Interview with Christina Skyye

December 1, 2016

Beautiful Christina describes herself on Twitter “Aspiring TS Adult Film Model, professional Ravergirl, BDSM kitten, Swinger Unicorn”. With the amount of adult industry work she’s done in an astonishingly short amount of time, I think she can actually remove “aspiring” from her description. Some of Christina’s latest performances were released after our Q&A was completed and the links and photos will take you to my reviews of these scenes. I hope you’ll enjoy our interview.


Caramel: Your debut scene on owned and operated by Christian XXX is one of my favorites of 2016 and on his website. I did a review of it here on Caramel’s TGirls. What was the anticipation like traveling to Las Vegas to do the scene. How was the experience and what were/are your afterthoughts?

Christina: Oh my God…the whole thing from first talking to Christian XXX to finally being on set was so surreal and I don’t think I’ve been more excited and anxious in my life haha. I had been a huge fan of for years and doing my first ever hardcore shoot for the site was like a dream come true.

Pure-TS Scene Review by Caramel

Pure-TS Scene Review by Caramel

Caramel: I’m also a fan of the relatively new starlet Nikki Vicious who did an incredible threesome set with the amazing Brooklyn Roberts and Christian. Can you talk a little about meeting Nikki? You don’t have to go into detail about the actual soon to be released video. I’m sure I’ll review that one too once it’s released.

Christina: I’m a fan of hers as well; she’s gorgeous and a genuinely cool, down to earth person. Meeting and getting to shoot with her was actually a really awesome surprise. We had a blast both working and hitting the Vegas nightlife that weekend and have stayed in touch since. (The threesome shoot with her was HOTTTTTT BTW – I’m excited for it to be released).

Caramel: I first learned of you from Twitter upon the announcement of your shoot. Your page is blowing up fast, but it’s so new! Had you had a Twitter profile previously and decided to jump on the porn tweets bandwagon in time with your adult industry hardcore debut with a new account? Or did you just decide it was time to get into the act on Twitter?

Christina: I actually never had a Twitter until a week or so before I flew to Vegas to shoot with and I was amazed how quickly it blew up. I’ve even had some fans who recognized me from my first ever shoot with back in 2013 message me to tell me how excited they were to see me back in the industry.

Caramel: I’m one of your fans from your original Shemale Yum shoots also. You had a killer introduction on Shemale Yum with Model of the Month of May 2013 ( sets #11920 & #12206). You were a blonde in both solo shoots by Jack Flash. I thought you were magnificent in both sets. Why did you take a two year break from porn, or did you do other performances that I don’t know about?


Christina: That was my first ever professional production and it really ignited my passion for the industry; which oddly enough is why I took a break. I was a little worried that I would like performing so much that it would spill over into my personal and professional life. Obviously I got over that fear in 2016. haha

Caramel: I totally understand. What inspired you to enter the adult industry in the first place?

Christina: I’m a naturally born sexual exhibitionist and what better way to experience the thrill of exhibitionism than to work in the adult film industry? It’s a natural progression the way I see it.


Caramel: When I first read your Twitter page @ChristinaSkyye and saw the “Swinger Unicorn” description, I actually Googled it not knowing it was a thing. It’s a pretty big lifestyle I learned and one description explained it as a bisexual person, not always female, who is willing to join an existing couple, often with the presumption that this person will date and become sexually involved with both members of that couple, and not demand anything or do anything which might cause problems or inconvenience to that couple. Does that come close to summing things up or am I off the mark? Is it the same thing as being polyamorous?

Christina: You’re close, but what you described is polyamory; where three or more people are in a loving and caring relationship together just as two people would be. I’m friends with a few poly triads; it’s a very unique type of relationship. A swinger unicorn is simply a single girl who participates in swinging with couples purely for the sexual aspect.


Caramel: Oh, I get it now. So, you’ve been involved in the BDSM lifestyle since you were 16 years old ( Le-Ale-A on FetLife). I’m a late bloomer. How did you get introduced to it as such a young age?


Christina: The Internet lol. I never actually practiced BDSM until I transitioned, but I learned about as much as I possibly could in my teenage years and early 20’s.

