Interview with Avril Harder

October 3, 2016

Avril Harder is dressed in all black in stark contrast to her fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. She’s seated and her large breasts are exposed as she rubs the bulge in her panties. You’ve just logged onto and one of her shows is in mid-progress. She’s explaining the distance between her Washington, DC residence and Reston, Virginia to a fan. He’s obviously someone who likes to think he has a chance to someday meet Avril in person. She has a sweet online disposition that wouldn’t lead him to think otherwise if he has his act together.

It’s important for Avril to remind viewers who’ve registered to Chaturbate for live webcam shows that tipping is appreciated and expected. She has a tactful way of letting viewers know this. As casual as this show may seem, there are a gazillion other things gorgeous webcam broadcasters could be doing with their time. Most guys have figured this out already and a few tips start rolling in for Avril. One viewer isn’t aware that he’s in the Trans section of Chaturbate. When Avril confirms it, he says nothing. Maybe he checked out or maybe he didn’t. Perhaps it’s his first time watching a beautiful trans girl masturbating live. Avril thanks new fans and tippers graciously, especially one guy who really loves her voice. He doesn’t want her to stop talking.


This is a refreshing and different development to me. Most of the time I hear men either patiently waiting for the model to shed more clothing during broadcasts like this. Others will request the girls to strip faster. It all depends on how horny they are and how much time they have. But this one particular fan who loves her voice wants Avril to describe her cock before he sees it. Avril satisfies his request and gives him a mental picture of cum shooting out of it. It’s not hard to imagine as Avril has exposed her cock by this point. She’s stroking it slowly and it expands to a full erection as she asks naughty question like if the guy has ever sucked a girl’s cock before. Then she asks if a guy named Bob has ever had sex with a trans girl. As it turns out, he’s dated one. More tips flood in.


This interview has been in the works for quite some time. I chatted with Avril Harder a few times before via social media before Twitter became the adult entertainment resource it is today. Our interactions were great and her porn career has been rising steadily. We recently found each other on Twitter and it was quickly agreed upon that this interview should be conducted. She continues to perform live on and has her own store at Avril has also recently made her official major studio debut on Pure-TS owned and operated by Christian XXX. She’s on Twitter also @avrilharderxxx. I hope you’ll enjoy our interview.


Caramel: Hi, Avril! Thanks for doing this interview with me.  Thanks also for the recent sweet birthday wishes on Twitter.  That’s what reminded me that we had an interview in the works for quite some time. I saw that after doing amazing webcam shows and some of the best amateur porn shoots I’ve ever seen, are there any major studios you’d like to work with?

Avril: Fuck yes, yes, yes! Sorry.  But yeah, the first that comes to mind (obviously) is Grooby, which has been the at the top of the TS content scene for as long as I can remember.  Then right up there with Grooby are the usual suspects: Evil Angel and Devil’s Film. But you know, it’s actually really hard to keep track of what studios are still pushing out TS content regularly these days.  Porn is at a place right now far different than was in the past with a generation of wankers thinking they’re entitled to free porn, but that’s a whole different subject.  Now obviously I listed the powerhouses of the TS industry because can’t a girl dream?  I’m open to any legit studios have an interest in working with me as I like to think I’m just getting started!


Caramel: Let’s go back in time a bit to when I first became a fan of yours.  I recognize your Twitter header from a hotel fun video you made with one of Tia Tizzianni’s porn sites a few years back. After a bit of frottage, you got laid and fired off a big cumshot while in the missionary position. There was also a POV Chastity BJ and Fuck scene with Mr. Smith.  That one showed off your pretty face a lot better and we got to hear more of your voice.  I remember thinking to myself, “This is a Feminization video, but Avril is clearly in her early stages of transition and not a part-time girl.  What year was that and was it indeed when you first began living as a trans girl full-time?

Avril: Ah, the Tia Tizzianni shoot!  I like to think of that as the old school me, and if my memory serves me right was in 2011.  That shoot was when I first started getting some seriously flattering feedback from fans, and at this time I was just starting out living the CD/TV lifestyle, and it was consuming me at a rapid pace.  

