Interview With Cookie Pup Pt. 2

February 1, 2017

On October 12, 2016, I published my first interview with Cookie Pup who resides in London, England. My interview with her partner Ruby Rebel came next on October 17th. This interview is full of lots new surprises, yet some things remain the same and I’m very happy about that. I’ll provide links of the previous interviews at the end of this new update that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Twitter: @CookieCyboid

Caramel: Congratulations on being featured in a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) documentary on queer porn! How did you get involved in that and when is it scheduled to air? What kind of questions did they ask you?

Cookie Pup: So I got a tweet from an egg account asking if they could contact me for research purposes. I was expecting some amateur documentary project, but they told me they worked for the BBC. He rang me up and we had a chat and when I mentioned what it is I do, he asked if they could film me for a day. I had drinks in a posh bar and discussed porn very loudly with the producer and got some funny looks, and I agreed to filming after that. The whole crew seem really passionate about talking about queer culture and I’ve always viewed part of what I do as advocacy, so it was an easy decision.

Cookie Pup: It’s more than just an interview. I actually had a camera crew/production team in my house for a whole day, they even filmed me camming, so my ass is gonna be on the BBC! They asked me some questions about what it is I do, how I think it’s positive for the trans community, what I think I do differently to mainstream porn. Things like that. They also did a vox pop interview separately where they asked me more about trans topics. I believe I laughed for about 30 seconds at the question “Do you think trans sex education needs to be better?” (it kinda needs to be there first for it to be better). I can’t tell you when it’s actually going to be on, because I don’t yet know. I’m going to see it some time this week and confirm whether I’m happy with it going out as they’ve edited it or not. It should be sometime soon though. I know there was talk about it being available internationally, but I don’t know if that’s true or not.

Caramel: This reminds me not to be so skeptical of all Twitter egg accounts. I hope I can see this living in the USA. I’ll figure out a way no matter what. So how did you come up with the title “Cuddle Pile Productions” and are you pleased with the success of

Cookie Pup: Cuddle Pile Productions has been a thing I’ve wanted to do for months. The name came from my poly tendency to crave affection from multiple partners at once, I’m never more happy than I am in a pile of cute women. Cuddle Pile became something of a Twitter joke because I kept saying things like “Get in my pile” to cute people on there. So it was already associated with me and it was a cute name, which goes with my cute yet hot aesthetic that I try and aim for in shoots. I actually had a long running joke with a friend that I’d open a porn studio and call it “Banging Donks” so be glad it’s not that because I was severely tempted.

Cookie Pup: I’m pleased with it, the long standing goal is to either get a studio account, or sort out a website that links to all the Cuddle Pile Productions content on various models accounts. The way it works is that we do shared content shoots, but it’s only distributed on one model’s account so that everyone involved gets paid the same cut of the sales, that way everyone involved gets paid fairly. I might open a ManyVids store at some point in the near future, but I’ll see what happens. Currently we have 3 videos out on and we have plans for a few more shoots.

Caramel: Do you find editing porn to be easy?

Cookie Pup: I was an editor back in my skating days, so it’s not too much of a challenge. There were a few differences and the production quality is a lot higher than the stuff I used to produce, so there was an adjustment period. I also had to learn to use different software because I used to edit things in iMovie and I now use Premiere. Premiere is a lot more precise and better once you learn its little niggles, but i’m into the swing of it now after a bit of help from Ruby.

Caramel: What were a few obstacles to get around with producing porn that you hadn’t anticipated?

Cookie Pup: Audio production is a nightmare. I bought a new mic to solve some of the issues I had with recording straight off a camera, but the thing caused us huge amounts of issues. We’ve sorted it out now so in future you can expect even higher quality content.

Caramel: Why did Chaturbate ban Bad Dragon toys and are they allowed on AmateurPorn?

Cookie Pup: You’d have to ask them! I’m sad they did because I love mine. They are allowed on AP! So expect to see some content with mine!