Caramel: Does your FetLife handle have anything to do with your ethnic background and what is your ethnicity?

Christina: No, my ethnicity is Caucasian (whatever that means. I’m mostly Swedish though). My FetLife handle is simply a Hawaiian word that I found was beautiful when pronounced. Plus it means “pleasure; or to have a good time” so I felt it appropriate lol.

Caramel: Got it. As a neighbor, I’ve expressed my frustration to you about having to travel so far for BDSM night clubs and other related functions. In Florida, do you find that you have more fun once you establish yourself within local networks in your area with like-minded people?

Christina: Oh most definitely. The BDSM community can be very cliquish, even more so than the swinger lifestyle. But once you establish yourself and find your way in its definitely more fun to go to private parties and events than public venues.

Caramel: It took me forever to get into a local House and once the leader fell ill, it disbanded. I feel you on that clique phenomena. How submissive would you say you are on a scale from 1 to 10?

Christina: Most definitely a 9 or 10 if 10 was “Most Submissive”. It’s always been in my nature to be submissive which really was finally nice to be able to allow myself to embrace after I transitioned.


Caramel. No wonder your first scene with Christian was so authentic. In a #boredandhorny tweet, you displayed a hot selfie with major wood, the result of a blue pill intake for a porn shoot. What are some of the things that have recently made you naturally hard?


Christina: Haha, I know exactly the tweet you’re referring to. No, that wasn’t the result a blue pill….I’ll occasionally have my moments every once in awhile where I’ll feel that type of way. Usually when I’m watching very, very dark, twisted BDSM porn like I’ll re-blog on my Tumblr (not for the feint of heart).


Caramel: How did you lose your virginity?

Christina: Alcohol + frat party lol.

Caramel: Can you describe your hottest, most recent sexual experience?

Christina: Mmm…probably not in any detail without offending your more vanilla readers. It involved my D/s Owner pushing my limits of watersports, public degradation and humiliation all in one night before fucking and cumming inside me before bed 🙂

Caramel: They say one person’s fantasy is another’s nightmare. That description is like a wet dream to me. So when did you first begin to realize that you might be trans? When did you first tell someone and what was their reaction?

Christina: I’ve known I was different since I was 13 although I couldn’t rationalize what I felt until I was 17-18 when I discovered transsexual women existed. And even then I was too scared to explore that side of me until my mid 20’s.


Caramel: When you decided to actually go for it, did you go on HRT and keep it quiet until a certain point? Or did you just bust out with the news as soon as you started?

Christina: I started HRT and started growing my hair out about the same time and kept it quiet for about 6 months; then I went to the HR department where I was working at the time and told them flat out I intended to transition. They were very good to me, although working for a company with low turnover for five years as the old me, then one day switching to the new me in front of coworkers was challenging. Looking back I don’t know how I had the courage to do that, but I stayed with the company working with a mix of people who knew the old me for years and some that only knew Christina. For better or worse it was a once in a lifetime experience.

Caramel: That is so courageous! How elated were you when it sunk in seeing the letter “F” on your driver’s license?

Christina: I was lazy and took forever to do this even though in the state of Florida it’s very easy. It was nice not to have to explain the “M” when getting pulled over by cops and stuff though lol.

Caramel: How are your friends and family handing your transition now?

Christina: Amazingly. I’m so blessed to have a network of family and friends who accepted and loved me from the beginning. Five years post transition things with my family are back to normal like I never made a change at all.

Caramel: Awesome! Do your family members know that you’re now an adult industry entertainment starlet?

Christina: Oh God no lol….as supportive as they are there are some limits to their acceptance. hahah


Caramel: Understood 100%. Let’s discuss terms. You would hate being called a trap, CD/TV, sissy, tranny, “gurl”, or shemale as much as I would. But we’re both aware of the controversies involving slurs as related to trans porn. While I agree 100% that a huge number of people don’t even realize these labels are slurs, I also understand business work and how the usage of keywords on the Net. I promote adult websites as an affiliate marketer for a living. You’re an adult starlet. There are several stars that can support themselves with content available with no slurs connected, but most cannot. Do you have a problem with these labels in porn? I do, but I have to make a living and I’ve been called far more hurtful names than gender slurs. So I’m conflicted about they’re usage and the intent in which they’re used.

