Interview With Annie aka TS Tied

April 17, 2011

If you’re offended escorting, the BDSM lifestyle or graphic images, you might not want to continue reading my interview with Annie. It’s not an endorsement for her career, but a discussion in which I explored what makes Annie tick. After corresponding for quite some time, it dawned on me that I could learn something new from Annie in this format. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Caramel: Where are you currently living, Annie?

Annie: I’m from a small peninsula in north west England called the Wirral, which lies between the river’s Dee and Mersey, in a small, semi rural, town called Heswall. I look out over the river Dee to the hills of north Wales. I am about 8 miles from Liverpool, which lies on the Mersey side, where the gorgeous Sammi Valentine lives.

Caramel: I love Sammi, but haven’t had the chance to meet her in person. Have you?

Annie: I have and she is as gorgeous and as sweet as she looks online. I met her at Sparkle, the big transgender event held in Manchester every July.

Caramel: That’s an internationally well-known event. I love one of your quotes, “I don’t suffer from gender dysphoria. I enjoy every minute of it.” When did you first begin questioning your gender and what you thought your gender should have been at birth?”

Annie: As a small child I always felt wrong, but had no real understanding as to why! I always felt more comfortable playing with girls and this was fine in infant school but as time went on and I moved up I started getting called a sissy. To protect myself I went ultra macho to show I was a real boy. Always loved Rugby Union and joined the school team, eventually becoming Captain. Also played cricket and was a pretty good wicket keeper. All the time though I knew this wasn’t really me and regularly cried myself to sleep.

Caramel: When did you begin actively meeting others online and in real time as Annie?

Annie: I was about 40 when I first became really active. I do thank the Internet and moving to a safer location for this. I found I wasn’t alone and started attending a local transgender social group, changing there. What a site I was and vastly overweight. I determined to look as femme as possible, changed my diet, exercised and over the next 18 months lost 100lbs in weight. I officially bloomed at the Sparkle event in 2008 and have been Annie ever since.

Caramel: That’s amazing. Good for you! So when did you first begin making videos?

Annie: Well that started in 2008 when a guy from London saw me at a club in Manchester and offered me a good amount to do a ‘tranny’ video with another t-girl. Wasn’t sure about this as I thought my body wasn’t good enough but he disagreed and I haven’t looked back since. I regularly get booked by pro and amateur photographers/video makers. Mainly for their own pleasure. I would really love to make a mainstream video with another t-girl. Considering I’m politely referred to as mature I do very well and am in good demand. I have a pretty good figure and my assets are pretty good too. Hey babe, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Just because you are older doesn’t mean you aren’t still desirable. A lot of my clients say they feel more comfortable with a more mature woman and I’m not going to argue with that.

Caramel: How would you describe your sexuality? Bisexual, pansexual?

Annie: Oh, I’m pansexual. Gender doesn’t really come into it if I fancy someone and they feel the same. Gender identity or biological sex matters not to me. My friend says pansexual is just another word for greedy. I don’t really care as my sex life has never been better.

Caramel: I feel the same way and your friend has a good sense of humor.  As you know, I have no problem with escorting. I do however worry about the dangerous side of it, especially for friends. Have you ever found yourself in any dangerous or potentially dangerous situations?

Annie: Oh I couldn’t agree more. I would never recommend this to anyone without them being fully aware of the possible dangers. I didn’t go into this with my eyes shut and talked to a lot of escorts and gleaned a lot of useful advice from a site called SAAFE (Support And Advice For Escorts). This site is run by escorts and it brings together a range of information and advice to help short cut the learning process in a business where experience really does count.

I have a minder and I do always try to be aware of all potential risks. Maybe I have been lucky but I like to think it’s not down to luck but because I’ve been sensible. Too many ts/tv girls go into escorting or modeling without really being prepared and some pay a very high price. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this. Unfortunately too many girls think it’s an ideal way to get money for boob jobs, electrolysis etc. and don’t look at the possible dangers.

Caramel: When it comes to BDSM, would you consider yourself a novice, experienced or an expert?

Annie: I have been a pro Dominatrix for some years so I would just say I have a lot of experience.

Caramel: Oh, nice. So you’ll often present yourself as a professional Domme and wear Official Domina Goddess regalia, the whole works?

Annie: I do darling. Mistress Annie dresses in her Goth gear and is a very different person to TS Tied. If you go to my website you can see a few photo’s of me in Mistress mode.

Caramel: What appeals to you more when it comes to BDSM. Is it the physical (Top/bottom) side or the psychosexual / mental (D/s role play) side. Or are they both equally important to you?

Annie: To me they go hand in hand. I get such a buzz and it gets me so horny.

Caramel: What about corporal punishment? Are you into paddling, whipping, caning and riding crops, etc?

Annie: Hee hee, oh yes hun, most definitely.