It just felt right when I presented as a girl, I felt normal and could just be myself.  When I came to the realization (with help, of course) that I was a woman, it was a real “holy shit!” moment. From there, the rest is history and since Summer 2013, I’ve been living full time as a trans gal and could not be happier about who I am today!

Caramel: I had the feeling back then you’re mainly a bottom.  Was I right about that and if so, are you strictly a bottom?

Avril: I would say I’m 99% bottom, 1% top. I don’t ever try to strictly limit my role in sexual encounters, and try to keep an open mind so that can lead to sensational sex.  With that said, I am very much in love with getting fucked and that’s where I do feel the most comfortable.  HAHA so yeah, you were mostly right!

Caramel: In 2011, you tweeted about how the average Thanksgiving dinner was approximately 3000 calories.  At that time, your stats were around 5′, 6″ or 7″, (170.18 cm) 130 lbs (58.97 kg).  Do you actually have to watch your weight because if so, I wouldn’t have guessed that.  You look like you’re one of those lucky girls blessed with a naturally fast metabolism.  What were you doing back then to keep in great shape and what are you doing now to stay so fit?

Avril: Staying in shape has always been important to me.  Back than, I was just very active.  I had to be skinny.  I had to have as little muscle mass as possible.  These are things I thought I had to do to be feminine. So I spent hours on the elliptical and eating as little as possible.  That was then.  Now I eat healthy and go to the gym and actually lift weights!  I mostly do heavy squats because they give me shapely thighs and a butt that kills! It also keeps my metabolism ramped up and helps any weight gain go to the right assets: tits, ass and thighs haha!


Caramel: When did you first realize that you might be trans?

Avril: Oh wow, I’d have to say not until I found out what the Internet was.  I started crossdressing in my early teens, but was too young to make any sense of it at that time.  But I knew it at the time.  I just did not know what it was called.  I was just doing what made me feel normal, and once I found out, it took many years coming to terms with it and going through with it.  Haha, I’ve just always been trans for as long as I can remember!

Caramel: When did your first sexual experience occur and can you go into some detail about it?

Avril: Oh my first sexual experience was such a nightmare! Actually, it was just fine, but if only I knew then what I know now. I was 16 years old and had been talking to this random guy on the Internet.  He had good pictures and lived closed by, so I just gave him my address and over he came!  He was much older than I was, and we’ll leave it at that.  The good news is he knew what he was doing!  I got all dolled up and looked pretty fucking fab, though the wig was a mess.  We started by making out on the couch, and he used his hands to feel all over my body.  Chills ran through my body, and I let him lead things along.  He told me to unzip his jeans and I obeyed, and I pulled out a stiff cock, maybe 7″ or so. He guided me through the blowjob process, giving me instructions while his hand was in my panties playing with my cock.  I was nervous when finally he told me to get on all fours on the floor, and lubed up his finger and stuck it inside my ass.  I’d used toys before, so I told him fuck his finger, give me his cock! And that he did 🙂  It seems crazy remembering my first time again, I haven’t thought about it in years!


Caramel: I’m glad I have a vivid imagination!  So when did you first announce to your friends and family that you were serious about transitioning?

Avril: About that same time I got cleared for HRT, 2012-2013 sometime.  Most of my friends and family were very accepting, with a few of them wishing I never existed in this way.  It wasn’t something I struggled with because this is who I was all along, and if they didn’t like it or want to support me through this time in my life, they I don’t want them in it either.  I think a lot of trans girls can relate to that.

Caramel: Yeah, I certainly can. Where were you living at the time and did your location make transitioning especially difficult?

Avril: I was living in the suburbs of Washington, DC which luckily was a LGBT support system as well as clubs to accommodate some…let’s just call recreational activities hahaha.  I’ve always been such a slut! But my location really made transitioning easier, and not harder.  Pardon whatever pun is in there lol!


Caramel: Certainly and that’s great to hear.  A lot of areas of the country are much more difficult to thrive in for trans people.  What was it that made you decide to get into the adult industry?

Avril: Because the adult industry is something I’ve followed in one way or another for most of my life. And once I got more and more fans asking for more and more videos and pictures, I thought I might as well through my ass into the ring and see what happens.  My cam shows are usually very successful, so it just made sense to me that there might be something for me (and my fans) by doing porn.  I love porn, I love sex, and I love anal haha, but to be perfectly honest…I love the attention.

