Interview With Britney Markham

March 13, 2011

I wanted to know something special about Britney Markham aside from what we’ve seen from an extensive amount of adult industry work she’s done in a short amount of time. When I got my questions together, Britney made this interview so easy for me with her kindness and candor. I completely understand why so many people say she’s been such a pleasure to work with.

Caramel: Thanks for doing this interview with me Britney. I’ve rarely seen such disappointment about a transsexual adult star retiring from the adult industry at such a young age. How the hell old are you, girl?

Britney: Thank u ooooh so very much OOO for interviewing me, love. I’m 21. I was born in July of 1989 and I’ll be 22 this summer. Crazzyyy!

Caramel: Can you put to rest for us the rumor that you’re retiring from the adult industry?

Britney: I took a break for like 4 1/2 months and I thought I was retiring. I’d found love and the work didn’t seem right at the time, but I love it to much. So no, I’m not retiring. I have a lot of youth left in me and time to do what I want to do in life and porn is paying my way through my future career.

Caramel: As far as I’m concerned, it’s always good to know what side your bread is buttered on and to make your own money. You’re a wise young lady. You’re from Northern California, the Central Valley Fresno/Modesto area. As an east-coaster who’s only visited California twice, I wouldn’t know if that area were more like Compton or Beverly Park in the Hills. But from what I understand, you’re not overly thrilled about the area. Now you’re living at and loving the Orange County shoreline of Huntington Beach, CA which is only about a 40 minute drive from L.A. What is it about that area that appeals to you in particular?

Britney: I moved to Orange County in July 2007, bought a house from a settlement I was with my ex since I was 16 up until 19. I sold the house and moved to Hawaii, but the reason I moved away to Orange County was because of my ex. Then I just fell in love with Huntington Beach. I live by the beach the people are relaxing. The tourist shit kinda sucks, but its always fun to meet new people. I love it here. My heart is in H.B 😉

Caramel: Your first hardcore scene was with Domino Presley and next with the famous Christian. I actually thought the one with Christian was made first because of the release dates. I know you’re straight, but is it easier for you to film with other transsexuals or is your “sweet spot” filming with men?

Britney: With Domino, it was our first hardcore shoot with another TS. Then a few days later, I shot with Christian, but they put out my scene with Christian first which I didn’t want. I wanted my first hardcore shoot to be different and Domino and I had so much fun. Honestly it was kinda awkward for the both us. We were just laughing, smoking blunts and drinking Dr Pepper. They had a hard time editing that scene, but over all awesomeness.

Caramel: From what I’ve seen, you seem to prefer topping your partners in movies. Does that transfer into your personal life, too? Are there ever times where you just want to be totally taken?

Britney: I loooooove to top and yes I do it in my private time as well heehee. But yes I totally totally love getting fucked and feeling overpowered by a man so hot!

Caramel: I agree wholeheartedly. Some transsexuals can maintain rigid erections during filming but in many of your videos, you’ve taken sexual prowess to a whole new level. To be more specific, I’ve seen you climax several times with self facial cumshots and have often thought of you as the the transsexual version of Peter North who’s also famous for shooting off like a Las Vegas water fountain. That’s not something anyone can learn. My question about it is since you first learned how to make yourself cum, were your climaxes always this powerful?

Britney: Haha yes. I’ve always cuuum a lotttttt. I can shoot over my head and I can keep hard for hours at a time. It’s all mental and it’s what makes me a good and fast performer. It’s all about how u mentally prepare ur self. I have never taken Viagra or any other drug to get me hard. I walk in and whooooo, there it goes hard as a fucking rock haha!

Caramel: I love it! Do you have to alter your hormone regime before filming?

Britney: No, I take my hormones every 2 weeks from Mexico. I’ve been taking them since I was 17. My dad bought um for me Jan 5, 2007 at a Mexican bread store in Nor Cal. I transitioned when i was 14.

Caramel: At 14?! I hate you! Just kidding, Britney. *wink*

So what types of guys attract you the most mentally and physically and do you see yourself settling down with a guy and raising children?

Britney: White guys. I love taaaaaallll white men with some muscle. Not overlly musclyyy…eeew. U have to know I’m lazy n want it my way…to love me or it won’t work. But I have a lovely boyfriend who loves me very much and yes, I do see myself by 26-30 having at least 4 to 6 kids.  I want a big family and I want to get married of course. Porn is just for the moment. It’s fun. I love the camera and the money is ok ;(

Caramel: How many siblings did you grow up with?

Britney: I grew up with 4 older sisters and my li’l sister Jamie who turns 21 next month wasn’t raised with us. My dad had an affair n had her through some hoe;) My mother n father are still together. 39 years n going strong. It’s the Mexican way lol!

