Interview With Delia DeLions

April 16, 2009

The following photo galleries span the course of Delia’s transition from DeliaCD to DeliaTS.

Caramel: You started your site in February 2004 and as the membership built, you were eventually able to quit your regular job. How excited were you when it sank in that you could be your own boss and not have to go back to the “rat race?”

Delia: It’s funny, I was already self employed at the time, I owned a small landscaping business,  so I kind of missed out on the big “take this job and shove it” moment.  Once the website started taking off though working and running the sites got to be a little too much.  Gradually I started taking on less landscaping clients and putting more time and energy into my site.  And finally quit landscaping all together.

Caramel:  Your beautiful girlfriend Trixie Fontaine of Tasty Trixie must have been elated about you working your site full-time as well. I understand however, that although people can spy on you at home, watch you having sex, talk intimately, read your journals and learn intimate details of your relationship, your both private people in many ways. I’m imagining that after awhile, your fans begin to believe they actually know you. Do you find some fans really want to be literally involved in your lives?

Delia: Yeah, Trixie was super exited when I told I wanted to work full time on the sites.  I remember the day I told her I wanted to sit down and talk about it.  She totally thought I was leaning the other way and wanting to get out of the porn business altogether.  So she was quite relieved and happy to find out that I would be at home and working with her a lot more.

I think actually the more people know about our personal lives the *less* likely they are to want to literally be involved in them, lol.  We do tend to put ourselves out there a bit more than most people feel comfortable with.  It’s a bit of a two way street though, by opening up those avenues we’ve gotten to know some of our members quite well over the years as well.  But as far as fans/members/admirers go, I think that most people realize that there is a line there and for the most part are respectful of it.  When someone starts to get a little too close or starts to act inappropriately we’re usually pretty quick to remind them of our boundaries.

Caramel: Your website isn’t run by a large production company with a huge budget yet it thrives in spite of all the competition. You’ve got to know that your looks have a lot to do with it, but do you think it’s also because you allow your personality to come through? Personally, I have more of a personal experience when I know something about the models and performers.

Delia: I do think the personality angle has worked well for me.  I know my looks help but I also know that I’m no Vaniity or anything.  So having the more personal features on my site has helped set me apart a bit from some of the bigger sites out there.  Also a pretty good chunk of my members are transgender to one degree or another so I do think that my story and experiences are something that they can relate to on a personal level.  I think there is a bit of David vs Goliath mixed in there as well.  Not only with trying to compete with bigger companies but also having to compete with transsexual sites and being labeled as a crossdressing site.  I think a lot of people like that aspect of it, kind of like rooting for the underdog.  I think they also feel good knowing that their money is going to me (which in turn goes right back into the site) and not some big production company.

Caramel: You had some stiff competition for Grooby Production’s 2008 Tranny Awards for Best TG Amateur Style Website, pardon the pun. Tara Emory won but you came in with an honorable mention. Your competitors were Jamie Cross, Aly Sinclair, ,Katie Ann of The Crossdresser, Krissy of Krissy4u, Sexii Trina, Luci May and Zoe of Zoe Fuck Puppet. Not only did that give your site great publicity, but it must have felt good to know your standing in the industry and that your website skills paid off, aside from making money.

Delia: It really was an honor.  Tara Emory and Jamie Cross are two people that I admired before I even started my site.  I think you can see a little bit of both of their influence in some of stuff that I do.  So it was nice to be thought of as being at the same or similar level as those two.  And like you said there were some other really great sites in that category.  So even though I didn’t win the award I was pretty excited just to get a mention and the recognition that came with it.  Second place to someone as talented as Tara is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Caramel:  You and Mandy Mitchell made one of my favorite trans lesbian videos with 186 photos. I told her that I’d been hoping for ages that the two of you would be working again soon. But I forgot to ask how you two hooked up in the first place. What’s in the water on the Pacific Northwest and how did you hook up with Krissy of Krissy4u and Mandy in the first place?

