Interview With Brianna Lane

August 26, 2011

Caramel: You’ve been on hormones for almost a year now and 26 seems like the perfect time for you to jump into the adult industry in a big way. You look fantastic and I think that your alternative style, or lifestyle rather, will work in your favor. However, I think that producers might want to know if you’d be willing to jump into glamour mode if a photo set or movie called for it. Would you be willing to make that transition?

Brianna: Thanks for the compliment but, yes I would definitely be open to going from my alternative style to glamour mode in a heart beat.  I really love to look really pretty and all done up.

Caramel: Do you think that your webcam shows at Cam4and at ImLive have helped to prepare you for the next level of adult modeling?

Brianna: Well I have only done one show on Cam4. I mostly cam on ImLive.  I am on there pretty regularly and it has helped to hone in my style of who I am and can perform for someone.

Caramel: Let’s go back to where this all began. How old were you when you first began dressing as a girl?

Brianna: I was 23 years old when I first started dressing. It was mainly a fetish for me. Then I saw my self progress more and more and thought to myself, I am not ok with my boy body and I feel better the way I am in girls clothes.

Caramel: When did you begin developing your own female wardrobe?

Brianna: When I first started dressing three years ago, I never took clothes from my mom or sister. I bought 90% off of eBay and of course it took me awhile to figure out what looked good and the right sizes.

Caramel: How old were you when you began actively meeting other transgenders?

Brianna: When I first started dressing about 3 years ago with the first tgirl I met. She was beautiful and she took care of me.

Caramel: Before you had and understanding of what it meant to be transgender, did you think that you might have been bisexual or gay and if so, did that worry you?

Brianna: I always knew what it was like to being transgendered, so I wasn’t worried about it about. I was more worried about my parents and the rest of my family accepting me.

Caramel: Does your family know about your transgender status and BDSM lifestyle or other sexual proclivities now?

Brianna: No and if they did they would definitely stop talking to me.

Caramel: I can certainly relate to that. How did your friends react when they first learned of your transition?

Brianna: My friends were like “I kinda figured you were bi and all…didn’t think this, but we love you for who you are and if your happy with yourself, then we are happy for you”, so I really haven’t lost a lot of friends. So I am happy in that sense.

Caramel: Sometimes we go through more in life with our friends than we do with our own families. Lifestyle BDSM is something we have in common, among other things. When it comes to Domination and submission, would you consider yourself a novice, experienced or an expert?

Brianna: I say I am experienced.  When I lived at home, I never could be me, so when I finally moved out and moved in with my roommates I could be more open.

Caramel: You currently have a Mistress. Can you tell me something about her?

Brianna: Well me and KittyKaiti met about a year ago on MySpace and I wanted to meet her. This is when I was really starting my transition. We talked about getting together, so I booked a train ticket and met up with her. We talked about her being dominant to me and she tied me up and throat fucked me which was fantastic. Also, she treated me so well. After that we talked on and off as the months rolled by. Her career was just starting to go good for her and I was so happy for her. We met again in NYC and did a Domination scene and at the end of the night, I asked her if she wouldn’t mind being my Mistress, cause I’ve had some hard times finding the right one. She said sure and we are trying to meet more often now. I am just happy to be her slut. It makes me feel good to serve someone like her.

Caramel: I’m not surprised that you met over the Internet. Half of my real time friendships and relationships began the same way and by the way. So, what appeals to you more when it comes to BDSM? Is it the physical (Top/bottom) side or the psychosexual / mental (D/s role play) side. Or are they both equally important to you?

Brianna: They are actually both equally important to me cause in my mind you can’t have a physical relationship with out a mental one or it will just not work out at all.

Caramel: There’s a lot of trust involved in this type of relationship and I agree. What about corporal punishment? Are you into being paddled, whipped, caned, riding crop punishment, etc?

Brianna: I love being whipped and paddled.

Caramel: Do you mentor any other submissives?

Brianna: I do actually have two online and they are a couple. I am hopefully going to go see them soon.

Caramel: Do you have any particular fetishes?

Brianna: I love PVC fetish wear and I love cum, like facials are my favorite thing.

Caramel: Those are pretty high on my list too. *wink* What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Brianna: Well I love to play video games and watch movies and tv. I love anything that has to do with computers. I love fixing them and building them and of course a hobby of mine is sex.

Caramel: What sort of music do you listen to?

Brianna: I really listen to all kinds of music, like I was raised on old country music and with my mom it was what was on the radio at the time in the early 90’s, ballads and love songs. Then I got into alternative music thanks to my friends and then with my siblings it was rap and pop and everything. I love music. I just don’t listen to music. I hear the music and try to understand the meaning of the song.

Caramel: Do you have any influences in the industry other than Kaiti?

Brianna: Aly Sinclair and also Brittany St Jordan, watching her start where I was and get to where she is now is such an inspiration. Same goes with Aly and of course KittyKaiti cause she just took me under her wing when we first met and told me I will be good in this industry and it has come full circle.

Caramel: Kaity is right. I adore her, Aly and Brittany. There’s no doubt in my mind that like these other phenomenal transsexuals, you’re going to accomplish everything you set out to do in the industry. That leads me to my last question. What’s coming up next for you?

Brianna: My first professional shoot is coming up at the end of the month for Shemale Yum and I am so happy.

Caramel: Congratulations, Brianna. I know you’re gonna crush it. You’re on your way, girl!

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September 22, 2011 Update

Congratulations again, Brianna for your Shemale Yum debut!

November 13, 2011 Update

Brianna at Shemale Strokers


4 thoughts on “Interview With Brianna Lane

  1. Joe says:

    You’re the best Caramel! 🙂

    It reminded me of ‘White men can’t jump’ when she said about not just listening to music but hearing it.. lol

    (I don’t think I’m doing this site right – I always want to discuss the music question, or some other interesting thing in the interview 😛 )

    • You’re the one who made me remember never to do an interview without asking the music question, Joe. It tells so much about a person. I owe you one. 🙂 Caramel

    • I love Rammstein also. It says you’ll be dressed up like a schoolgirl and we’ll play it loud as hell to muffle our sounds while I’m pumping hard and fast in and out of you to the beat.

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