Interview With Ashton Abrahms

November 18, 2015


@AshtonAbrahms on Twitter
@AshtonAbrahms on Twitter

I first saw Ashton Abrahms performing live on webcam on Chaturbate which is my favorite cam website. You can follow him there and check out his archived shows as well in room AshtonAbrahms.  I’m a huge Sarina Valentina fan and when I saw her in a recent hardcore performance on, I recognized her co-star immediately. There are two torrid scenes with Ashton and Sarina on her amazing website plus two huge hi-res photo sets.  I’ll show you some preview links in my interview with Ashton.  

Caramel: Thanks for noticing my posts about you on all three of my blogs, Ashton. I’m both honored and slightly embarrassed. I really went in with the details about your videos with Sarina Valentina. Where are you from and how did you meet her?

Ashton: Sarina and I met on Twitter. I was living alone camming on Chaturbate and gained a descent following really fast. I was shocked that I’m at almost 20k followers and I hardly webcam anymore. I’m more interested in porn modeling, but I replied to a tweet she had tweeted about Pokemon. She asked me about Chaturbate and we started talking 🙂

room=ashtonabrahms on Chaturbate
room=ashtonabrahms on Chaturbate

Caramel: I found the chemistry riveting between you two as all of your hardcore footage. Was it your intention to break into actual official website porn, or was it born out of your friendship?

Ashton: I flew out to meet Sarina under the impression we were going to shoot a scene together, and she was the first TS girl I have ever met in person, considering I’ve only seen her videos online. As soon as I met her I felt this sweet and beautiful aura from her stunning beauty and found my self quickly falling in love with her amazing personality and the timeless beauty she beholds. I even tattooed her name on my body to show that my love for her is permanent and never ending, just like a tattoo.

Caramel: That’s beautiful. Did you previously enjoy sex with genetically born females also?

Ashton: I have. It’s weird. My ex-girlfriends were all older. I dated a cam model when I was 17 she was around 26 and very popular, but I didnt know she cammed until she told me. I really fell in love with her when I was that age and yeah, that’s what started my webcamming. She told me I would do good, so I made an account the day I turned 18. I worked really hard and literally moved out the next week. I also dated a girl when I was 15 that was 18, but yeah, I have only dated two people besides Sarina. I don’t sleep around. I’d rather shoot porn and get paid. I don’t like sex without love, but porn is like art and I’m good at it so whatever lol.

Ashton Abrahms on YouTube
Ashton Abrahms on YouTube

Caramel: You sound like a romantic, without the hopeless part. So when it comes to dating in the future, would you prefer to date someone in the adult industry, uninvolved in it or does it matter?

Ashton: I didn’t plan on dating anyone in the industry, but I’m with Sarina Valentina now. It can be super emotionally draining because I view sex as a really special thing. But when you shoot, it’s different. If both people work in the industry, it’s easier. But I like having someone all to myself, so maybe If I win the lottery I can have that lol.

Caramel: I’m so happy for you both. You’re just the sweetest and Sarina has no bigger fan than me in the world. You have a lot of charisma and a great fashion sense. Where do you shop for your clothing at mostly?

Ashton: Honestly I hardly wear clothes around the house. I wear a robe, but I used to wear Pacsun clothes a lot. Now I really love skin tight skinny jeans lol. My most recent clothes are from Pacsun. I love joggers and sweatpants and I’m obsessed with crew shirts and Converse. I love winter because I love wearing long sleeves, but really I wear onesies on cam. Sometimes anything just to look good for camera and Andrew Christian underwear!


Caramel: What’s your ethnic background, Ashton?

Ashton: I’m German Caucasian I have a darker skin tone. I don’t tan. I get it from my grandpa who was born in Germany. My off camera name is really hard to pronounce. Actually at an airport, security looked at my driver’s license and asked if I was German.

Caramel: I had a boss once whose German surname was so long and tricky to say, it took me a couple of weeks to spell correctly. Does your family know about your adult entertainment career?

Ashton: My family knows. When I first moved out, I bought a car. It was a used Beetle. They are the shit and I was paying rent. My grandma thought I was dealing drugs, but I didn’t escort to gt it. I don’t do those things. I just like adult modeling. It boosts my confidence. It all came from Chaturbate, but my mom and brother knew and eventually my dad found out. It’s hard to keep a secret because I hate lying.

Caramel: I know that you’re into anime and cosplay bigtime. What are some of your favorite characters and websites, etc.?

Ashton: Deathnote! Naruto, One Piece, Rosario Vampire, The Host Club, Dragon Ball (not Dragon Ball Z). Me and my brother used to love Pokemon. We played all the games. I had every Pokemon game, even the 3D ones. Rick and Morty looks funny, but I’m really into genderbending anime like Princess Princess lol.


Caramel: Aside from your incredible girlfriend, what celebrities do you find sexy?

Ashton: That’s a really hard question because I don’t look too much into famous people. Even with porn, I’ll have actresses follow me and I’ll ask my girlfriend who they are lol. Jennifer Lopez has a nice body and younger Brittany Spears lol. But IDK, anime characters are way hotter than those Hollywood bitches. Obviously my girlfriend Sarina is sexy. I’m really picky. I’ve only dated three people.