Christina & Goody on Shemale.XXX

Christina & Goody on Shemale.XXX

Christina: You totally hit the nail on the head; I feel the exact same way and tolerate those terms for the same reasons you do. They’re a necessary evil I guess. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Caramel: When did you get your first tattoos and piercings and please tell me about them.


Christina: When I was 18, I got the two horrible dragons on my shoulder blades…annnnnd wish I’d never had lol. My other artwork I like especially my black and grey side piece that took 26 hours and reads “to thine own self be true”.


Another one of my favorites is my forearm with a small fairy butterfly next to text that reads “just when the caterpillar thought the world was over…” it became a butterfly….I’m sure a lot of transwomen can find meaning in both of those quotes.

Caramel: I love it, but then I think all your tats are beautiful and I’m not just saying that. What do you like to do for fun when you’re energized and ready to go out?

Christina: I’m a huge club rat and swinger. So….usually clubbing or swinger parties.


Caramel: And Jeeps! I love Jeeps. You’ve been building Jeeps (mostly Wranglers) for the past 10 years and currently have a killer 2013 Wrangler on 4″ lift and 37″s. I was blown away when I saw that badass on your Twitter page @ChristinaSkyye. How long have you been mechanically inclined and do you do custom work for others?

Christina: I don’t do custom work for others, but I’ve personally been building Jeeps since 2007. I buy them stock and do all my own work. So far I’ve had 4 wranglers and a XJ. My current one is my favorite – a rare color that’s a neon green with the 300HP Pentastar engine.

Caramel: So badass. About another great chassis, what do you do to keep in such fabulously good shape?




Christina: I don’t eat a lot. lol

Caramel: Ha! I thought you’d lay out some extensive workout regime. What physical attributes do you possess that you’re most happy with?

Christina: My flat tummy and tiny waistline.


Caramel: What sort of music do you like?

Christina: Electronic. I’ve been a fan of EDM since back when it was called “techno” lol I’m a huge ravergirl.

Caramel: Do you have any favorite books or movies?

Christina: Nah not really.

Caramel: Are you a gamer?

Christina: I used to be, but my game time has been replaced with socializing, parties and stuff.

Caramel: You don’t live too far away from me and I feel that my neighborhood dodged a bullet with Hurricane Matthew. How did you fare in Jacksonville?

Christina: I felt like I dodged a bullet too; even though I was in a evac zone, I stayed at my house. Could have been way worse for sure. 🙁

Caramel: Speaking of Florida, my transition began up north before I moved here 14 years ago. I find it to be pretty hard for new trans women and men just starting out. Do you think you had any specific obstacles to overcome in the Sunshine State you might not have had to confront in another location?

Christina: I’ve also heard that this state (Florida) is not the kindest and most accepting for our kind but aside from the random asshole here and there, I didn’t experience too much judgement or obstacles as far as the legal part of my transitioned went.


Caramel: Today is November 8th, Election Day and I’m worried about Prop 60 and how the voting results will turn out. It’s far beyond a potential California nightmare. Are you worried about the turnout and the steam anti-porn activists are gaining?

Christina: I honestly have not kept up to date with current events in the industry 🙁

Caramel: What’s coming up next for Christina Skyye, or do you want to keep us guessing?

Christina: Unfortunately after my recent shoots with at the end of November, I’ll be taking a break through the holidays. Having a 45+ hour a week career and then shooting has started to wear me out lol. I have a few things lined up for January/February though and I can’t wait. =^_^=

Cristina Skyye & Bailey Love on

Cristina Skyye & Bailey Love on

Caramel: You’re so busy I really feel honored that you took the time out to do this interview with me, Christina. Describe yourself in five words.

Christina: Generous, disconsolate, lovable, self-destructive, kind-hearted.


Please follow Christina on Twitter: @ChristinaSkyye and you can register for free to see her on I hope you’ve enjoyed our interview. Thank you so much for reading.

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