Caramel: Have you ever incorporated any of the following props or devices in your bondage sessions; silk scarves, ropes, chains, leather or spandex bonds, plastic wrap, gags, cuffs, steel shackles, genital devices, spreader bars, ceiling or wall hooks, slings or swings, cages, stocks or pillory, crosses or induced full suspension or on toes suspension?

Annie: A few of them. Most of my clients just like to be caned, whipped, paddled, shackled and gagged. One of my regulars likes CBT (Cock and ball torture) ….really hard. Not at all for the squeamish!!

Caramel: This is why I’ve never make a great pro. I’m a bit too squeamish to inflict severe pain. Have you ever experienced and/or induced torture and sensory deprivation? More specifically, orgasm denial, tickling, water torture, fire and ice, electric torture, abrasion, cutting, needles pinching, hair pulling and/or used blindfolds, hoods, headphones or ear plugs, feathers, fur, chastity devices, nipple clamps, clothes pins, ball stretchers or weights?

Annie: Oh I love sensory deprivation and orgasm denial. I don’t do needles, electric, cutting and the like, not really my scene. Nipple clamps, blindfolds, hoods, hair pulling is pretty normal. I actually like ball stretchers and weights and use them on myself.

Caramel: That’s more my speed. I’ll add the ball stretchers and weights play to my ‘things to do list’. So when at you’re at home with someone you care about and outside of your professional work, are you mostly a top, bottom or a switch?

Annie: I am mainly top, but I occasionally switch to gain better insight. You can’t really learn or understand if you don’t know what it’s like to be a sub. Maybe not everyone would agree with that but that’s my opinion.

Caramel: Well, I totally agree. I thought I knew what I was doing as a top until an older and more experienced TS trained me as a sub.  What about role play when you’re dominant? Have you ever acted out the roles of pet owner, teacher, Mommy, nun or High Priestess, interrogator, boss or teacher?

Annie: I do enjoy role play and the usual is Mistress and sex slave or schoolgirl and teacher. I do have a client who enjoys pony play.

Caramel: How do you feel about fantasy rape?

Annie: The thought of rape abhors me so I couldn’t find myself participating in that.

Caramel: I can’t either. I think there’s a misconception that everyone who’s into BDSM finds even fantasy rape arousing and acceptable. I just can’t go there. Have you ever made submissives act out any of the following roles such as French maid, kidnap victim, pet, ponyboy(girl), secretary, slave, student, victim, child or baby?

Annie: I have had the odd ponyboy/girl, but mainly French maid, sissyboy or sex slave.

Caramel: When dominating a submissive, what techniques do you employ?

Annie: I don’t really have any techniques as I am naturally dominant and it comes over as such, believe me!! One thing I’ve learned over the years and that is not to strut around like a fool. People will soon cotton on to the fact you’re a fake if you do. I am not God’s gift, though many think they are, and gaining respect demands respect. Another thing people forget is a sub is the one who actually controls things!

Caramel: Yes, people automatically assume that the Master or Mistress is the one more in control. They might actually do more, but definitely not the one’s with all the power. Have you ever been the submissive and engaged in dress and adornment including uniforms such as French maid, slave or child or infant outfits?

Annie: I have been submissive, but with a real professional and someone I entirely trusted. This was by a guy who runs a certain BDSM site that involves tying and blindfolding. Completely helpless and at his control. Amazing experience. I am mainly dressed as a slut whore for this work.

Caramel: Have you ever participated in threesomes or group sex?

Annie: Oh yes, this is entirely a regular thing. I have two very gorgeous t-girls who act as duo partners. Group sex is fabulous especially if it’s a bukkake party.

Caramel: Does anyone in your family know about your BDSM lifestyle or other sexual proclivities? Do many friends know?

Annie: With regard to my family not to my knowledge. I think I’d have heard from them if they had. I think my kid sister would make a good Dominatrix and she wouldn’t care if she found out I was a BDSM Mistress. A lot of my friends know and some are well into the scene themselves.

Caramel: What’s coming up for you next, Annie?

Annie: I would like to add that it would be great to do some video work with other t-girls in a really good quality production before I get too old. With you would be fabulous….lol

Caramel: Now that would be fun! Don’t be surprised if I take you up on it someday.

Visit Annie’s Website TS Tied

July 22, 2011 New Photos!

Coming soon. my followup interview with Annie!

5 thoughts on “Interview With Annie aka TS Tied

  1. Naughty Norma. says:

    Wow what an amazing interview, and I have Annie on Facebook as a friend, I have known her for a while, and until I read this I had no idea she was a BDSM Mistress.
    I think she is amazing, and yes I think she should star in a video, and if she wants a sub/sissy slave, then I would love to be first in line.

  2. Peter Johnson says:

    Great interview with Annie and fabulous pictures. What an amasing woman. She may be mature, as she puts it, but with her looks she puts many a younger girl to shame. Great body and a fabulous cock. I would love to meet her as she looks such fun and I’m sure it would be a time to remember.

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