Caramel: Lots of friends will be glad to hear that it’s okay with AP. Something has changed since our first interview. You weren’t interested in topping other trans girls a few months ago. But you’ve been feeling pretty dommy lately. In fact, you’ve recently fucked Luna for the first time. Was that just a spontaneous thing and did she see it coming?

Cookie Pup: I wasn’t interested a few months ago because of bad past experiences topping cis girls before I was out. I’m over it now, kinda. It takes a lot of trust for me to be up to domming somebody. I can basically only do it with people I love and trust, but I’m not bad at it. That actually wasn’t the first time, Luna is a long time partner of mine, but we broke up for a bit because of poly fuckery, but now we’re over it I seem to have somehow become her domme. So i’ve been topping her since we got back together! We discussed it beforehand but I wanted to do it as a free goal and end of the show on it as a tester to see how I felt about it.

Caramel: I love that poly fuckery Cookieism. A lot of your followers on Twitter were excited about seeing you top for the first time. From the positive feedback you’ve received, are your fans expecting this to be a regular thing now? Having known your background, I was pleasantly surprised with that happening, but I wouldn’t expect to see it more than once in awhile. Isn’t it hard to top while you’re on hormones and with no erectile dysfunction medication?

Cookie Pup: I wouldn’t expect it again in live shows, because its a lot of pressure to put on a girl who takes Spiro (Spironolactone) is a, but it might happen in Cuddle Pile videos. My policy of not coming off my hormones ever is still in place. It makes topping difficult because of spirodick but it’s workable around. I want to make my porn as authentic to my experience as possible. I wouldn’t come off my hormones in real life to top someone so I’m not gonna do it in my videos.

Caramel: I like that. How and when did you meet Callipygian Cutie? @callipygianqt?

Cookie Pup: She was someone Ruby had seen previously. Remember that weekend of passion she mentioned in her interview that opened her up to BDSM? Yeah that was Cutie. Circumstances meant they couldn’t see each other for a while, but things changed and she came to stay for a week a few months back. I’d been flirting with her as well and basically it ended up in a pile. We are all dating each other in a triad and it’s great. I love her to pieces and shes one of the kindest, loveliest people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. Plus you can thank her for getting over my fear of topping and becoming dommy because she’s an incredible sub.

Caramel: I remember! You’re poly so if anyone thinks they can convert you to converting to mono, are they setting themselves up for disaster?

Cookie Pup: Yep. I love Ruby, I love Cutie, I love Luna. They aren’t worth throwing away just to be with one person. I also love being able to have freedom to do as I choose in relationships. I’ve also seen a few other people a bit more casually and it’s been great. I had one partner in bed with me when Ruby came home from work early and the poor girl freaked, even knowing I was poly, until Ruby just came in and was like, “Oh hi you two. I see you’ve been having fun”. I love that trust and lack of jealousy that is in my relationships.

Caramel: I want that in my life. Everyone I’ve dated hasn’t been up for poly. You used to describe yourself as pansexual, but now identify as homoflexible lesbian. In other words, you wouldn’t totally rule out guys, but you’re far more likely to date other women. Do you think that when one labels themselves pansexual that it gives people the impression that you’re equally attracted to everyone? It sometimes confuses me when someone who identifies as pansexual, but they’re less likely to date one gender or sexuality over another.

Cookie Pup: I just became more and more aware that guys don’t interest me. I haven’t ruled out that I might be interested in them again in future, because I have been in the past and don’t want to completely remove that from my identity. Basically you can assume that I’m only going to be interested in women. I’d describe pan as not really having any preferences and thats why I don’t describe myself as it anymore.

Caramel: Let me try to get something straight. Correct me if I’m wrong about anything. Before your transition, you dated cis females, but hated sex with them, so you thought you might be more into guys. But that wasn’t for really you as you liked being fucked, but the masculinity didn’t turn you on. The odd guy may get your attention, but these days, you tend to prefer be with other cute trans women.