Caramel: After that question, an elephant just entered the room. Actually this person resembles nothing like an elephant at all, but a slender hottie who debuted at Shemale Strokers, your little sister, Jamie Markham. I have some personal questions for Jamie, but will save them for my interview with Jamie if there will be one. So let me just ask a few questions that only you can answer about Jamie. Were you surprised that she was interested in getting into adult entertainment and once you found out, how were you able to open doors for her? I personally believe firmly that she’d have made a big splash without having you as an older sister on her own, but how did you help guide Jamie in the right direction?

Britney: Well li’l Jamie is a special one 😉 She just asked n I let her know how this industry works n she loves it very much, so she’s a natural!

Caramel: You attended the 2010 Tranny Awards ceremony with your mom. My own mother has been supportive about my transition, but I know I could not have gotten her to an adult industry event. What sort of unconditional love do you and your mom have to have made this possible? I’m not jealous about that but I envy your support system with her. Was she freaked out by your career and /or the event or did she just take it in stride as a mother proud of her child’s accomplishments and success?

Britney: She’s the most amazing mother any child,  gay, str8, lesbian, bi or trans can ever ask for. She and my father support all of their children in any choices we make and are proud of us. They’re there when we’re at our highest and pick us up when we are at our lowest, so bringing my mother to the Tranny Awards was to show there  are parents out there that support and LOVE their children no matter what they choose to do. That’s not ur typical Mexican parents, right, hehe? They were born and raised in Mexico and all my siblings were born in the US. My dad wanted to attend the ceremony but couldn’t. He had work the following morning, but he says hiiii.

Caramel: Hi, dad! How touching is that?! My father can’t accept my transition so that’s especially touching to me. My mom deals with it. Was your dad as accepting as your mom about your transition?

Britney: These are the words a judge asked my dad when I was suing my high school for discrimination. He asked my poppa, “Sir, how do you accept your child?” My dad, with tears in his eyes, said, “I’d  rather accept and love my child then not have her here at all” meaning a lot of kids kill themselves for not having accepting parents. So my dad was actually super accepting. By the way, I found tranny porn in his safe when I was 10 haha. Sorry dad.

Caramel: He shouldn’t be embarrassed about that. I found my father’s porn stash at the same age! I think everyone should have a private porn collection.

The first time I saw your photos and videos, I was like “Oh, that’s a really pretty white chick who’s thick in the right places.” I didn’t know about your Mexican ethnicity or that you’d slim down so much. Are a lot of your fans surprised to learn that you’re a proud Latina? Are a large percentage of them disappointed that although you’ve maintained your dangerous curves that you’re no longer a BBW TS?

Britney: When I first shot, I was sooo BBW I didn’t realize how big I had gotten all my life. I had been 112 more or less. Then started smoking weed and gained like 60 plus pounds. Then I just started slimming down again. My fans still like me. I dont see them complaining. I still have my natural curves I most def wanna get a bigger butt 😉 not craaaazy big, but big enough to match my top half haha n my big hair.

Caramel: I’m one of those people who thought you were equally hot the way you looked then and now. By the way, I sometimes envy hearing about you blazing when I have no connections at the moment. Do you think that marijuana should be legalized in California?

Britney: Yes I most def do think weed should be legalized in Cali and around the world. It’s awesomeness but not for everyone though!

Caramel: I do too, especially in this economy.

Along with your family being a top priority, so is education. Did you put school on the back burner while your new website is about to launch?

Britney: No, I didn’t put school behind. I’m going to the police academy later this year. I want to be in law enforcement. If you can’t beat um, join um right?  😉

Caramel: Damn straight, Britney. I can hardly wait for our follow-up interview and thank you so much for this one love.

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10 thoughts on “Interview With Britney Markham

  1. I love your interviews, yours really show the human side of the girls you interview, and really makes us appreciate all they do that much more.

  2. Carl says:

    Way to go sweetie. California is right for you. You are coming along like a fine wine.
    Stay well and all best wishes for your future.

  3. Fai says:

    This is my first time reading an interview completely and I must say Brava. Cara, you make the words flow and the reader feel like you are there witnessing the convo realtime. I loved the relaxed tempo and the personal depth you went to with the familial support questions. I think all tgirls should have a great support system family, friends, or otherwise. Hell I’m a gg and would love Britney Markham’s support system…can I borrow them? lol.

  4. Ginger Lee Scott says:

    I loved this thanks so much fore informing me. I have subscibed so I can come back again and again.Thank you Mistress.

  5. TS Tied says:

    Really goiod interview and so glad Britney is staying in the Adult Industry. I sure can relate to her weight gain and subsequent loss. I went up to a ridiculous size myself but sanity returned and I managed to shed 100lbs.

    • You’re looking so hot, I would have never known, Annie. As soon as I restore all my interviews (the photos were lost in many of them) I want you next! xoxo Cara

  6. Eddie D says:

    Loved the interview…with delish Britney. She seems to be on track and wish nothing but happiness for her. Have loved her since she first came on the scene years ago….and is always a pleaser in the hot vids she does. Keep up the great work. I always look forward to seeing your vids.

    Love ya….


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