Interview with Cookie Pup

October 12, 2016

Just recently, I caught a live webcam show in progress on and later recognized this incredible broadcaster on Twitter @CookieCyboid?=03. We followed each other and after enjoying her tweets and Q&A on, I knew I’d want to interview her someday. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. You can register for free to see her live webcam shows on Please remember to tip is generously as you can. Camming is great fun, but it’s also lots of hard work. I hope you’ll enjoy my exclusive interview with Cookie Pup:

Caramel: When did you first begin to realize that you might be trans?

Cookie Pup: Well, I can remember playing as a girl at extremely young ages, 2 years old or so and also introducing myself as a girl to people as an older kid, maybe 10 or 11. Never quite knew why I did it. I bought a Girl’s coat age 14 too and didn’t really understand why I liked it so much. I actually didn’t really know what trans even meant until a friend of mine came out and I started to find out how HRT and social transition worked. Until then, I had just assumed that crossdressing was all you could do and then surgery, but I assumed surgical intervention was only something the ultra rich could get because that’s how it’s often shown in documentaries. I was 21 around the time my friend came out and I came out at 22. It took me a while because I was working in a very stressful job that wouldn’t have understood, but eventually I just quit and came out. Changed my name that week and have been presenting female ever since then.


Caramel: With the preface that sexual orientation and gender are two different things, how do you identify sexually?

Cookie Pup: Pansexual, I will see everyone and I don’t care who you are provided you are nice/interesting.


Caramel: I identify as pansexual also and for anyone reading who doesn’t understand what that means, the general description is someone not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity. How did your friends and family react when announced that you decided to transition? Was anyone shocked and did any of your relationships dissolve as a result?

Cookie Pup: I told my parents and they asked me what I wanted for dinner. It was such a none issue for them. I had it incredibly easy. When I told my family they all said something along the lines of, “Well that makes sense given your history. We didn’t know but a lot of stuff suddenly makes sense.” I had a few friends who distanced themselves from me because I met them through skating stuff I did when I was younger and that crowd isn’t hugely accepting. I’ve made way more friends since though, so I don’t really care.


Caramel: Without being too specific, where in England do you live?

Cookie Pup: I actually just agreed to move in with Ruby, so London now.


Caramel: I’m a big fan of Ruby Rebel and we’ll go into that shortly, but congratulations! What sort of upbringing did you have? Was it tough growing up knowing you had questions you needed to be answered and did you have anyone to share your deepest feelings with?

Cookie Pup: I had a very hippy type upbringing. My parents always said they would be cool with whatever I did/who I was. I actually remember my Mum saying “When you find the woman or man you love in the future,” and stuff like that from a really young age. They are awesome people in short. Trans stuff wise, yeah it was difficult. I had a rough as hell time at school because I didn’t fit in at all and was pretty confused about a lot of stuff, but because nobody really talked about trans issues until recent years, I had no idea what it could be. I knew I was a girl, but I had no idea I could actually achieve that goal so I just sort of sat on it and felt confused about it. By extension of that, I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about it because I didn’t understand what was going on.

Caramel: And look at you now. Do you get more compliments on your blue hair or when you rocked pink hair?


Cookie Pup: Probably my blue hair. The pink hair was cute, but the blue suits me a lot more I think. I actually had a guy offer to cut my hair for free in Camden the other day. He saw me and Ruby going to get piercings and waited outside the shop for ages until we came out to ask us if we were interested because we had “cool hair.”

Caramel: I agree with him 100%. Where did you get your dark angel wings? They’re so fucking cool.


Cookie Pup: You’d have to ask Ruby! They are hers. I just found them one day in the flat and decided to take a picture with them for a bit of flavour.

Caramel: Are you more into cosplay, fetish or glamour modeling?


Cookie Pup: No real preference, cosplay could be fun. I’ve had a long standing plan to cosplay Meepo from Dota 2 ( a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena [MOBA] video game) because I love that hero.


Caramel: Some people don’t get that although I’m primarily a top that I love giving head. You’re totally submissive. Does that mean you don’t like being receiving end of oral sex?

Cookie Pup: Oh no, I love receiving it. Stuff just works differently for me since hormones kicked in hard. Let’s just say multiple and leave it at that.

Caramel: How long have you been in a relationship with your gorgeous girlfriend Ruby?

Cookie Pup: A few months, but we’ve known each other for years and it’s been a long time coming really.


