten?

Amy: Currently talking to a group about starting a non profit. Hopefully attending the Tea Awards 2017 ( I would like to meet some of the people that I work with amongst the Grooby staff and Steven Grooby. He has helped push me to the professionalism of content I create now and am thankful to be working along with a talented staff of producers and editors. Some of the first transgender porn I watched when I discovered porn was Grooby and now I work with them. It’s surreal!

Caramel: I love the hell out of the entire collective. Grooby was my Trans Porn 101 and Steven has always been incredibly supportive of me. Describe yourself in five words.

Amy: Cat, Cat, Cat, Cat, Cat.

Caramel: I love it!

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