Delia:  I had a great time shooting the scene with Mandy and definitely look forward to working with her again.  As you probably know she has been on fire lately and traveling a lot.  I, on the other hand, am pretty much a home body and don’t get out nearly as much.  But I think it’s just a matter of time before our schedules sync up again.

I first came in contact with both Mandy and Krissy on Grooby’s Tgirl Talk forum though I had known of Krissy’s site before coming into contact with her there.   I have yet to work with Krissy4u, but I have a feeling that’s going to be changing pretty soon (*sly grin*).

Caramel:  When DeliaTS is up and running along with DeliaCD, will you feature CDs at your original website?

Delia:  The current plan is for DeliaCD to house all my crossdressing content there as an archive site.  Members to DeliaTS will also have access to all of our sites once it opens.  Eventually I would like to start shooting other CD/TV models but that could be on the back burner for a few more years simply because we don’t have a big enough budget to do it right.

Caramel:  How many nights a week do you do webcam shows?

Delia:  Currently I’m doing 4 cam shows per month, usually 2 one week than off one week.  For a long time I was doing 2 per week and then private cam shows until the wee hours of the morning.  That became pretty exhausting after awhile so I’ve scaled things back a bit.

Caramel:  Aside from establishing a successful web presence, what are some other accomplishments you’re proud of?

Delia:  I struggled most of my life with alcoholism and substance abuse so achieving a lasting sobriety has been a huge deal to me.  It’s the toughest thing that I’ve ever done and something I still have to work at on a daily basis.  So I’m pretty proud of that.  I do all the photography for Trixie‘s site   site as well so I’m pretty proud of the work I’ve done there.  Getting my degree in Environmental Studies was another big accomplishment for me.

Caramel:  You’ve discussed having some facial feminization surgery, but I think it must be very hard for someone to clock your “T” in public. Are you going to be having this surgery for that extra little boost of confidence? By the way, I thought it was really sweet that Krissy donated 5% of her December sales to your FFS and Boob fund where we can make donations via ChipIn.

Delia: I kind of went back and forth for awhile on the idea of facial surgery.   I mean, I don’t hate the way I look or anything.  But I do have a pretty good image of what I want to look like and could look like.  And there really isn’t any way to achieve that look without some reconstructive surgery.   I know that I could probably get by okay with out changing a thing.  As I get further and further into my transition I seem to care less and less about what other people think.  So having facial surgery and breast augmentation has become more about me feeling good about the way I look and less about what society deems as passable.

When I set up the ChipIn page I was hoping to get a lot of little donations here and there from fans and admirers.  Or maybe that some sweet sugar daddy would come along donate big.  So when Krissy offered to donate a portion of her sales to help me out I was really blown away.  I mean, how cool is that?  I think it says a lot about her and what kind of person she is.

Caramel: Who does your hair? The color and ringlets are stunning.

Delia:  I have a real love/hate relationship with my naturally curly hair. Some days I want to just chop it all off and go back to wearing wigs.  But ever since I finally  figured out the best way to style it I’ve been loving it more and more.  It just takes some time and a lot of product.

Caramel:  Female hormones don’t help to develop a feminine voice. I think you sound great. Did you always have a soft voice or did it take practice?

Delia: I’ve never really felt comfortable with my voice as a male or a female.  I have a naturally deep voice so just to get it to where it is now has taken quite a bit of work.  I know I still have quite a ways to go with it.  But I think eventually it will develop along with the other aspects of my transition.

Caramel: You began hormones at fairly low doses; 2mg of estradiol and 50 mg spironolactone once a day. Have you increased the doses much since?

Delia: I am currently at 4 mg of estradiol and 100 mg of spiro and I may try to bump it up next time I go in for a check up.   I still feel a bit torn between getting the maximum feminizing effects from hormones and keeping my genitals in working order.

Caramel:  Are you it a “do-it-yourself” girl or are you treated by a licensed physician?