Caramel: Without telling me too much and spoiling the suspense, give me an idea of what goes on in your solo shows on or when you’re together in a room. I know it’s great chemistry and hot sex, but please elaborate a bit.

Cookie Pup: With solo shows, I usually use a bunch of toys. I can take a lot of large stuff so that’s fun. I also make a real effort to talk to everyone in chat, make a few jokes etc., generally be myself to be honest. During shows with Ruby, she teases me a lot; makes me beg for the goal to be reached so I can finally be played with. Sometimes she plays too! Alone in a room together, pretty much the same stuff, but no goal to hold me back. Either that or we just kick about watching Netflix and playing games together 😛

Caramel: Are you in an open relationship?

Cookie Pup: We’re both poly. We both see other people and are cool with that. I tried mono relationships for the rest of my dating life and I hated it. As much as I love Ruby to pieces, I think it’s unfair to expect her to be everything I want in life, because I want a lot of things.


Caramel: As a kinkster, I couldn’t help notice you wearing nipple clamps on your Twitter account. On a scale from one to ten, what level would you say you’re at in the BDSM lifestyle?

Cookie Pup: Seven or eight I guess? I’ve done a lot of stuff and not a lot is off limits to me provided it doesn’t involve me topping because it’s not my thing. It’s kinda hard to put these sort of things on a scale because it means different things to different people.

Caramel: Do you have any particular fetishes?

Cookie Pup: Petplay. I love it, being on a lead, following commands, looking cute. That sort of thing really does it for me.

Caramel: Are you officially collared by Ruby?

Cookie Pup: I wear the collar she bought me pretty much all the time unless I’m outside or showering so yup.


Caramel: Can you watch Ruby’s porn, like with Bonnie Addison on without getting jealous?

Cookie Pup: I haven’t seen it but I have seen the stills. It doesn’t bother me at all. Jealousy isn’t really an issue in our relationship. We’re just happy if the other is happy.

Caramel: When it comes to both of you doing webcam shows, does having a partner make things easier to figure out and more expedient?

Cookie Pup: It makes it easier when things are slow and opens up more options for doing different things, so in a way, yes. It also means there are two of us watching the chat, so it takes the pressure to answer questions and stuff off a little bit. I don’t enjoy it more having a partner, but it does make for variation from just me doing solo shows.

Caramel: You had a nice start on Chaturbate for a minute when you first started HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), then dipped out for a bit. What inspired you to return and keep at it the second time around?

Cookie Pup: So I originally cammed under the name of “Nova” on another UK girl’s stream. I enjoyed it, but we only did one show. It was a bit of an experiment for me, but basically I moved back in with my folks a few weeks after that and that clamped the brakes on things because the Internet connection there is bad and obvious issues of having family around whilst moaning (I’m pretty loud). When I got together with Ruby, she had to work during the day sometimes and I was just posting pictures on FetLife every now and then and it struck me I could do camming if I really wanted. So I just did it one day and it went really well. I got a lot of followers and everyone was really cool so I stuck at it.

Caramel: What advice would you have for someone who wants to do live broadcasts who’s never done it before?

Cookie Pup: If it’s on Chaturbate, use your first week. Their new tag system only lasts a week and promotes you heavily, so use that exposure as much as you can to build a fan base. Also offer something different if possible. Make sure you have decent equipment before you start because having bad audio or picture really puts people off when they can click on another cam and get a better quality stream. Also be aware of what time you are starting at. No sense in starting at a time when everyone is already watching somebody further into their show.

Caramel: On Twitter you recently stated you appreciated when another broadcaster popped into one of your shows and gave you a non-creepy compliment on your performance. You like doing the same for others now and then, with the caveat that it might be odd. Is it not a regular thing for cammers to support each other this way? Frankly I have no idea, but I rarely see it happen. I just chalked it up to the fact that like every other niche of the adult industry, there’s a lot of support, yet it’s also very competitive.

Cookie Pup: I put that out there because I worried other performers might think I was being sarcastic or trying to get others to come to my show which wasn’t what I was doing, I was just trying to be nice. I actually think there is a lot of camaraderie in this industry, healthy competition definitely exists, but mostly when I talk to other performers, we just kid around and make dumb jokes.


Caramel: You gained a large following in your first two days on Twitter. How important do you feel social media is for your adult industry goals?

Cookie Pup: It’s huge. Networking with others is such an important thing and it also helps to get my personality more into my camming work. People aren’t going to come to my show if they don’t like who I am as a person, so Twitter is great for them gauging what kind of girl I am.

Caramel: What took you so long to create a Twitter account, girl? It’s big but not even a month old yet.