Caramel: I really appreciate how candid you are with me. When did you first began doing webcam shows on Cam4 and on Chaturbate and is one platform is better for you than the other?

Avril: I started doing cam shows about 2 years on Cam4.  It’s just the first place I went too and got all set up.  I was on there for awhile, still early on in my transition and usually going up against some hot ladies much farther along.  But I still made good tips.  I made the move to Chaturbate after many fans urged me to do so, mostly because it just has a better platform for both performers and tippers.

Caramel: I have nothing bad to say about Cam4 but I find it a lot easier to promote Chaturbate and its performers. Their platform does makes things easier I must agree.  Have you ever escorted or considered doing it?

Avril: I have thought about it, because there is so so so much money in it.  However, since doing porn is much more important to me, I think it’s safer if I stay away from that industry for now.  I don’t want anything jeopardizing a potential future in the adult industry!

Caramel: I understand that.  Moving in a different direction, what sort of music is on your playlist?

Avril: I listen a entire range of music, mostly based on what I’m doing at the time.  I’m really into metal music with female lead singers, such as Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, and Evanescence.  However, my playlists include the likes of everything from Eminem to Britney Spears, and Depeche Mode to 311.  I’m always trying to get into new music!


Caramel: Are you a gamer? Are you a nerd?

Avril: I’m a big time gamer. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since it’s launch back in like 2003. I also play games like Overwatch, League of Legends, and Final Fantasy XIV. I don’t think these things are nerdy, but if they are, then hell yes I’m one!

Caramel: I don’t think so either. I actually shouldn’t even use those two words in the same sentence. I don’t get why some gamers call themselves nerds because I find that they’re usually the coolest people out there. What are some of your favorite books and movies?

Avril: My favorite books are “The Sellout” by Paul Beatty, “Fight Club” by Chuck Palahniuk, and “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. I love to read and don’t do it nearly as much as I should. As for movies, my favorites are Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, and pretty much every Jeremy Renner movie like “The Town”. haha, I’m in love with that man.


Caramel: Circling back to one of the things I remember about you, do thunderstorms still turn you on?

Avril: Thunderstorms are one of many things that turn me on.  But it’s not like if there’s a thunderstorm I’m gonna get a raging bulge in my panties haha!  Takes a little more than that ya know.

Caramel: Yes, but certain natural situations can have a way of setting a mood.  I get that.  What kind of guys are you attracted to?

Avril: I like strong, built and ambitious guys mostly.  You know, the very alpha types who are borderline complete assholes, but have that charm that is irresistible.  He should live dangerously, have a sense of humor, and know how to properly treat his girl.  Jeremy Renner in The Town haha! Boston accents or Texans are always at the top of my list too.

Caramel: I think the first time we chatted a few years back, we both identified as pansexual.  Do you ever still mix it up with other trans girls or cis females?

Avril: I do when the chance arises.  I love playing with other hot and horny trans girls, and I think I always will.  However, I’m usually on the prowl for guys these days.  I like cis females for Dom/sub play only haha.


Caramel: Ah, interesting. What else turns you on?

Avril: Oh let’s see here. Beards are a huge turn on.  Bad boys, and bikers. Tattoos, wittiness, and sarcasm.  Money, conversation, and FTMs.  I could keep going but…no.  You get the idea!

Caramel: I do.  Name five items that you absolutely must a have within reach at bedtime.

Avril: Phone, water, vibrator, lube, pepper spray lol.


Caramel: Ha ha. I see why wittiness attracts you.  Okay now describe yourself in five words.

Avril: Brazen and promiscuous, but coy, fun, and playful!

Caramel: What would you like to see yourself doing five years from now?

Avril: In five years I’d love to have my own website and still be active in the adult industry, whether it be starring in videos or creating them.  Right now it seems like a dream, but I’m going to work hard for it and see where I land.


Follow Avril on Twitter at @avrilharderxxx and check out her store She’s on and her Amazon wish list is here. For updates to follow today’s interview, check out the Caramel’s TGirls Avril Harder Category.