Delia: I go through a physician.  I don’t have anything against people who do it themselves, but they should be aware of the risks involved.  I just feel more comfortable working with a physician and getting regular check ups.  It makes me feel a bit more at ease.

Caramel: Having future plans to start a family can be kind of tricky when you’re on hormones.  Have you done the sperm bank thing?

Delia: Yeah, Trixie and I tried for over a year to conceive using natural methods plus some medical intervention and for a variety of reasons it just didn’t work out.  I do have quite a bit of sperm stored up in case we want to try again in the future.  Personally I think I’ll make a great mom someday.

Caramel:  Aside from the obvious breast growth, how else is your body reacting to hormones? I know you’ve described it as “second puberty.”

Delia:  A few things that I’ve noticed physically are softer skin, a slight loss in muscle mass and a little more padding around my ass and hips.  I noticed my scent has changed too, I’m not sure exactly how to describe it other than a “less boyish” smell.  I haven’t had any of the big emotional outbursts or mood swings that some girls experience.  I do feel a bit calmer and more grounded though, more at peace with myself.

Caramel:  This is a “softball question” but, you cooked Thanksgiving dinner last year.  Who does most of the cooking? You or Trixie? I’m truly interested in who takes care of most of the household duties or if you share them equally.

Delia:  Oh yes, I am definitely the queen of the kitchen in our household.  I’ve loved to cook ever since I can remember.  When I was little I always wanted one of those Holly Hobby easy bake ovens. I guess that should have been a clue early on.  I also spent a lot of time in the kitchen growing up.  It was one of the ways I bonded with my mom.  So I do most of the cooking and cleaning in the kitchen, other than that I think we split up the household chores pretty evenly.

Caramel:  Trixie began doing private webcam shows and phone sex back in the year 2000 and started building Tasty Trixie in 2002 with blogging, podcasts and hot photo spreads and videos. Is she primarily responsible for your Internet career or were you already into it also?

Delia:  I wouldn’t say that she is responsible for it but she definitely has encouraged and inspired me to take things in that direction.  I’ve always been interested in things that are considered taboo or outside of societal norms.  I’ve always been a bit of an entrepreneur also, so it really didn’t take too much to convince me to get naked and sell my ass on the Internet.

Caramel: SpyOnUs is filled with more of your unique brand of personal porn with live voyeur cams and scheduled chat sessions. You’ve also welcomed the gorgeous genetic girl AmberLily into your website team. How did that come about?

Delia:  AmberLily is such a cutie.  We feel really lucky to have her as part of our little network of sites now.  Trixie had come into contact with AmberLily pretty early on when she was living in the Seattle area.  Back then she was mostly selling her used panties online.  I did a Houseboy shoot with her back in 2004 and Trixie did a few shoots with her around that time too.  Then she moved to Memphis and pursued a career as stripper working at one of the more well known clubs there.  She moved back to the Seattle area in 2008 and started focusing more on webcamming and working on her site which had been hosted on ProAdult Quantum since 2002.  When ProAdult finally tanked around June or July of ’08 she was left searching for a new host and payment processor.  We thought she would be a natural fit with our program.  So we hammered out some terms with her and the rest is history.  I know I have a few members who are panty fetishists and they were really psyched to have access to AmberLily’s site when she finally made the switch.

Caramel:  So you’ve got your new website coming up soon and the love life many of us dream of. Is there anything else planned for the future, as if you’re not already busy enough?

Delia: Oh gosh, we have all kinds of plans and schemes, too many to keep track of.  But right now I think we have our hands pretty full.  If we were going to plan anything it would be a vacation.  We haven’t any time off that didn’t include a shoot of some sort or visiting relatives in the 7 years we’ve been together.  So we are definitely overdue for a real vacation.

Caramel: You both definitely deserve it.

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  1. Klyde says:

    Great interview. Delia is a special talented lady and so lucky to have some like trixie in her life. Her line about making a great mother made me smile.

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    I’m a fan of Delia since the first time I saw her. She’s unique and gorgeous.
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