Cookie Pup: Pretty much except the odd guy probably won’t get my attention. It might change, but basically yeah, I’m not attracted to masculinity except in women. Man I love me a good butch woman. They can get in my pile any day. I might date cis women. I’ll see how the land lies. It’s a terf minefield out there (TERF is an acronym for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist)

Caramel: You get your fair share of questions from male fans on Curious Cat. What would you tell a guy who asked for advice on how to meet male-attracted trans girls leading up to potentially dating one?

Cookie Pup: Don’t do it if you are only interested in a woman with a dick. A good share of us will roll our eyes and leave you to it. For the record, I’m cool with people being into trans girls, even exclusively, but it has to be more fleshed out than just “please meet me and have sex with me” because that does not a good date make.

Caramel: Where did you get your new pink bone gag and what makes it superior to other gags you’ve had?

Cookie Pup: Would you believe Amazon stock it? It popped up when I was going through things to put on my wishlist but I had to have it then and there. I’ve wanted a bone gag like that for ages because I’m Petplay trash. It’s better for me because ring and ball gags are really uncomfortable for me to wear for long periods of time. This one is great. I love it.

Caramel: I have a vaping question for you as you know a lot more about it than me. I’m just a basic Mark Ten XL vaper. How did you get good at fixing vapes and what products would you recommend trying out?

Cookie Pup: Ha! I’m assuming this stems from the I fix vapes joke that’s been going around! I had to stop smoking when I went on hormones, so I’m now surgically attached to my vape (or I may as well be) so I had to learn the basics to fix them and keep it operating because otherwise I’d burn it out pretty quickly. I can recommend Digby juices for sure. They are the best I’ve used by far. I’ve got several people into them and we can’t all be wrong!

Caramel: Thank you! What’s a “Lesbibum”?

Cookie Pup: It’s Luna’s name for my ass, but also a way of saying lesbian that’s just sort of become a thing around us.

Caramel: Hmmm, sexy. Can you tell me about one of the most intriguing recent topics you’ve been discussing with other trans girls?

Cookie Pup: How best to get them all into my pile and make sure they are happy enough to want to stay.

Caramel: This question is for guys reading this interview who might feel left out with the lesbian aspects of our discussion. Do you think that men think that lesbians do not like them as people and don’t understand that just because someone doesn’t want to have sex with them doesn’t mean they don’t like men?

Cookie Pup: I think maybe that’s part of it. If they do, I can assure them it’s not like that with me. I have a few friends who are guys. They are great people. Guys are great. I’m just not interested in having sex or being romantic with them.

Caramel: When it comes to males, 9 out of 10 I’m attracted to extremely feminine ones. I don’t know why that is, but I’m just wired that way. If a guy somehow piques your interest, is he more likely to be more masculine or more feminine?

Cookie Pup: Probably feminine, but as I say it’s incredibly unlikely. I could just find a girl who I’d be way more attracted to and want to do wonderful terrible things to/with. Boobs are fun, can you blame me?

Caramel: I certainly cannot blame you. What’s your connection to Bad Bunnies @BadBunsxXx?

Cookie Pup: I’m a member of their admin crew. I think they are onto something, a network of trans porn people who can vet people so we’re safe and comfortable. Porn is much better when you know who you are working with is safe. It’s not just that though, its also a push for a different type of content, one that I hope will be exciting and interesting. Trans porn has long focused on dicks, dicks and more dicks and I think its about time we start changing that a bit. The idea is to make porn where it does not matter if the girl in it has a dick, or the guy has a vagina, it’s just good/filthy porn.

Caramel: I feel good about sending more like-minded people their way if I can. That’s @BadBunsxXx on Twitter.

Thank you so much for reading our interview. I hope you’ll read my original interview with Cookie Pup and my interview with Ruby Rebel if you haven’t already.  Check out, watch her LIVE on and interact with her at Don’t forget to follow her at @CookieCyboid on Twitter! Special thanks to Luna at @LittleJackal0pe on Twitter and

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