Cookie Pup: I only restarted camming a few weeks ago! I created it a few days after I started.

Caramel: Got it. I love reading your tweets. I read one of your tweets that said some back peddler dickhead tried to sell surgery to you by adding you on FetLife. To add insult to injury he also referred to you as a “ladyboy”. I have mixed feeling about certain terms in porn, but I rarely come across them in real life conversation. It’s crystal clear how you feel about what you and many other trans people find derogatory in daily life, but how do you feel about them in porn?

Cookie Pup: I’ve made it clear in the past that I wont work with studios that use slurs in titles or in any of their domains. I get that it’s business, but at the end of the day, a lot of people get their ideas of trans people from porn and I won’t contribute to anyone using those terms. No judgement on people who are fine working with companies that do, its a personal decision.

Caramel: You’re a Virgo like me who was born in August. Do you agree with any of the astrological traits the stars says you possess?

Cookie Pup: Only that I’m a bit of free spirit relationship/sex wise.

Caramel: What do you find in independent porn that you feel is lacking in major studio porn?

Cookie Pup: In trans porn, reality. People have this idea that we are all super dominant and want to top men, top each other, fuck everything, and for some people that is true. But for a lot of us, hormones stop that becoming a reality. Hormones have affected me in some interesting ways. Basically my downstairs functions like a clit now and I can have multiple orgasms which is amazing but honestly, I don’t feel a studio would be interested in that because they can’t sell it as well. I actually feel awkward talking about it sometimes because I feel like people don’t believe me. But I’ve spoken to a few other trans girls who have the same thing and they brought it up first in conversation, so I know it’s not JUST me.

Caramel: I’m sure you get intriguing offers to consider though. Do you have any studio porn projects in the works?

Cookie Pup: I’ve had a few offers and I’m waiting for more details.

Caramel:Who would you like to work with in the future?

Cookie Pup: Honestly, anyone that follows my rules on slurs and is happy that I won’t do topping. 

Caramel: What are your favorite games?

Cookie Pup: Dota 2, I’ve clocked 2,400 hours on that damn game and I’m still pretty bad at it. Overwatch is pretty fun and I play it every now and then. Basically anything that is competitive and I can play with friends.

Caramel: What sort of music do you listen to?

Cookie Pup: It varies a lot. Pretty much anything, but I have a weakness for acoustic stuff. Recently I have been listening to a lot of The Kills, Daughter, and the new Pixies stuff whenever I can find it. I need to get their new album.

Caramel: Do you have any favorite books and movies?

Cookie Pup: The Expanse series is my favourite books. I love space and stories set there. The setting is so well thought out in The Expanse and the rules are very clearly laid so that whenever the characters do something, it’s not some magical bullshit new machine. It’s them working within the guidelines of the universe that was set out by the author. I think that’s what makes good Sci Fi. Movies wise, I tend to watch more TV. I love Battlestar Galactica and I don’t think anything has topped that for me, but I also really enjoyed Better Call Saul recently and the new Netflix show Designated Survivor is really interesting. Luke Cage, but that’s partially because the music in it is so good.

Caramel: I caught that you mentioned that Rafael Sadiq jam on your Twitter from Luke Cage I’m in love with. You do have eclectic taste. I’m a Pixies fan also, having lived in Boston, MA when and where they formed. You’re a fellow vaper. When did you start and why? Any particular favorite flavors?

Cookie Pup: I started because I had to stop smoking when I started HRT 11 months ago, there is a risk of stroke and slowing the effects if you smoke on them. I picked up an E-Cig because I don’t do well without sweet Lady Nicotine. I really like everything done by Digby. All their flavours are so nice and natural tasting with some interesting blends.


Caramel: You’re not a fan of cold weather are you? Why do you love summertime so much?

Cookie Pup: I can wear cute stuff and go outside in the sun! Ruby describes me often as a pixie and it’s pretty accurate. I like wandering round in the warm weather with my legs out. Festivals and stuff are a great atmosphere for me. I can sit in a field with a pint of cider and meet cool people and they only happen in the summer. In the winter it’s cold and horrible and going outside sucks.

Caramel: Describe yourself in five words.

Cookie Pup: Bouncy, Colourful, Opinionated, Caring, Free-spirit.


Caramel: So if someone buys something on your Amazon wish list, you’ll take pictures of yourself in the gifts you get?

Cookie Pup: Absolutely! You’ll have to follow me on Twitter first though because I’ll send them via DM from there.

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