Caramel: Is there any particular porn niche you prefer doing?

Ashton: I’m all around the table. I like hardcore sex and softcore. I can really do pretty much anything and look hot. I used to have sex and get scratched so much. When I was 17, I had blood on my back from my ex gf trying hardcore. But I love sucking my girlfriends cock. And I can get really rough or submissive. Like with her, it all depends sex is fun and I’m not shy.

mp4 preview
mp4 preview

Caramel: I could definitely see that you’re awesome at rough sex. I also loved your performances on Chaturbate, both solo and with friends. I could go into detail about that to, but I’d prefer you to. What can viewers expect when they tune into one or many of your shows?

Ashton: I like to switch things up sometimes. It’s like a talk show lol. I’m a conspiracy theorist. I used to have like thousands of viewers just listening to me talk about weird conspiracy shit like someone bought me a studio microphone lol. But recently I’ve been busy, so I just kind of want to use YouTube to talk. It’s hard to balance things out. My life is weird, but I put on really hot shows. Like I’m always number one on the male section of Chaturbate. My fans are the best. I love them so much, especially Ugo and Carter and some others. I’m starting to buy wigs and do cosplay and masturbation combined with outfits. And I’m going to start camming every day again. I miss it so much. I plan on camming a ton and getting the male cammer award next year. But I was the 11th most popular cammer on that site last summer. So yeah I’m not stopping camming. I’m investing in cute outfits and I have a nice camera to film my shows with. And I have a Pornhub and Xtube account, so I’ll have a lot of content hopefully.

flash preview
flash preview

Caramel: When it comes to tech, iPhone or Android?

Ashton: hmmm… I’ve always had iPhone, but I always jailbreak. iPhone is shit unless you’re jailbroken honestly, but Android is really nice now. My brother has one. I love it, but my GF wants me to have an iPhone for iMessage lol.

Caramel: What are some of your favorite foods?

Ashton: I used to have an eating disorder when I was younger, so I had to drink Ensure lol. And I didn’t eat a hot dog until I was 10 or a hamburger until I was 13. I mostly ate a vegan diet because my family is from Texas and we ate all organic grown food. It’s soooo good, like string beans organic fresh… I used to be able to walk in the yard and get watermelons and potatoes and lettuce lol. I like veggies a ton. Probably my favorite. I have trouble maintaining weight because I have problems eating, but Uncrustables and pretzels are amazing with mustard on the pretzel.

Caramel: You’re making me hungry. I’m going to ask what are some of your favorite books next, hoping you don’t list cookbooks.

Ashton: 1984, Eragon, Fallen, The Hush Hush series, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones books are really good. but I hate the Game of Thrones TV show, and I used to read manga from the library.

Caramel: Can we touch on your to favorite games in depth more specifically?

Ashton: My Playstation ID is PushyFlags. I used to play Call of Duty so much, but I hate it now lol. I love The Last of Us. It made me cry and Elder Scrolls Online Diablo 3! It’s so addictive. I love role playing games. Grand Theft Auto horror games and survival games. I never played Minecraft. Oh, I love Fallout 3, New Vegas and Skyrim Oblivion, Mortal Combat Uncharted, Spyro, Pokemon, Mario. Every Zelda game… I want to explore Japanese Rpgs more, but I used to like Shooters. I still love Halo, but I’m more into strategy and role playing now, maybe I’m getting too old lol. But I still play Shooters with friends sometimes. 🙂

mp4 preview
mp4 preview

Caramel: What’s in heavy rotation on your playlist?

Ashton: I love Fallout Boy. It’s weird. I really love metalcore, but I’ve been out of it lately. One of my favorite bands is Taking Back Sunday, the song cute without the “e” and Make Damn Sure are some of my favorites. I could make a whole list but it would be too long. I have over 200 albums on iTunes lol.

Caramel: Damn! So briefs or boxers?

Ashton: Briefs or anything Andrew Christian. Boxers make my “area” feel weird when it rubs against it lol

flash preview
flash preview

Caramel: No boxers all up in your area. I’ve never understood boxers on anyone myself. But moving on, what are your plans and hopes for the future in the adult industry?

Ashton: I’m not sure yet. Obviously camming and being Sarina’s photographer. Doing my own solos shooting more with her, but I’m not sure. I might shoot with other people if she chooses too, but if not, we’ll just shoot together. But I’ve had offers to shoot with other models, but I just never did them. I mean porn is so fucking easy. You just have to be hot and I love having sex. I want to go to the gym and get toned. I like hardcores and I would like to do somewhere I’m really aggressive and show that side of me.

Caramel: You can be sure I’ll blog about it often, Ashton. Thank you so much for your time and a fabulous conversation.

You can watch Ashton’s smoking hot live webcam performances and archived shows at room=ashtonabrahms Chaturbate. Subscribe to him on YouTube and @AshtonAbrahms on Twitter. Support Ashton’s Amazon wishlist.